Chapter 464


The people just watched him quietly, with expressionless faces.

They were not at all surprised by Yi Feng's identity as a cultivator.


Seeing this, Yi Feng was a little confused.

Could there be so many cultivators who disguise themselves as mortals that they were not surprised at all?

So he quickly asked embarrassingly, "You, don't you feel surprised?"

"Sir is joking. This is only natural."

The crowd said with smiling faces full of smiles.

Yi Feng was astonished.

What do you mean it's natural?

Could it be that these people saw that he was going to establish a sect, so they had long imagined him as an immortal cultivator in their minds?

When he thought about it carefully, it seemed to be the case.

After all, according to normal people's thinking, how could an ordinary person possibly establish a sect?

So these people had probably imagined him as a cultivator long ago.

This also explained why those old men and women in Pingjiang City were so enthusiastic towards him, and even moved their homes directly to the island.

Many people in the square rushed away like crazy.

While the portion of people who did not leave had regret written all over their faces, secretly hating themselves for not having juniors, thus missing such a god-given opportunity.

This was becoming Sir's disciples!

Such a god-given opportunity was the first in the world.

And seeing this scene, Yi Feng broke into a bright smile.

It seemed that he had successfully fooled this group of old men and women, making them really think he was some amazing cultivator.

But then again, although he was just an empty shell, with that flying sword and his glorious appearance, how could people not take him for a peerless expert!

With the help of these old folks, he was certain that accepting one hundred disciples should be easily accomplished.

Yi Feng felt justified to return to his room and slept soundly, waiting for news from these old men and women.

Half a day later.

"Keep your arrogance in check, calling yourself Big Senior Brother means nothing here, do you understand? Coming here today is your blessing."

By the lake, an old man solemnly instructed his sects big disciple.

"Later, you'd better behave yourself. If you can become the master's disciple, then your destiny will change."

On the other side, an old lady also admonished her granddaughter in the same way.

"Remember, if the master is willing to keep you, no matter what he asks you to do, even if its chores, that will still be your blessing, do you understand?"

For a time, many old people brought all kinds of proud disciples and saintesses from various sects rushing over here, each with a pious appearance, as if going on a pilgrimage.