Chapter 200 - Chapter 200: Chapter 178: Medicine and Terrifying Strength

Chapter 200: Chapter 178: Medicine and Terrifying Strength

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What a fucking load of bullshit!

Hearing the respected elder speak,

Even the gentle- tempered and rarely angered Shen Ziming couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

Previously in the melting cave,

Had Shen Ziming been a tad slower, Chen Sheng might have been beyond saving and turned into a corpse.

The respected elder had no intention to spare Chen Sheng’s life, contrary to his words.

Shen Ziming had reason to suspect,

That the elder planned to simply end Chen Sheng’s life if he didn’t comply.


“No use arguing further.”

The elder’s eyes were as bright as torches, seemingly able to discern Shen Ziming’s thoughts.

Seeing his disbelief, the elder shook his head,

Unwilling to say anything more.

“I knew Sun Yihe,”

“In consideration of him, and the fact that you haven’t attacked me before, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

With that,

Starry lights began to flicker in the elder’s eyes. In the next second,

Shen Ziming realized, he had lost control of his body,

As if an invisible giant hand gripped his body, and threw him to one side.

With a loud bang,

His body was embedded deep into the ground.

Scratching noises continued,

Shen Ziming saw the ground around him bulge up with sand and soil, covering his body.


Even in front of the elder, Shen Ziming was powerless,

He never gave up his struggle

Opening his mouth, it seemed as if he was going to persuade the elder, But the moment he spoke, sand and soil instantly covered his mouth and nose, leaving only muffled whimpers.

In the blink of an eye,

Shen Ziming’s body turned into a mud statue, firmly anchored to the ground.

Seeing this,

The elder no longer paid attention to Shen Ziming.

His gaze turned to Chen Sheng.

“Now. it’s time for vou to make a decision.”

The elder stared at Chen Sheng, issuing his final ultimatum.

In the instant his voice fell,

Chen Sheng felt the invisible force binding him tighten, causing his body to let out unbearable moans once more.

However ,

Chen Sheng didn’t even hear what the elder was saying.

His eyes were fixed on the empty space in front of him, seemingly lost in thought.


[Strength: 0.7]

[Agility: 0.7]

[Constitution: 0.7]

[Heavenly Person Cells: 4%]

[Authority: Power of the Heart (10%)]

After the evolution of the Eye of True View, the ability of the first level [Light

Energy Realm] seemed to have been enhanced.

Once again facing the elder,

Chen Sheng realized that he could now see the elder’s attribute panel.


What surprised him beyond his expectation was,

The elder’s three attributes were infuriatingly low.

With the elder’s attributes, Chen Sheng could practically blow his breath, and the wind pressure would scrape the elder’s flesh off his bones. But the situation now was,

In front of the elder’s power, Chen Sheng had no means to fight back.

As for why this was the case,

Chen Sheng guessed it might be due to the two new pieces of data that appeared on the elder’s panel,

[Heavenly Person Cells] and [Authority].

Shen Ziming had mentioned before,

Heavenly Person Cells would gradually devour the normal cells in the body while continuously growing stronger at the expense of destabilizing the host’s internal structure.

This was the origin of the Shen family’s genetic disease.

The only benefit of having Heavenly Person Cells was that as long as they had sufficient energy, the possessor could have various magical abilities. The downside is… the stronger the power, the quicker the death.

As for [Authority],

Chen Sheng had heard it from the sheep-faced man of the Holy Sect before,

Now, looking at the elder’s performance, it seemed to be something like a rule power?

With that thought,

Chen Sheng looked at Shen Ziming.

A new attribute panel appeared once more.

[Shen Ziming]

[Strength: 8] [Agility: 8]

[Constitution: 7]

[Heavenly Person Cells: 0.3%]

[Authority: Flesh and Blood (1%) Light (0.5%)]

As expected,

Shen Ziming’s attributes were in the same situation.

Neither the Heavenly Person Cells nor the so-called Authority.

Could compare to the elder’s. “It seems you’re unwilling,”

As Chen Sheng was lost in thought,

The unwilling-to-wait-any-longer elder spoke again.

He sighed,

As if Chen Sheng’s “stubbornness” was a pity,

“In that case, I can only forcibly take you away, and slowly discipline you.”

As his voice fell,

Chen Sheng felt the invisible force around him suddenly intensify.


Just like in the melting cave,

Under the pressure of the invisible force, Chen Sheng’s body made popping sounds like frying beans.

That sound was the breaking of his bones!

Blood once again seeped into his pupils, and the intense pain overwhelmed his mind once more.

“Don’t worry, ”

“You won’t die.”

The elder’s figure vanished,

When he reappeared, he was right in front of Chen Sheng,

“I will take you back to the Martial Arts Association and have someone strictly discipline you.” “Your murderous intent will surely be eradicated.”

As he said that,

The elder slowly raised a finger.

At the tip,

Sparks of fluorescent light flickered incessantly.

Chen Sheng’s mind filled with alarm bells ringing.

He had a feeling.

He must not let the other party do as they pleased, or his end would be extremely miserable.


Chen Sheng endured the severe pain that constantly bombarded his mind.

From his mouth, a sudden burst of glass-shattering noise erupted.

It was the medicine obtained from Zhao Zhenfeng.

Only a quarter of it had helped the seriously injured Chen Sheng recover to his peak state in a very short time.


Chen Sheng held the medicine in his mouth just in case.


he directly crushed the test tube with his teeth.


Chen Sheng, with bloodshot eyes, swallowed as his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.

The medicine mixed with glass shards was completely swallowed into his stomach.


Feeling the immense energy suddenly exploding in his stomach, and the rapidly beating body attributes under the influence of the medicine,

Chen Sheng didn’t hesitate and took a deep breath.

Xuanwu Transformation,

Third Stage, activated.


Like thunderous heartbeat sounds, they suddenly exploded continuously within Chen Sheng’s body, getting faster and faster.

Swish swish.

Like a rushing tide and raging waves.

Under the influence of the heart, Chen Sheng’s blood surged at a high speed within his body, absorbing all the energy brought by the medicine.

On the panel.

Three attributes were rapidly moving.

300 350


Under the influence of the remaining medicine,

Chen Sheng’s constitution and agility attributes were directly increased by more than a hundred points, reaching a terrifying four hundred points.

But it wasn’t over yet! Although agility and physical attribute had stopped,

Chen Sheng’s real reliance,

was the Xuanwu Transformation’s terrifying enhancement to the strength attribute.

Strength attribute, still rapidly moving.

Five hundred points.

Six hundred points.

Within Chen Sheng’s body, another burst of crisp sounds exploded. Those were the sounds of his bones continuously growing and colliding with each other. Seven hundred points.

Eight hundred points.

Chen Sheng opened his mouth, and a white mist exhaled.

The high temperature caused the surrounding air to be visibly distorted.

A teeth-grinding friction sound rang out.

Large, old tree-like green tendons erupted violently beneath Chen Sheng’s skin.

Under his skin, his muscles expanded and twisted, crawling continuously and gradually turning dark green-black.

For the first time, a look other than pity appeared on the elder’s face.

He uttered a single word, with a slight surprise on his face.

Because he realized that the power to control Chen Sheng had loosened a bit. Are you cultivating… Profound and True Martial Arts?”

The elder recognized at a glance that the Xuanwu Transformation Chen Sheng was using now was indeed from the Divine Beast Breathing Technique’s Profound and True Martial Arts.

“Very good.”

“To have cultivated Profound and True Martial Arts to such an extent at such a young age.”

“Wait until you become my disciple, with my careful guidance, you will be able to make great contributions in the battle against the Heavenly People.”

A hint of joy flashed across the elder’s face.

He was happy that there would be another young martial artist with boundless potential in the Martial Arts Association.

Or rather… a puppet.

With this thought,

the elder’s eyes, which seemed to be hanging with galaxies, burst into brilliant light once more.

Next second,

The invisible force suddenly increased!

The originally somewhat slack invisible power tightened again.

At the same time,

The elder’s face suddenly split open a wound, and dark-colored blood continuously seeped out from the wound.

But he didn’t care at all, letting the blood flow down his cheeks. Although Chen Sheng’s power was somewhat beyond his expectations, it was still under his control.

It was just that he had to use a bit more force.

This clone was disposable in the first place.

At the same time,

The elder’s fingers, flickering with starlight, were about to touch Chen Sheng’s brow.



An overwhelming shadow instantly enveloped both him and Chen Sheng.

His fingers paused.

The elder looked up to see a water curtain made up of black liquid, falling right on his head.

Xiao Hei, who hadn’t been seen since the elder appeared, had reappeared.

Chen Sheng thought Xiao Hei had escaped because he knew he was no match for the elder.

But he didn’t expect him to appear at this moment.

At the same time,


A water ball that had been floating next to the elder, composed of black liquid, suddenly burst open.

Whoosh whoosh.

Countless black liquid pierced through the air and smashed into the elder’s body.

In the middle of sizzling electric currents, dazzling white thunder constantly emerged from the black liquid.

At this moment, Xiao Hei directly wrapped the elder’s body, forming a huge black sphere.

“You’ve been holding on to such power all this time, following me, just to monitor my every move?” “For your black water to possess such intelligence.”

“It’s really interesting.”

Inside the roaring black ball,

The elder’s unhurried voice came again.

It seemed that Xiao Hei’s attack had no effect on him.

No, not without impact. At least, the power that bound Chen Sheng, has not increased any further.

Up until now,

Chen Sheng’s attribute panel finally stabilized.

[Strength: 1032]