Chapter 244

Chapter 244: High-end Customization

When Chu Tian turned on the computer, he first connected the hard drive and then started tapping on the keyboard.

Three minutes later, under Song Xiaoya’s gaze, Chu Tian pressed the return button and opened a black window.

The black window was densely packed with all sorts of garbled codes.

Chu Tian looked at it while slowly pulling down the scroll bar. Only after two minutes had passed did Chu Tian move his cursor to a position in the code. Then he deleted a paragraph and wrote another one.

After doing this, Chu Tian pressed the go-back button and said, “Alright, the encryption system of the hard drive has been cracked by me. Now I don’t need the password, I can directly open it.”

“Are you sure?” Song Xiaoya stood behind Chu Tian.

“I’ll open it up for you.”

As he said this, Chu Tian moved his mouse over the external hard drive and double-clicked it to open it.

Along with the opening of the external hard drive, the dense file also appeared on the computer screen.

“Target 0, full record of genetic modification experiment.”

“Target 1, full record of genetic modification experiment.”

“Target 2, full record of genetic modification experiment.”

“Target 3, full record of genetic modification experiments.”



10:15 at night!

In the room on the second floor of the bar, when Chu Tian entered, Xia Mo and Li Sisi were chatting while drinking red wine.

“What did you do?” Li Sisi said, “I was just about to discuss something with you. I’ve been chatting with that Song Xiaoya for so long.”

“No.” Chu Tian smiled and sat down, saying, “I just went out for a round. What is it?”

“It’s the renovation.” Li Sisi said, “We’ve already bought the villa, so let’s hurry up and decorate it. We can’t just sit around. I just talked about this with Xia Mo, and she said that our Haicheng has a company, and it’s quite powerful. It specializes in the renovation of high-end mansions. Moreover, they ordered the supporting furniture according to the conditions of the rooms, but the price is quite expensive.”

Chu Tian nodded, sat down, and said, “What rate?”

“This depends on the actual situation.” Xia Mo said, “They will do it according to the employer’s requirements. The design is their own, but depending on the materials, the employer has the final say. For example, to make a wardrobe, they will design one that matches the size of the room according to the circumstances. Then, we can choose the materials, such as pine, cypress, and mahogany.”

“The material used is different, and the price is naturally different.”

That’s it!

Chu Tian thought about it and said, “Is it reliable?”

“Very reliable.” Xia Mo said, “They’re specially designed for this kind of high-end customization. They’ve been working in Haicheng for eight years. They said it’s a company, but there are actually quite a lot of people. Many rich people in Haicheng look for them to make furniture.”

“I know them because, in April this year, they called the police, they helped people do a whole villa design, the cost is about 38 million, the result, that person deliberately looking for trouble, who owed them 15 million has not been given, and then we police mediation.”

“That sounds awesome.” Chu Tian said.

“It’s really amazing.” Xia Mo said, “After all, she’s a professional at this kind of high-end customization.”

“Alright then.” Chu Tian said, “The fees are not a problem. Sister Xia, contact them tomorrow and have them design the villa.”

“Not tomorrow.” Xia Mo said, “I’ll give the contact information to Sisi and ask her to contact them. I have to go back to my hometown for a few days tomorrow.”