After carefully inspecting the scene and finding nothing abnormal, Li Xuan quickly got his men together to disperse the crowd.

Of course, it was difficult to persuade the nosy crowd, but upon claiming that He Ruo’s death was related to a malignant disease, everyone started to run and leave the scene as if something evil was chasing them.

Li Xuan then ordered his men to bring a special sign to dissuade anyone from coming near the scene of the crime.

After this, he looked in the direction where Lu Yibei had disappeared upstairs, and a playful smile appeared on his face.

He had been suspecting him for quite some time; recently, he lurked by Yibei’s house and saw the broken windows to his apartment. He looked away for a moment and found that the windows were repaired when he came back.

It bothered him greatly. Even if Yibei himself was skilled in repairing appliances, how could one repair a window in just a matter of minutes?

Even if the Level S psychic fluctuations didn’t come from him, there were grounds for suspicion.

He must be hiding urban legends in his house.

“Ah…” he sighed. “I hate trouble, yet I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Suddenly, a strong wave of psychic energy washed over the entire corridor and commanded him in place; the domineering, fiery aura burnt the air around him as if something was blazing right above him.

What surprised him was that it was quite literally fluctuating—one moment, it was strong and terrifying; another moment, it was something he could step on and squish on.

And just like that, the psychic fluctuations disappeared, as if somebody had put out the blazing fire.

Gone? What the hell is that?

‘Lu Yibei… could it be…?’

He gritted his teeth and took out a carved rune that looked like a painted pebble. Holding it in between his fingers, he murmured a few words to it, and a blue light flashed above the rune, condensing into the shape of an eye.

He looked at the phantom eye that was condensed by the blue shimmering light and peeked through it.

He saw a girl.

To be precise, it was a girl with emerald hair wrapped in a bath towel. Wisps of smoke surrounded her milky skin, and she could be seen browsing a computer.

“Damn it. I lost again!” Jumeng yelled as she closed the game on the computer. Through gritted teeth, she opened the web browser and entered [How do I become stronger in-game?].

“[Power Levelling + Q], [Explosive Liver Changes Fate], [Krypton Gold, Invincible], [One key is in my hand, and it is the key to the world!]…

Thousands upon thousands of search results popped up, and she rested her chin on her hand.

She thought about recruiting a few of her believers from her domain to help her out in the game; being a goddess yet losing was such an embarrassing scene.

However, before she swallowed her godly integrity to curse the players that had beaten her in the game, she could sense a weak, psychic energy pulsing near her.

Her eyes locked onto a gadget resting on Yibei’s bed, and her eyes furrowed in anger.

“Who? Who’s spying on me?”

After hearing the girl’s shout, Li Xuan’s eyes were met with emerald, and the connection to his spying device was crushed, along with the rune he had just used as it crumbled in his grasp.

His body trembled violently in the hallway, and he hurriedly looked away.

‘Indeed. He is hiding an urban legend in his house.’

‘I should’ve been more cautious; my sole evidence has been destroyed,’ he gritted through his teeth.

Now, he was disinterested in investigating that strong psychic wave that occurred upstairs.

He didn’t want to die while in a great state of fear.

However, it wasn’t right to let something dangerous lurk on school grounds.

“Stay here. I will go have a look,” he ordered his men.

Even if it were dangerous, surely a peek wouldn’t hurt, right?

Meanwhile, in the lab.

Professor Ma’s limbs were worn out; he didn’t know how many buckets of water he had just splashed on top of Yibei’s unconscious body, and yet he didn’t show any signs of waking up.

The puddle around him was already boiling from the heat.

He sighed as he turned to fill the bucket again. Although it didn’t seem to be of use, he couldn’t just do nothing, right?

However, when he returned to Yibei, he dropped the bucket of water in shock.

At some point, Yibei was replaced by a girl with fiery white hair, and her body was naked.

Although the dense steam that lingered around her covered her privates, Professor Ma couldn’t help but gulp. At this moment, the girl let out a soft moan, and her eyelids trembled slightly.

The surrounding temperature dropped rapidly, and the steam surrounding her body was getting thinner and thinner.

“I-I’m not a paedophile!” he yelled out, taking his coat and covering her naked body as he stood by the side.

He still had a job!

The girl’s eyes opened, and feeling the discomfort of her long hair sticking to her body alongside the strange-smelling water, she noticed that she was back in the lab.

A lab that looked strangely like a sauna with steam floating about.

“Y-you… Where is Lu Yibei?”

“What? I am Yibei.”

As soon as she opened her mouth, she realised her voice was very, very wrong.

‘What the fuck! I transformed in front of Professor Ma! How do I…’

‘Do I kill him? Make him my servant!’

Thinking of Du Sixian, she brushed the thought of making him her servant away.

“Then… you must be Lu Yibei, correct?”

Although his tone was full of doubts, as somebody studying strange, ancient texts, what has he not seen?

As a man of education, this is something that he can hypothesise.


At this moment, a knock came from the door.

Knock, knock, knock…

“Hello?” Li Xuan’s voice could be heard from outside. “Professor Ma, correct? I’m Lu Yibei’s friend; is he in?”