National Treasure Scientist in the 1970s

At this moment, Li Xiangxiang couldn’t even pretend to be pure and kind.

How can that be possible? !

Baizhi didn’t take the college entrance examination, how could she enter Jingcheng University?!

Li Xiangxiang didn’t believe it and couldn’t accept it.

Principal Zhang frowned slightly, then looked at Li Xiangxiang and explained seriously——

“Li Baizhi, as an outstanding talent and the future elite force of the country. She is worthy of the country’s training when she is still young. Only if the country trains her now, can she serve the country in the future. This is the educational philosophy of our Jingcheng University.”

“The college entrance examination is only an assessment standard. Regarding the country’s elite talents, we have other teaching and examination standards for the future. In addition to the college entrance examination, there are also referrals and special recruits. The strength shown by Li Baizhi, as well as the paper she wrote, is worthy of being recruited by Jingcheng University. “

They have fallen behind the world, and now in this time the talents are scarce. They don’t stick to the formalities, and don’t let any talents go.

Not to mention the strength that Baizhi just showed, that paper, it is worth it for Peiking University to make an exception for her!

“No, it’s not fair, without college entrance examination results, how can she enter Jingcheng University!” Li Xiangxiang still didn’t believe it, gritted her teeth, widened her eyes, and stared at Baizhi in the yard.

Several experts didn’t want to listen to the nonsense, so they frowned and said: “What kind of place do you think Jingcheng University is? Li Baizhi’s ability does not need to be restricted. She went to school here, and the teacher couldn’t teach her anything. If she goes back to the Academy with us now she can directly contribute to the development of the country!” 

“No—” Li Xiangxiang shook her head unconsciously, her face still full of disbelief.

Whether it was Jingcheng University or the Academy of Sciences, it was an existence that she couldn’t reach. Li Baizhi didn’t give  the college entrance examination, so how could she get in?!

Principal Zhang finally lost his patience, he felt that this girl was from another school, or more exaggeratedly, a spy from another country!

Otherwise, why did he keep preventing a rare genius like Li Baizhi from entering Jingcheng University?!

“Who are you?” Principal Zhang asked with a frown.

Looking closely at Li Xiangxiang, maybe this person was instigated by other schools after they got the news, and stopped him here, so that other schools could snatch the good seedling like Li Baizhi? !

Definitely it is this!


Li Xiangxiang took a few steps back, opened her mouth, and she was looked sharply at by Principal Zhang, but did not dare to speak any more.

She will also go to the capital to study in the future. If the Jingcheng’s Principal goes to the Principal of Beijing Normal University to say a few words, what good impression can she leave on the University?

Seeing him ask her name, she immediately closed her mouth and stepped back.

Just like that the deep unwillingness in her heart seems to drown her.

“Close the door first and talk.” Principal Zhang looked at the County town leader, and the County town leader looked at the Brigade leader, who quickly closed the door.

She still wants to see the follow-up!

But it’s closed from the inside

Why is this Baizhi suddenly being recruited by Jingcheng University? !

The door was closed.

Some experts said: “Why go to Jingcheng University, go to the Academy of Sciences!”

“We still have to listen to Baizhi’s opinion.” Principal Zhang looked at Baizhi.

Just kidding, of course, Baizhi can’t be allowed to enter the Academy of Sciences just like that. If he does, it will be difficult for him to face!

But if she enters Jingcheng University, it is always the honor of their Jingcheng University, and they can also bring their students from Jingcheng University to serve the nation.

It is for the National that talents need to be to work, but… as the principal, he still has to consider the honor of the school.

A sly look flashed in Principal Zhang’s eyes.

Baizhi has already made a decision: “I want to enter Jingcheng University. It is my regret that I missed the college entrance examination. I don’t want to leave another regret.”

Principal Zhang suddenly smiled.

Dean Xiang was still saying: “Then you should join our Academy of Sciences at the same time as you are admitted to Jingcheng University. There will be a better research environment and more talents to communicate with.”

Baizhi nodded this time.

Dean Xiang also smiled brightly: “Student Baizhi, you are really excellent. We will learn from you in the future. The direction you mentioned before is something we have not thought of, and it is really worth our study!”

Baizhi said softly, “You guys are great too.”

She was sincere in her world, it was a supreme honor to be praised by her.

But she did admire these people.

Their scientific and technological research is still very poor, but their enterprising spirit is extremely strong. As long as they are given time, one day, these researchers, and the future researchers of this country, will hand in a satisfactory answer.

Baizhi restrained, not throwing high-tech knowledge to them, but more inspiration.

This country will eventually catch up with other countries, and then surpass other countries. She has fallen into this era and is willing to join in, help them, and speed up the process.

Besides…no matter which world she is in, she still likes to stay in the research institute and invest in scientific research, that is her focus, her love, her everything.

Outside the door.

The villagers were still in shock. At the moment when the door was closed, they seemed to have reacted, and began to discuss with a “hum” –

“Oh my god, that was the President of Jingcheng University, and he wanted to recruit Baizhi to Jingcheng University?!”

“Baizhi didn’t even give the college entrance examination, so how did she get into the best university that Li Xiangxiang said was extremely difficult to get into – Jingcheng University?!”

“How good is she to be specially recruited…”

“Everyone, it is her own talent . If you go to take the test, you may not be even able to pass the test, but Baizhi was invited by the Principal of Jingcheng University in person! This Li Baizhi is really amazing!”

“National elite, hope of the future, did you just hear Principal Zhang’s evaluation of Baizhi?”

Thanks to Li Xiangxiang’s popular university knowledge awareness before, everyone in the whole village knows how powerful Jingcheng University is.

From Li Xiangxiang’s words, she was unable to get into Jingcheng University, but Baizhi especially got recruited by them, and they came to her home for special recruitment!

It’s amazing, and at the same time very admirable.

Li Xiangxiang’s eyes were red, her hands clenched into fists, and she stared at the closed door.

Chen Guifang seemed to have just recovered, and asked Li Xiangxiang in disbelief: “Just… what did they say? Li Baizhi is going to Jingcheng University? Is it the Jingcheng University that Gu Xinchen was admitted to?!”

Li Xiangxiang pursed her lips and did not speak.

At this moment, while she hated Li Baizhi and was jealous of Li Baizhi, she couldn’t help but wonder, why did she explain the power of Jingcheng University to these people just now? !

“No! Impossible! How could that bitch go to Jingcheng University?!” Chen Guifang exploded all of a sudden, and said in a sharp voice.

At this moment, the villagers were no longer silent. As soon as they heard her words, they immediately retorted-

“Xiangxiang Mom, it’s not good for you to say that? It is well known that Baizhi is powerful, and she can also make corn threshing and she got the opportunity!”

“Yeah, even if she didn’t take the college entrance examination, she could still go to Jingcheng University. This is the pride of our Lijia Village. In the future, Baizhi will be very powerful, and our Lijia Village will have a bright face!”

“Guifang, don’t be jealous. Speaking of which, your family has always been in sorry state compared to Shuanmin’s family.”

“Yes, they are a well educated family. Uncle Shuanmin had studied well, so automatically Baizhi must be different from other children in the village.”

“Also her parents were talented. By the way, what were those educated youths saying? They say it’s because of good genes!”

“Baizhi is too powerful, and she will definitely go to the capital to live in the future, right?”

“That’s for sure, Baizhi is better than Li Xiangxiang. Li Xiangxiang said that she can stay in the capital in the future, Baizhi can of course do it too.”


When she was talking, the villagers looked at Chen Guifang with disgust. This person’s character is really bad. Seeing that Baizhi is having good fortune, and even after seeing Baizhi’s power in front of her eyes, she still doesn’t believe it!

And the matter of burning the admit card and sending her own children to another’s house with bad intentions, they have to fight with her!

“Let your mother’s dog—” Chen Guifang wanted to curse, but was stopped by Li Dazhu.

“Go home!” he said sullenly.

Regardless of Li Xiangxiang’s future prospects, it seems that Baizhi is more promising than her. It is not certain whether she can live in the capital with her daughter, and at least she must live in Lijia Village now.

How to live after offending people?

Li Dazhu has no face now, today is obviously a good day for Xiangxiang, but…

Alas, he just wants to go home now, close the door, and stop looking at the mocking eyes of these people.

Li Dazhu dragged Chen Guifang away, and Chen Guifang wanted to curse, but Li Xiangxiang also stomped and ran home with red eyes.

Only the three brothers of the Li family were left to accept the villagers’ guidance.

The three of them were injured, disabled, and disfigured. They didn’t want to face the villagers pointing at them. Now that they couldn’t accept it, the first and second Li brothers immediately ran away.

And the third Li, who was in a wheelchair, was still there.

He gritted his teeth, hated Baizhi, hated his own family, hated Li Xiangxiang for not being able to live up to his expectations, hated his parents, hated his first brother and second brother who left him and ran away…

He hates everything.

Baizhi did not agree to the recruitment from dean in the end-

Those experts took Baizhi’s hand, reluctantly, and urged her to go to the Academy as soon as possible.

Before leaving, Principal Zhang said to the leaders of the county town seat: “You have cultivated a good seedling here, and Baizhi is a very good talent! Continue to work hard in the future, and hope to send more talents to our Jingcheng University!” The leader of the county town was so excited that he couldn’t stop nodding: “Yes! It will definitely be!”

So, after the excited county town leaders returned, they held the Brigade leader’s hand and got excited again. The commune was planning to give Baizhi a commendation. But because Baizhi was “busy”, she… did not open?

No, of course this could not be possible!

While they couldn’t commend Baizhi, they could commend Li Shuanmin for cultivating such an excellent granddaughter!

Baizhi is not free, but her grandfather is free!

So, Li Shuanmin went to the commune to attend the commendation meeting, and with a blushing face, he took the award money, an enamel cup, two shawls, and a certificate.

The entire county town, and even the city, received this news.

——There is a student named Li Baizhi in Lijia village, who failed to take the college entrance examination for various reasons, but she was so good that she was specially recruited by Jingcheng University and booked by the National Academy of Sciences!

What a great talent!

So, for a long time, Lijia village was very lively.

“You are also here to find Baizhi? Haha, Baizhi is very busy and does not come out to meet people. She was indeed recruited because of her excellence.”

“Jingcheng University, you know right? The most powerful university in the country, our village Baizhi was specially recruited by them!”

“…What?! You are journalists?!

“Baizhi is of course excellent, she was very good since she was a child, and her family is also from a scholarly origin. Even if she lived in a sheepfold, she can become a talent! “

“Why did she live in a sheep pen? Then we have to talk about another family in our village, Li Dazhu’s family…”

“Why didn’t she attend the college entrance examination? That’s because her admission ticket was burned!”

“It was Li Xiangxiang’s three brothers who burned it. They didn’t admit it, but our whole village knows about it!”

“I’ll tell you, later The three brothers climbed over the wall again, and wanted to put snakes and burn the books of Baizhi, but the three of them were unlucky, and then…”