Chapter 37: Confession Booth Is Not A Glory Hole! (2)

Chapter 37: Confession Booth Is Not A Glory Hole! (2)

Rattle rattle rattle

Yuriss legs, hidden behind the pulpit, trembled madly.


Did Yuriss desperation invoke a miracle?

Although she climaxed, fortunately, she didnt spray her fluids all over her legs as usual.

Drip drip

Still, she felt the leftover fluids soaking her panties and running down her thighs.

Th-thendear believers

Yuris had never been more grateful for the length of her saintly robes skirt.


She would have been caught leaking fluids in the church as a Saint Candidate.

Thank youfor attendingthe servicetoday

Before the fluids could hit the floor, Yuris quickly finished her farewell and returned to her seat.

Ah.Ah!..I, Ireareallyduduring prayerI lost it!

Regaining her composure, Yuris realized how absurd her actions were.

(89.74): Who allowed you to climax without permission?


But before she could regret it, her body reacted to the Masters comment.

Sacred Power Container: .... I'm sorry...Master...

(89.74): Then, the misbehaving bitch must be punished, right?

Sacred Power Container: ...Yes....Master...please...punish me...

(89.74): After today's service, wait in the confession booth.


At the mention of the confession booth, Yuris felt her stomach clench.

..No..this isnt!reareallywrong...

Imagining what could happen alone with the Master after such an ordeal in front of everyone

(89.74): Your response?

This might be her last chance to escape this twisted relationship.


Yuris, feeling this more than anyone

Sacred Power Container: ..Yes. Master.

A bitch can only submit to her master.

You worked hard today, Yuris.

Thank you for the service today.

It was a truly saintly service.

Yes..thank you.

Receiving thoughtless praise from the believers, Yuris felt overwhelmed with guilt.

After a while, when everyone had left and the church was empty, only the church caretaker, Sister Komnena, and Yuris remained.

Sister Komnena.

Hmm? Yes, Yuris. Whats the matter?

Oh, can I clean up the church today? I feel like Ive lost my initial devotion and want to refocus.

Hehe Yuris, your faith is deep. But to me, you havent lost your initial devotion at all. Look! Just by what youre saying, youre a perfect clergyman!!



Just then, the vibrator suddenly buzzed again, and Yuris swallowed her moan.

HuhIn myfeelingmymind is distracted!!. Huh.II beg of you..


Ah no matter what its not right to ask Yuris to clean

Pant..pant..please!!Gasp..!!..Sister please!!!.. I beg you!!

Ultimately, unable to bear the vibration, Yuris collapsed, and Sister Komnena screamed, holding her face in shock.

Ah!!This!!This!!How touching is this devotion!!! Im deeply moved by Yuris profound faith!!!

Despite being almost certain to become the next Saint, she volunteered to do menial tasks like cleaning the church!!

Even though Komnena saw no change in her, Yuris was so saddened by the thought that she had lost her initial spirit that she collapsed!!

Now I understand The previous Saints fall was all to cultivate a great Saint like Yuris!!!Ñøv€l--ß1n hosted the premiere release of this chapter.

Komnena always thought her devotion to Elise was unmatched, but this time, she had to admit she fell short.

Ah Im ashamed of myself after seeing Yuris! Understood!! Lets regain our initial spirit together!! Here! This is the key!! I, Komnena, will go into fasting and prayer until next weeks service. Please take care of the church during this time!!


With a joyful heart, Komnena handed over the keys and left the church, singing hymns


Half out of her mind, Yuris didnt fully grasp the situation

The act was more of a squeezing than a caress.

Even with the Masters rough treatment of her breasts

Yuris found each touch unbearably sweet.

Hue!Hue!Soso happy!

She felt such genuine happiness that she thought she might die on the spot.

Haa You shouldnt feel good while being punished, bitch. Hold back.

KhhkYesYes!!.. Im.. Im sorryBitchfeelsso..good!Will..try to hold back..sorryHiiiek!!


Yuris let out a scream of sudden pain yet shivered with the realization of what it was.

Khieek..!!Master!!ThebitchsbreastsKhhkBitby your mouth!!..Khhuk!!!Oh!That wasclose!!

Yuris, who had never even masturbated just a few weeks ago, now felt she could climax just from her breasts being touched.

HiKhhhkHek...Hek!!..Master.Im sorry!!Bitchcanthold it!Khhk!!About tocome!!.Khhk!!!

Really? Then we should stop.


Just like that, her Master lost interest and let go of her breasts.

Ha? Uh ha ha hah.

Feeling an immense loss from her breasts, Yuris felt like tears were about to flow.

Put your breasts away.


Was her Master already tired of this bitchs breasts?

As Yuris sobbed and withdrew her chest that filled the confessional window.



Was it because it was so sudden?

Or because it was too enormous?

It took Yuris a while to realize what had come through the confessional window.


But her body, recognizing the unforgettable scent, reacted faster than her mind.

Its Itsa penis!! Masterspenis!!

Having never seen a real one, not even in pictures, Yuris was flustered until Master spoke again.

What are you doing? Dont just stand there, serve, bitch.

AhAhh!!Yes!Yes!Yes MasterIthe bitchwill serve you.

She answered but had no idea how to serve.

HiiHiek!What to do?Should Ijust touch it?

If only her Master would command, she could follow without thinking.

How could she satisfy her Master with her service so he would continue to cherish her as his bitch?


A desperate thought crossed Yuris mind.


Why? Hurry up and serve.

Thatswhat I meanthisto Master its worthless, I know, but


Yuris mouth went dry, her heart racing.

Can the bitchs first kiss! be given to your penis?


Laughter came from behind the wall as if her Master found the idea absurd.

Perhaps this wasnt enough

Just as she began to despair at the thought of disappointing Master

Go ahead, do it.

Ah Ah!! Yes, Master!

Thump Thump

Yuris approached as if she were about to touch a holy relic for the first time.

No, she was even more attentive and earnest

She spoke towards her Masters penis.

Thank you for letting this bitchs!! first kiss be offered to you, penis

Yuris kissed it, swallowing the precum that dripped from the tip.


Like the seal of an eternal vow

Her pink lipstick left a mark on the glans.