Chapter 2759: Yu Pei's abnormality

This is simply not easy to use, but too easy to use, too strong!

In itself, it does take a lot of energy for them to deal with a dead soul of the Eternal Supreme level.

Everyone is in the same realm. After reaching this realm, it is basically difficult to produce kills in the same realm!

Not to mention one-on-one, three-on-one are hard to kill.

Therefore, if they want to kill, they really have to pay a great price and energy!

And now, the combined power of the soul-suppressing banner and the moonlight trial can easily kill the dead soul of the Eternal Supreme, which surprised them.

In this way, even if there is still a god-level soul, at least they can guarantee that their state is relatively good enough to fight!

"Isn't this Xuantian Holy Artifact? Isn't this Xuantian Holy Artifact?"

The following people watched this scene with excitement!

"This is definitely the Xuantian Holy Artifact, this is not the Xuantian Holy Artifact, then it makes no sense! Unleashing her power with the first-order strength of the Holy Maiden of the Moon Goddess Primordial God King Realm, it can directly kill the Eternal Supreme. Only Xuantian Holy Artifact has this ability!"

"This Xuantian Holy Artifact has now fallen into the hands of the people of the Moon God Palace, and they will definitely not give it!"

"This kid is also an idiot, to believe so much in the people of Moon God Palace, it's ridiculous, really ridiculous!"


Many people are completely desperate now.

This Xuantian holy artifact should have nothing to do with them!

They are already in the hands of the people of the Moon God Palace, how can the people of the Moon God Palace go back?

"Great, one solved, two more!"

The powerhouse of the Martial God Temple said!

Although he looked happy, he was still a little sad.

Because this spiritual tool is already in the hands of the people of the Moon God Palace.

It is impossible for him to kill the people of Moon God Palace, right?

I don't have this ability!

After that, the other two Eternal Supreme Souls were killed in the same way.


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Ye Tianyi showed a smile.

This is cool.

There are two more puppets at the Eternal Supreme level in his soul-suppressing banner.

Ye Xian'er fell beside Ye Tianyi.

"Sister, you can use this thing first, and help me get more dead souls. After I absorb the dead souls, it will become my puppet, with the same realm."

Ye Tianyi said.


Ye Xian'er nodded.

Nobody knew what they were talking about.

As for Ye Xian'er, this spiritual tool is now in her hands, at least it can be guaranteed that in the next time, Ye Tianyi will not become the target that someone secretly wants to do.

The battle continues!

Ye Tianyi took out the black jade pendant.

A small black jade pendant does not attract much attention.

This jade pendant, currently Ye Tianyi knows an effect, it has the ability to improve the combat power of these dead souls!

At present, he knows this one, or he has seen it demonstrated by other dead souls.

But he didn't have the qualification to use this ability, maybe he didn't recognize the master.

Ye Tianyi also often took this thing out to take a look.

There has never been any response.

However, when he took out the black jade pendant this time, he found something wrong with the jade pendant.

This jade pendant is actually flashing black light.

It was silent before.

"what happened?"

Ye Tianyi frowned.

Is this jade pendant sensing something?

Ye Tianyi thought for a while.

Then his figure walked around the battlefield.

The battlefield was huge, and he walked around and found that the more he went west, the faster the jade pendant flickered.

"Still in the West."

Ye Tianyi frowned.

However, if he went further west, he would be out of the field.

"Try it."

Anyway, in this main battlefield, there is not much more of him, and one less of him.

However, to be on the safe side, Ye Tianyi still set up a teleportation formation behind a stone on the western battlefield.

Not sure if it will be usable by then.

But it's always good to have a backhand.

"Let's talk first."

Ye Tianyi then entered the battlefield again.

Ye Xian'er is still fighting!

But she didn't see Ye Tianyi just now, so she was looking for Ye Tianyi.

Seeing Ye Tianyi, her dull eyes became even more dull.

Ye Tianyi jumped to her side.

"I sensed something, I went over to take a look, don't worry about me, I have an empty magic stone."

Ye Tianyi said.

"I'll be with you." Ye Xian'er said flatly.

"No, no, if you are with me, others will suspect that our relationship is really extraordinary, and our acting will not be easy in the future." Ye Tianyi said.

"Well, be careful."

Mainly because Ye Xian'er knew that Ye Tianyi had an empty magic stone, so she could be relatively relieved.

If Ye Tianyi didn't have the Void Illusion Stone, she would never let Ye Tianyi leave the battlefield and go to a place where no one was there.

too dangerous.

After all, she still has emotions.

However, Ye Tianyi no longer had the Void Illusion Stone on his body.

It was just to reassure Ye Xian'er.

"Okay, then I'll go first."

Then Ye Tianyi left the battlefield.

Not many people are paying attention to Ye Tianyi now, because the soul-suppressing flag is in Ye Xian'er's hands.

And when Ye Tianyi reached the edge of the battlefield, those people had already lost trace of Ye Tianyi.

Ye Tianyi found a chance. After he entered the state of stealth, he hid his breath. He took the black jade pendant and walked to the west!

"Now, in the entire battlefield, in addition to the dead soul powerhouse that has not yet appeared, there is another one, and that is the powerhouse who ordered all the dead souls."

Ye Tianyi pondered while walking forward!

And all the dead souls came from the West, so Ye Tianyi had reason to believe that the dead soul of the strong man was also in the West.

And now, the more his jade pendant goes to the west, the stronger the reaction!

Ye Tianyi has reason to believe that this jade pendant may be the object of that strong man!

Ye Tianyi wanted to take a look.

Who is this strong man?

Will it be Shura?

You must know that in this ancient battlefield, it is the ruins of the battle between Shura and a group of powerhouses!

And as the most special person in the entire battlefield, Shura is definitely that one!

Ye Tianyi had met Shura before.

The power of his Shura was also taught to him by him!

Over the years, his emotions have remained normal, and he was not infected by Shura's killing intent.

That is, in this ancient battlefield, he felt something was wrong!

Although it was Shura, Ye Tianyi had reason to believe that Shura might exist in more than one place.

Why do you say that?

If the current one is Shura, it may be a remnant soul!

What Ye Tianyi saw before was also a remnant soul!

However, it should be the same.