Chapter 391 - Chapter 391: Chapter 251: Setting Off and Enraging the Void Space

Chapter 391: Chapter 251: Setting Off and Enraging the Void Space

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Within a day.

Cactus and Diamond had contacted several members of the Godly Humans Association.

Of course, not everyone chose to believe them.

Compared to Cactus who had joined not long ago, and Diamond, who wasn’t very noticeable in the association.

Those who refused were more willing to believe Void Space.


As early as half a day ago, Spirit Intellect had already learned about Cactus and their actions.

However, at that time, Void Space was still metamorphosing, and Spirit Intellect needed to accompany him, not having the time to worry about their small moves.

But now.

Void Space had already transformed.

He naturally would not forgive such betrayal.


When faced with Void Space’s inquiry, the young woman slowly nodded.

“I have already agreed to their invitation.”

“Very well.”

Void Space nodded.

In his eyes, the murderous intent flashed by.

At this moment.

The surrounding members of the Godly Humans Association were still confused, not knowing what riddle Void Space was playing.

Void Space didn’t give the answer personally.

Instead, he looked towards Spirit Intellect.

The Dharma Eye possessed by Spirit Intellect could see all invisible things.

Lifespan, emotions, luck.

Even to…destiny.


“Right now, there are traitors contacting the members of the Godly Humans Association, devouring Heavenly Person Cells inside our bodies under the pretense of curing genetic diseases.”

“Till now, more than ten members have been deceived and lost their identity as Heavenly Human Descendants.”

“This is not just betrayal.”

“It is also an offense against our own bloodline.”

“So, what is the relationship between this and our search for the organization’s lair?”

Bandaged Strange Person bluntly asked right away.

It seemed he couldn’t wait to get the method of curing genetic diseases from the Holy Sect.


Such trivial matters could be dealt with later.

“That traitor.”

“Has a certain connection with the leader of the Holy Sect.”

“As long as we capture her, she will be able to point us in the right direction.”

Spirit Intellect could see everyone’s fate clearly, as well as their near future.

Still, due to her insufficient power,

Her ability was influenced by the strength of the observer.

And for a person with Chen Sheng’s strength.

Her future clearly was not something Spirit Intellect could foresee.

Not only that.

Anyone with a close relationship with Chen Sheng.

When Spirit Intellect observed their fate, she could only see darkness.

But a lack of information is sometimes also information.

At least,

Spirit Intellect could now distinguish who was related to the leader of the Holy Sect.


At the moment they decided to capture Cactus,

At that instant, the fates of everyone present were clouded.

Which meant,

As long as they captured Cactus,

Their journey was sure to meet the leader of the Holy Sect.

“What are we waiting for?”

“Capture that damned traitor.”

“Don’t worry, I have ways to make her confess.”

Bandaged Strange Person, who couldn’t wait any longer, took a step forward.


The sound of tearing constantly resounded.

It seemed as if living creatures were continuously drilling out of his body, tearing open each of those tight bandages.

Through the gaps.

One could vaguely see.

Bandaged Strange Person’s body was actually covered with one big mouth after another.

The torn bandages were constantly being rolled up by tongues and sent into their mouths, making noises of chewing.

This horrifying scene,

Immediately made the members who had not joined the Godly Humans Association for long feel their scalps tingle.

Only the initial members remained unchanged, seemingly not caring about this.

Seeing this,

Void Space smiled slightly.


“Please join me.”

“Let’s attend the feast together.”

As he said this,

Void Space casually waved his hand.

All members of the Godly Humans Association suddenly felt their bodies lose control.

Next second.

The members of the Godly Humans Association who had gathered in the manor,


Bianchuan City.

West District.

On top of a certain building,

“Are they here yet? Are they here yet?”

“I want to go back first.”

Cactus squatted on the ground, teasing the ants on the ground while clenching her skirt tightly to avoid getting dust on it.

Diamond, beside her, didn’t care about the dirt.

She just lay on the ground, using a telescope to observe an abandoned construction site a few hundred meters from the building.

Cactus’s casual words didn’t receive a response from Diamond, who continued to watch the construction site.

This time, the person she contacted was a formal member of the Godly Humans Association.

However, the other party’s response was very strange.


If someone called to help and decided to meet,

Most people would choose a place with a lot of people as a precaution.

But this time,

The Godly Humans Association member chose a very remote location in the West District for their meeting.

This place used to be a key construction project in Bianchuan City.

Later on, due to some unknown reasons, most of the projects were abandoned.

Even some residential buildings that were under construction became unfinished buildings.

Now years had passed,

Few people passed through this area.

When the other party said they wanted to meet here, Diamond originally intended to refuse.

She even suspected.

Was it that the high-level members of the Godly Humans Association already had noticed their actions and decided to deliberately lure them out?

This possibility couldn’t be said to be high,

But it couldn’t be ruled out either.

Diamond was especially aware,

If the two of them were caught, they would probably end up like Liu Dehui. If it was indeed a trap, she and Cactus would very likely be in trouble.

But on second thought, Diamond decided,

She could take this opportunity to find out if the other party was from the high-level members of the Godly Humans Association, sent to ambush them.

If so,

Diamond planned to stop their next actions.