Chapter 224: Why Would I Need Unyielding Bones When I Had an Invincible Sword Intent?

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Chapter 224: Why Would I Need Unyielding Bones When I Had an Invincible Sword Intent?

The group of five was in a daze. They truly didn’t expect that the Everlasting Will would make way for them to the summit.

Did they pass?

They smiled. The Unyielding Sovereign had acknowledged them!

Ye Guan led the other four to the top of the mountain.

Clouds shrouded the summit, and the remains of an individual could be seen on the ground. He was staring at the sky with one hand supporting himself off the ground. It seemed that he was trying to stand up.

However, he eventually leaned on a rock and perished.

It had been a hundred million years, but the corpse hadn’t turned into dust just yet.

An ancient, inscrutable aura was about it, and no one dared to look directly at it.

The five wore solemn expressions.

The Unyielding Sovereign was an elite who had once fought the True God of the True Universe. He had perished, but his remains survived the passage of time. The five couldn’t help but admire and respect him.

Ye Guan gripped his hands tightly.

He had grown more determined to cultivate his Invincible Sword Dao.

The Unyielding Sovereign was an extremely powerful elite, but he still perished.

Ye Guan had to be invincible, or he would die.

Ye Guan sighed deeply, and his determination to pursue his Invincible Sword Dao grew stronger.

A group of people rushed toward Ye Guan’s group. Han Zong and the rest froze in their spots, and the uninvited people jumped for joy upon seeing the remains.

The Unyielding Bones!

The Unyielding Bones that they had only heard in legends were right in front of them.n))OVelBIn

They just had to get their hands on a piece of it, and their lives would change!

A man rushed toward the Unyielding Bones. Liang Shuang and the rest blocked the man’s way with dark expressions. They glared at the crowd and said, “What do you guys want?”

A young man wearing a black shirt stepped forward. He looked at Lian Shuang coldly and scoffed, “What? Do you really think that the Unyielding Bones belong to you?”

The rest of the crowd glared at Lian Shuang.

Those bold enough to stop them from obtaining the Unyielding Bones would die.

Lian Shuang scowled and said, “If we hadn’t kept on challenging the Everlasting WillI, do you really think that you could have come up here? You all stood by the sidelines and laughed at us for being dumb.

”The Everlasting Will has finally acknowledged our efforts, and you lot immediately come here to steal our rewards. Do you think that’s fair?”

Ye Guan looked at Lian Shuang and shook his head while smiling. Lian Shuang had a strong sense of justice, and he was obviously not dumb enough to fall for schemes. Ye Guan thought that Lian Shuang would be a good fit for the academy.

The young man in a black shirt burst out laughing and said, “Did we ask you to keep trying? We didn’t, right? You chose to continue, so what does that have to do with us?”

Lian Shuang was furious. He was about to say something when Han Zong stepped up and raised his hand to slap the young man.

The young man’s expression fell. He took out a black shield to protect himself.


The black shield shattered, and the young man flew at least a hundred meters away. Blood poured out of his seven orifices, and he appeared both bedraggled and pitiful as he quivered incessantly from the shock.

The others were stupefied. Ye Guan was startled as well. Han Zong’s physical prowess was stronger than Ye Guan initially expected. Actually, he felt a shiver down his spine when he saw Han Zong’s attack.

Lian Shuang looked at Han Zong in admiration.

Han Zong glared at the young man in a black shirt and said, “My sister told me to beat up those who are unreasonable! You’re unreasonable, so I’ll beat you to death!”

Han Zong was about to make another move, but the divine senses of more than a hundred people bored down on Han Zong, immobilizing him.

Lian Shuang, Zong Shou, and the woman marred by a birthmark immediately stood next to Han Zong. There was no way they would give their rewards up so easily when they had worked so hard for it.

The tension in the air was so thick it was palpable.

Ye Guan glanced at the sky before walking over to Han Zong. He smiled and said, “Forget it. We’re too few in numbers, and there’s no way we can beat them in a head-on confrontation..”

Han Zong was stunned.

Lian Shang hesitated for a bit before saying, “Brother Ye, there are indeed too many of them, but we won’t necessarily lose to them as long as we work together.”

Zong Shou nodded in agreement. “We can definitely beat them!”

They weren’t willing to hand the Unyielding Bones over to these freeloaders.

“We’re at a disadvantage here. People should know when to lower their heads and give way. Just give the bones to them,” said Ye Guan.

The woman marred by a birthmark glared at Ye Guan and snapped, “I truly didn’t expect that you’d be a coward. I’d expected better.”

Ye Guan was silent. However, the more than a hundred people who had rushed over to the summit to contend for the Unyielding Bones grinned. They ignored Han Zong and the rest to rush over to the Unyielding Bones.

Ye Guan remained calm and composed, but the four members of his group were extremely unhappy. The woman marred by a birthmark glared hatefully at Ye Guan, and her eyes were filled with fury.

If Ye Guan had been willing to help them, there wouldn’t have been any reason for them to fear the crowd.

Their group was made up of the five strongest people in the crowd, and they had also gotten stronger over the course of their challenge. The woman marred by a birthmark truly didn’t expect that Ye Guan would give up so easily.

Lian Shuang, Zong Shou, and Han Zong frowned deeply in dissatisfaction.

Were they really going to give up the Unyielding Bones just like that?

The crowd soon reached the remains.

Their eyes widened with greed, and they reached out for the bones.

However, a terrifying aura suddenly burst out of the bones, killing the crowd before they could even react.

The four members of Ye Guan’s group were stunned.

Ye Guan remained calm and composed.

The woman marred by a birthmark glanced at Ye Guan and exclaimed, “You knew that would happen!”

The other three turned to Ye Guan at once.

Ye Guan chuckled and said, “How would I have known? I just thought that we should be respectful toward the Unyielding Bones rather than allow our greed to take over our minds. They wanted to steal those bones, so they obviously didn’t have any good intentions. I simply believed in karma.”

The woman marred by a birthmark stared at Ye Guan and demanded, “Why did you not tell us?”

Ye Guan merely glanced at her. He didn’t say a word as he turned around and started walking toward the Unyielding Bones. The woman marred by a birthmark frowned slightly, but she saw through what Ye Guan was trying to say.

She was nothing to him, so he couldn’t care less about explaining to her.

The woman marred by a birthmark’s gaze turned complicated as she stared at Ye Guan.

Meanwhile, the other three members of Ye Guan’s group felt slightly ashamed. They were unhappy with Ye Guan, but it became clear that they had misunderstood him.

Ye Guan came to a halt and turned toward them.

“I thought you guys wanted the Unyielding Bones?” he asked with a smile.

They immediately rushed over to Ye Guan.

Lian Shuang cupped his fist, and he sounded serious as he said, “I’m really sorry, Brother Ye. I misunderstood you.”

Han Zong also smiled awkwardly and shook his head. “Brother Ye... Honestly, I wanted to hit you earlier.”

Ye Guan’s face stiffened.

Han Zong added, “Sorry...”

Ye Guan stared deeply at Han Zong before shaking his head with a smile.

Han Zong was a down-to-earth individual, and he was straightforward. Ye Guan knew that he had to be careful around Han Zong lest he make a mistake and become the latter’s punching bag.

Zong Shou cupped his fist and said, “I’m truly sorry, Brother Ye!”

Meanwhile, the woman marred by a birthmark only stared at Ye Guan silently.

“Don’t worry about it.” Ye Guan chuckled and said, “I made a mistake as well. I couldn’t tell you guys, as it happened too soon, but I should have tried at the very least. It’s my fault that the misunderstanding happened in the first place, so let’s just forget about it. Don’t mention it anymore.”

The group burst out laughing, and their impression of Ye Guan grew even better.

Han Zong chuckled awkwardly, while the woman marred by a birthmark remained silent while staring deeply at Ye Guan.

Soon, Ye Guan led them to the Unyielding Bones. His expression was complicated as a deafening silence descended upon the group. Soon, he bowed toward the bones.

The others quickly followed suit.

A stream of aura emerged from the bones.

Aside from Ye Guan, the group members were startled. They stood frozen as the aura floated past them.

Ye Guan quietly stared at the pile of bones. The Everlasting Will soon gathered to form an illusory figure.

The figure belonged to the Unyielding Sovereign!

An Nanjing was sitting near the foot of the mountain. All of a sudden, she calmly looked up at the summit.

A complicated light fleeted across the Unyielding Sovereign’s eyes as he stared at the skies. During that brief moment, one could see realization, dissatisfaction, and helplessness in his eyes.

Moments later, the Unyielding Sovereign looked at the foot of the mountain and was startled to find An Nanjing.

An Nanjing stared at the Unyielding Sovereign, and their gazes met.

“So a top talent was born...” the Unyielding Sovereign muttered softly. He swept his gaze across the five cultivators in front of him, and his eyes stopped on Ye Guan. He examined Ye Guan from top to bottom before asking, “Young man, you’re simply outstanding. You refused to back down despite ten thousand defeats.

”Are you willing to accept my bones?”

The other members of Ye Guan’s group were disheartened. The Unyielding Sovereign obviously looked highly upon Ye Guan. They were both disappointed and envious.

However, Ye Guan remained silent.

Lian Shuang gently nudged Ye Guan’s arm and said, “Brother Ye, you should bow to him and accept his bones! This is a rare opportunity. Your strength will improve by leaps and bounds with his bones!”

Ye Guan stared directly at the Unyielding Sovereign.

“Senior, I don’t want your Unyielding Bones!” he declared.

Everyone was shocked.

The Unyielding Sovereign was puzzled. “Why?”

Ye Guan didn’t avoid the Unyielding Sovereign’s gaze as he said, “Why would I need the Unyielding Bones when I have an Invincible Sword Intent?”


A powerful burst of sword might exploded from Ye Guan, blasting Lian Shuang and the rest away.

His sword might quickly transformed into a sword that pierced the skies.

His Invincible Sword Intent was finally a Dao!

The Unyielding Sovereign was startled at the sight. However, he quickly composed himself, and he started laughing. His laughter was so loud that the world quivered ever so slightly.

The mysterious voice exclaimed, “If Destiny fails to return, I want you to give him to me! I’ll teach him myself, and I’ll become his Dao Protector!”