In the dark abyss territory, howling winds swept in one after another, and the cold wind made this dead world even more bleak.

A limp, insect-like creature crawled with difficulty on a rock.

Its shriveled body seemed to have been drained of all water, its skin was dull and colorless, and the swollen sac outside its body continuously leaked foul-smelling liquid, and it was already in a dying state.

Slowly she began to be unable to crawl, and the time of stagnation in place was getting longer and longer.

When its breath of life dropped sharply, and when it reached the end, groups of liquid-like amphibious life forms suddenly appeared around it,

They came up from the ground, and wherever they touched, they could swim in it as if they touched a liquid.


The moment the amphibious life launched an attack, it split the dying insect into pieces, and the thick slurry outside its body exploded in an instant.

It was only when they were about to hunt that they noticed that the skin of the prey had fallen off, and what they attacked just now was just an empty skin.

And under this skin, a terrifyingly large hole was dug open at some point.


When they reacted, they wanted to swim away quickly, and a few soft thorns pierced the bodies of these amphibious life forms from the bottom like needles.

Absorbing their energy continuously, the insects that were supposed to die acted out a scene of suspended animation, tricking the hunter who wanted to "pick up the corpse".

won the war for survival.

For the creatures of the abyss, every predation must be done with all their strength.

There is no sun and moon here, so naturally there is no distinction between light and darkness, and there are no four seasons, so there will always be countless bad weather cycles throughout the year.

Repeatedly, it has created such a junction that is isolated from the world and not suitable for any life to live in.

But if it is peaceful enough here, the lives lingering in this territory will never agree.

This is the cruelest dark jungle, so cruel that nothing can feed on it.

Each other uses other life forms as objects to replenish energy. The life living here is both a hunter and a prey, just waiting for the one who can't bear the temper first.

Most of the life forms in the abyss did not live in this desperate land when they were born. The soil in the world they lived in was more fertile, with edible food everywhere, sunshine and rain, and a stable change of seasons.

The unique natural environment is comfortable enough, and there is no need to fight for anything.

The good days didn’t last long. After they traversed the world for a period of time, they were occupied by more powerful beings.

As for them, they were concentrated and driven to this desperate junction.

Sometimes, there will be "guests" coming from farther places. After all, the land beyond the starry sky is more dangerous, and there are few comfortable and fertile soils like the "beginning land".

As for the weak "guests", most of them are swallowed up by the same kind in the abyss, and the stronger ones will quickly adapt to the rules of this junction and become a part of it.

The insects who had a full meal turned around and looked at the bottomless area in the junction, where many unusual light spots were shining. …

It seems that they are "guests" from outside, and some of them will go to the bottom of the abyss to challenge that strange life form.

But the result usually ends in failure.

He is like a deep mountain that cannot be crossed, a ruthless killing machine, unswervingly guarding the only "door" leading to the fertile soil here.

It makes it impossible for the life inside to come out, and it makes it impossible for the "guests" outside to enter.

Sometimes, probably to relieve boredom, He will also send a signal to the other end of the door. All life in the abyss knows that the "Gatekeeper" has a fixed call partner.

The insect didn't continue to stare, which is meaningless.

Hit the potholes and uneven soil enough to accommodate the body

of the hole, try to keep as little activity as possible to conserve energy, and continue to dream of returning to the unreachable dream of that piece of soil.

This is not impossible. When the lives of many borderlands were sent here, they left some clues on that soil.

If they are noticed by people or summoned by rituals, they will have the opportunity to respond and send back a signal of "goodwill", maybe they will have the opportunity to return to that world.

Even if you can only enjoy it for a moment, it is better than living in a world without light and darkness.

In the darker abyss, a huge mountain-like figure slowly appeared.

His limbs are extremely long, and he wears an old armor that has lost its luster. The badge on it has been worn out, but it can be vaguely seen as the logo of a lion's head.

The dilapidated silver helmet almost covered the entire face, and there was a faint red glow in the helmet.

The "Gatekeeper" stands here like a majestic mountain. A huge sword with the same exaggerated figure as him is inserted in front of him. The blade has probably been rusted for too long.

His two icy palms were crossed on the hilt of the sword, motionless.

The silent sense of coercion made the "guests" of different shapes who broke in dare not take a step forward.

Countless corpses of the same kind litter the field. In the face of the terrifying power of the gatekeeper, there are only a few "guests" left among the guests who risked their lives from outside the planet. They recognized the reality and immediately chose to flee. Or become part of the abyss ecology.

Another sinister battle passed, and He dragged the giant sword from darkness to dusk and rubbed across the ground, and the colliding sparks seemed to ignite the dawn.

「What happened over there?」

The gatekeeper who retracted his giant sword muttered to himself.

The more intruders from above the starry sky, the worse the situation on the frontal battlefield.

Seven Gods must have encountered some troubles, temporarily unable to free up their hands, so that there are so many fish that escaped the net at the junction,

The burden shifted upon Him was a little heavier.

The expression of the gatekeeper under the helmet looked heavy. His physical condition was getting worse and worse, and he might not last long.

If you get too close to them, you will inevitably be eroded, and in the end you will be completely reduced to a monster. This is also impossible.

After taking that step, there is no way to turn back. The closer to the extraordinary road, the closer to the truth, you will only feel the cold laws of this world.

「It’s still out of control.」…

The "Gatekeeper" is keenly aware of the changes in the land of the gods, and does not know whether there is more fear or confusion for a while.

The sea of ​​mist, a mysterious island with erratic coordinates.

There are never fewer guests coming and going here, and even a small town was built here, where they live and work in peace and contentment.

People who perform the pilgrimage as usual every day, according to the usual practice, people line up in groups to wait for the fountain of youth donated by the spring keeper, just hoping to become younger and more energetic.

People's desire for "eternal life" has almost turned into some kind of obsession, forcing the townspeople to rush to do similar things.

So much so that the process of pursuing eternal life is regarded as the whole of life.

The towering tree in the center of the town, at this moment, has undergone a strange change.

Grandma Shouquan, who was in charge of distributing the "Fountain of Youth", stared blankly for a while, and somehow her skin began to dry out rapidly, and her body also shrank sharply.

Like a plant that is about to die in a moment.

What's even more weird is that the "Sacred Tree" standing behind it and supporting the spring water supply of the "Fountain of Youth" also showed a similar aging reaction.

The originally tall and tall tree branches began to rot at a speed visible to the naked eye. The bark and branches and leaves fell off a little bit, and after being integrated into the ground, they quickly turned into nutrients and completely dissolved.

「Grandma, what’s wrong with you.」

「God tree, please grant me eternal life!」

「I’m going to get the spring water from the well, you are not allowed to **** it from me.」

After seeing the strange phenomenon, the original group of worshippers, instead of being afraid, saw that the "spring guard" who made the rules was about to die, and a trace of evil thoughts rose from their hearts.


Anyway, the spring water of the Fountain of Youth is inexhaustible, even if they scoop up a few more buckets, it doesn’t matter.

Driven by this idea, the people in the town begging for water soon fell into an inexplicable madness.

One after another, they rushed to the spring well like crazy, completely ignoring that Granny Shouquan was squeezed aside by them, and fell heavily to the ground under successive pushes, no one cared even if she was trampled mercilessly by the crowd.

「I got it, got it.」

The townsman who was the first to make a large basin out of the well with a wooden barrel, filled the container completely, and ran to another place at the first, hugging the spring water tightly for fear of being snatched away by others.

Seeing that there was no one around, he simply poured all the spring water in the container into his throat, but not a single drop came out.

With the sweet spring water, the "immortality" effect that the townspeople expected did not come, not even the effect of becoming younger last time.

The spring water seems to be just an ordinary spring water.

Even if there is not a drop left after drinking, I don’t see any special changes.

Not only him, but soon other people who crazily snatched the spring of immortality also noticed that the drinking spring water had lost its effect, and they all looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing what happened for a while.

"Look at that tree!"

Suddenly someone shouted at the "Sacred Tree".

Many eyes then glanced at the sacred tree next to the mouth of the well. After shedding countless branches and leaves, it began to shrink as a whole, leaving only six or seven meters in height, just like ordinary trees.

The magic that fascinates people has disappeared without a trace since I don't know when.

Weddell Polar Sea.

The iceberg area hidden thousands of meters below the seabed is the location of the frozen luxury ship Santa Maria.

At this moment, the corroded crew members on the ship seemed to be under some terrible coercion, or crawled or knelt on the spot, not daring to move.

Deep inside the giant wheel, weird and powerful runes floating in all directions scattered around, slightly bearing the vibration of the "sealed object", and there was a violent commotion,

It seems that something is waking up.