Chapter 156: Riding Doul, Acceleration (5)

Chapter 156: Riding Doul, Acceleration (5)

Near Daejeon Metropolitan City, there lay an open field.


A swarm of golden stars twinkled.

The golden light that reached dozens of demons seeped in, extracting their essence and transforming their demonic forms into human ones, along with their mana.

A giant pig-like demon, which appeared as if its skin was on fire, reverted to a human form. In contrast, a gargoyle-like stone demon crumbled into dust, revealing a human figure within.

They all collapsed to the ground, becoming white-haired, emaciated figures.

Naked, they fell to the ground, and the golden spheres emanating from them gathered towards The Golden Priestess.

Hey, you.

Heroes from the Hero Association began to detain the now-human demons one by one, clad in protective suits, while the others surrounded The Golden Priestess.

Are you The Golden Priestess? Or perhaps Solar Platina?

[Please call me Golden Priestess. Snow White.]

Manipulating the golden spheres above her hand like planets, the Golden Priestess was approached by Snow White, who looked somewhat tired.

Are you really a being that purifies demons?

[I have purified the demons, yes. I would appreciate it if you could gather them like this next time.]

Thank you for cooperating. However,

Baek Seol-hee gestured around and pointed to her Taeguk Watch.

Please, come with us for a while.


We cant just consider someone a hero if they conceal their identity.

[Do I have to reveal my identity to be a hero?]

Dont get me wrong. The Hero Association is here to help you. Were trying to assist you.

[Ill take your kindness. Thanks for the offer.]


With a large sweeping motion, The Golden Priestesss hand drew a circle, and a golden, sparkling magic circle materialized before her.

[If I decide to walk the path of a hero, Ill contact you first, Snow White.]

No thoughts of joining us as a hero?

[I am not worthy of being a hero. The best I can do is appear like this and purify demons. Just call me the Demon Purifier.]

The Golden Priestess bowed elegantly before disappearing beyond the magic circle.


With a golden explosion, the Golden Priestess vanished.

Watching her disappearance, Snow White wore a complicated expression, pretending to glance at her Taeguk Watch while scanning her face.

She felt regretful.

She regretted not being able to fight alongside a just and passionate colleague.

If someone had photographed Baek Seol-hee at that moment, the headline would surely have read, Snow Whites Recruitment Offer, The Golden Priestess on Hold.


Baek Seol-hee felt relieved.

This provided some justification and plausibility for the Golden Priestess, Yumirs actions.

Snow White, do you know the Golden Priestess?

No, I dont.

Then why did she say she would contact Snow White?The debut release of this chapter happened at Ñøv€l-B1n.

Maybe because Im a woman?

Indeed. The same gender. I understand.

Baek Seol-hee brushed off the sharp questions from the nearby hero with a suitable answer.

Of course, even if they investigated Baek Seol-hee, it was unlikely theyd discover Yumir around her.

The only connection between Baek Seol-hee and Yumir was through Do Ji-hwan, and the only private conversations they had were at Do Ji-hwans house or the Ulleungdo pension.

Thus, investigating Baek Seol-hee wouldnt expose Yumir.

Unless there was a crazy being who investigated Baek Seol-hees texts, found a man named Do Ji-hwan, and then probed Yumir through him.

Wow, its incredible. How did she purify so many demons so quickly?


Cheok Jun-kyeong raised his thumbs with both hands.

Youve been influenced by the Goblin I mean, sorry. The thing I mentioned wasnt like that.

Quiet. You take care of this.

Ah, sister. I havent finished talking.

What now?

That, about the Golden Priestess. Those golden beads she created.

She was startled.

Baek Seol-hee stopped in her tracks.

She extracted something golden from the demons at the end.


Could that be the demons special abilities?

I dont know.

Baek Seol-hee quietly walked away from the scene.


A golden circle expanded, and the Golden Priestess landed gently on the ground.


Yumir removed her mask and hood.

It seemed she needed some concentration to purify a large number of demons at once, and her face was covered in sweat.


A cup of sweet rice drink?

Yumir looked at the red-haired woman standing before her.

The bespectacled lady, engulfed by an array of equipment in the living room, handed Yumir a cup of the sweet rice drink she had poured from the kitchen.

This is just between us since theres no one else around. Dont worry. I support Director Do. Nice to meet you, Yumir.

And who might you be?

Brewer. I work for the company.

Oh, that

Secret Society.

Yes. Oh, hello?

Yumir bowed her head in acknowledgment and accepted the cup.

Then, she shut her eyes tight, instantly regretting her decision.

-Shouldnt I always consider whats on the other side before I teleport?

She recalled his advice, mentioned casually before.

Little did she expect that teleporting to the pension would result in meeting someone.

I thought he was alone here

Sorry, but the man going to Ulleungdo alone routine only works once or twice. If a man keeps showing up by himself, he gets blacklisted. It was time for a woman to join, you see?

Thats thats you?

Dont worry. I havent gotten patriotic with Director Do yet.


Yumir felt a small sense of relief.

But I cant say the same for that person.

That person?


The white-haired woman seated on the sofa came toward Yumir with a radiant smile.

So youre the girl our Director Do has taken an interest in?

You who are you?

Me? Doul. An S+ grade villain. And

The woman, Doul, began to glow with a green light in her eyes.

The Goblins ex-girlfriend.