Chapter 3462 - Chapter 3462: The land of confrontation (1)

Chapter 3462: The land of confrontation (1)

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An elementary divine general and a super expert had fallen without a sound, not even leaving a corpse.

Even if someone was suspicious, there was no way to question and verify.

Those with discerning eyes could see clearly that the divine general and the Super expert did not have good intentions.

When this group of remnant thought monsters attacked, the most likely result would be that Tang Zhen would be attacked and die on the spot.

In the end, the battle ended with the most impossible result, shocking the subordinates of the God general and the Super expert.

Their hearts were filled with fear and confusion, but they didn’t dare to make a move, pretending to know nothing about the conspiracy.

Although he could report this to Lou Cheng for judgment after he got out, his scheme would be exposed.

As insiders, they did not stop or inform Tang Zhen. They could also be considered accomplices.

The punishment they might receive would definitely not be any lighter than the mastermind’s, and it would serve as a warning to others.

Tang Zhen beat them at their own game and killed the God general and the Super expert without any problems.

Even if they were to be investigated, they could use the excuse that they were forced to protect themselves.

No matter how this matter was handled, Tang Zhen would not bear much responsibility. He could even ask for compensation.

After all, he was the victim in this matter, and he couldn’t bear the grievances for nothing.

Although the person who caused the harm had died, the battle Points were still there, and they could be used to make up for and appease Tang Zhen.

After taking in more than two thousand cultivators from loucheng, Tang Zhen’s mining team had expanded once again. It had already become a huge lineup of more than seven thousand.

With the addition of these cultivators, the efficiency of mining increased again, more than twice as fast as before.

Seeing that these cultivators ‘performance was not bad, Tang Zhen used the remains to open a furnace and refine pills. Then, he distributed them as rewards.

Every time he opened the furnace to refine pills, there would be close to 10000 pills, ensuring that every cultivator would be able to obtain them.

Tang Zhen’s pill refinement methods had already obtained the acknowledgment of the cultivators. Those who saw it all had the thought of feeling ashamed of their inferiority.

His pill refining methods weren’t as good as Tang Zhen’s, but he didn’t lack the ability to distinguish between pills. After seeing the pills that Tang Zhen distributed, the cultivators were surprised and happy.

It turned out that Tang Zhen had actually used a special method to remove all the residual thoughts and poison from the remains, so that the cultivators could consume it with ease.

Furthermore, it had extraordinary effects and could almost be called a divine pill.

A pill of this level couldn’t be bought with money. Even the alchemy Masters who had the ability to make it would disdain to make a pill of this level.

Tang Zhen used the best pill refining methods to refine pills that were most suitable for low-level cultivators. This method made the cultivators sigh with emotion.

The moment they received the pill, the cultivators of Lou Cheng bowed to Tang Zhen in unison to express their gratitude.

The captured cultivators of the tribe were even more excited. They didn’t expect that they would receive such a generous reward even though they were guilty.

Clearly, in Tang Zhen’s eyes, he did not treat them as slaves or captives. Instead, he treated them all equally.

His originally anxious and hostile attitude had also quietly changed and wavered because of Tang Zhen’s actions.

After some time, the first mine was also emptied, and they had to move to the next location.

With Tang Zhen in charge of leading the team, thousands of cultivators followed closely behind as they slowly advanced on the sea of sand.

There was no shortage of crystal mines nearby, but they were all small-scale mines. Ordinary teams of a thousand people would not even be interested in them, let alone a large team like Tang Zhen.

The only option was to head deeper into the desert.

After traveling for another few hundred miles, they saw a giant crystal mine rising into the sky, more than ten thousand times the size of an ordinary crystal mine.

Any crystal mine like this would definitely hide precious treasures.

There were more than one group of cultivators around the huge crystal mine, and they didn’t interfere with each other.

The appearance of the group led by Tang Zhen immediately raised the high level of vigilance of these cultivators.

When they got close to the crystal mine, they found that there were not only Lou Cheng cultivators but also tribal cultivators.

The two sides were evenly matched and had no intention of fighting. They only minded their own business and continued mining.

The cultivators entered this space only to mine. Fighting and killing were secondary.

If he could kill, he would kill. If he couldn’t, he would temporarily endure.

Tang Zhen’s sudden appearance immediately broke the original balance, allowing the number of cultivators in Lou Cheng to gain the upper hand.

the cultivators of the tribe had dark expressions as they prepared for battle.

Lou Cheng’s cultivators were led by three super experts and one elementary divine general.

During the meeting and assembly, he had met Tang Zhen face to face. Other than that, he had no other communication.

At this moment, when he saw that Tang Zhen had many men and he was the only one leading the group, he could not help but feel suspicious.

At this moment, four heads appeared behind Tang Zhen. They looked extremely ferocious.

Seeing this, the Super experts from the various large tribes became gloomier and gloomier. They had already recognized the origin of these heads.

There was an additional trace of hatred and fear in the gaze he used to look at Tang Zhen.

The cultivators of Lou Cheng also understood what was going on when they saw the four heads that Tang Zhen had deliberately shown.

However, he was bewildered in his heart. He did not believe that Tang Zhen had such strength to be able to kill four super experts single-handedly.

Perhaps Tang Zhen still had a trump card or a helper of the same level, but they were hidden in the cultivator camp.

No matter what the real situation was, he could only rope in an existence like Tang Zhen and not offend him.

If Tang Zhen was willing to cooperate and exterminate those tribal cultivators, it would naturally be the best.

That initial-stage divine general took the initiative to express his goodwill. After greeting Tang Zhen, he proposed to work together to expel the cultivators from the tribe.

The cultivators of Lou city occupied the mine and could excavate as they pleased.

However, he didn’t expect Tang Zhen to directly refuse, expressing that he had no interest in participating in the killing and only wanted to mine seriously.

After receiving Tang Zhen’s reply, the elementary divine general was slightly dissatisfied, but he did not say anything.

Tang Zhen’s identity was also a cultivator of loucheng, so he didn’t need to obey the commands of a primary divine general. He was completely qualified to refuse all kinds of unreasonable requests.

The two sides parted on bad terms, and the war naturally did not happen.

The cultivators of the tribe who were watching secretly heaved a sigh of relief, but they still didn’t let down their guard.

They were afraid that this was a scheme by the cultivators of the loucheng sect to make the cultivators of the tribe lower their guard and then launch a sudden attack.

While being on guard, they also secretly sent cultivators to search around, hoping to get reinforcements from other tribes.

Lou Cheng’s side was the same.

As for Tang Zhen’s refusal to participate in the battle, the elementary divine general was very dissatisfied. However, he didn’t have the courage to take the initiative.

Like the cultivators of the tribe, they also secretly searched for allies in the hope of getting more help.

Tang Zhen led the cultivators under him to find a suitable location. After which, they prepared to start digging.

The area he was in was in the middle of the confrontation between the two sides, and it was also deeper into the crystal mine.

The cultivators of both sides did not choose this area. Firstly, they wanted to keep a distance. Secondly, they felt that this area was too barren.

Tang Zhen wasn’t picky about the location. When he was excavating the crystal mine, he felt that it wasn’t reliable.

With Fatty’s detector, it was far more reliable than what he felt, and the efficiency of mining would be more than ten times higher.

Fatty’s operation became more and more skilled. He swallowed a medicinal pill and activated his bloodline ability to begin the detection.

Although he used his innate divine ability frequently, it didn’t cause any damage to fatty. On the contrary, he became more and more skilled in using it.

The losses caused during this period of time were also made up for by taking medicine, and his strength was constantly improved.

Perhaps after a while, fatty would be able to complete his advancement and become a true super expert.

However, as soon as he probed, fatty scratched his head and revealed a puzzled expression.

“What’s the situation?”

Tang Zhen noticed the abnormality and immediately asked.

“There’s a big guy buried in the crystal mine under our feet. It’s at least a few hundred meters long.

With such a huge size, it will definitely condense into a powerful residual thought monster that can break through the shell on its own.”

Tang Zhen understood Fatty’s thoughts. If he felt that he was unable to resist, he would immediately change the excavation location.

“How can I miss such a good opportunity? I have to dig it out.

As for the lingering spirit monsters, as long as they dare to come out, I have a way to kill them.”

After receiving Tang Zhen’s order, fatty naturally did not have any more misgivings. He once again used the strength of his bloodline to probe.