Chapter 161 1500 Point SDI!

Name:I am the God of Technology Author:

When Dante broke through to the Martial Blood realm, he felt a wave of perfection sweep over him. His blood energy had always been elusive and uncontrollable despite its plentifulness and potency, and he could not use it for combat.

This was the downside of blood Qi compared to life essence from knights. The moment one became an Official Knight, they could use their life essence to perform various magical skills and obtain combat effectiveness right away, whereas with the martial system, one could theoretically fight at the Body Tempering and Martial Warrior realm, but it was clumsy and not effective.

Only when blood energy was fully condensed into blood Qi at the peak of the Martial Warrior realm could one claim to have combat effectiveness. Because of this limitation, blood Qi was far more versatile and stronger per each stage compared to the same stage for a knight in terms of life essence.

Dante could definitely be qualified to say this as he felt the power of his blood Qi as a Martial Blood Realm martial artist, which was the 3rd realm, compared to the Advanced Knight's life essence, which was also in the 3rd realm.

Still, both had their own uses.

After performing the dual breakthrough, Dante put away his halberd and sighed deeply, releasing a cloud of red and white mist from his mouth which were remnants of tainted blood energy as well as unpurified life essence.

He cricked his neck and teleported downwards using Spatial Blink, appearing on the next floor. He spread out his spirit sense and saw that there were no spiders on the floor that used to belong to the E Rank Spider Warriors.

Smiling strangely, Dante teleported to the next floor, which was meant for the D Rank Spider Lords. Finally, he met a barricade made of broken wood that was webbed together using their webs, and about 74 new Spider Warriors hurriedly working and patrolling while under the control of about 25 Spider Lords.

When they saw Dante appear, they froze like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Then they dropped what they were doing and entered formation, all of them taking different positions on the barricade while raising their two front legs, their mandibles clacking as they hissed threateningly.

The Spider Lords seemed grave, and they stood at the back while glaring at Dante with murderous intent, their hatred clearly dripping from their eyes. Usually when outsiders came, they would fight them all at once and either die to become their nourishment or clear them out and force their queen to run.

Since when had they been bullied like this?! This fellow just came and went as he pleased, killing their low-level members and then leaving before coming back to do the same as if they were toys for him to play with!

Dante took in all of this and shook his head. He simply activated his new 2nd Rank spell, Celestial Rift.

A huge hole in space was ripped open by him, displaying a starry sky on the other side in the void, like one was looking at space through a telescope. It was very similar to the 1st Rank version which was Astral Flare, only that this was ten times larger.

Not to mention, the stars were far brighter and when they began to move, the spiders felt a fear that went deep into their souls. They screeched with horror and tried to fight back by shooting out their web as well as their poison projectiles, but they were like flies in front of rockets.

Huge beams of astral light fired out from the portal like it was a gatling gun, landing on the opposite side and blasting everything to pieces. If not for the fact that the projectiles did not contain heat and only physical force, Dante was certain that explosions would have occurred, as well as disintegration.

As it were, he could only stand there in slight stupefaction, looking at his horrible handiwork. The entire opposite side of the cavern was completely ruined, like a behemoth had thrown a terrible tantrum here and smashed everything.

What made Dante hesitate was the fact that the spiders that had defended against him were blasted into so many pieces he wondered if they qualified for absorption. He began to regret using the 2nd Rank spell and wished he simply used the first rank one.

He had underestimated the power boost that came from having Intelligence on par with a 5th Rank mage while at the 2nd Rank as well as two spiritual cores of the space element, each of which boosted space element spells by 150%.

His 2nd Rank spell was no weaker than a 4th Rank one. Dante could only sigh and use his various abilities to gather the corpses as best as he could into one heap and then place his hand to absorb them.

Unfortunately, his Absorption in this 3rd run of this world was still at the F rank, so he only got 10% back. He actually preferred it like this since he killed by quantity, so even after conversion, there was more than enough to send him to his limit.

Even so, he was still overloaded with power that caused him to groan and step back as his body shone with a blackish-red light mixed with purple spiritual light as well as a hint of golden light that grew with intensity as Dante trembled with pain.

Eventually he exploded with power, causing a huge heatwave to spread through the cavern and sear the walls, while space around him trembled and cracked even further, as well as his two eyes shining like torches as a golden, hazy light shot out from them.

Dante panted deeply as he knelt on one knee while his other hand was pressed to the ground, his rampant energies going into resting mode. He couldn't help but feel a hint of fear and finally understood the limitation the universe had placed on one person obtaining too many power systems.

Dante knew that he had to slow down now, otherwise the next time he raised his stats like this, he might actually explode like a nuke and create a forbidden zone in the location he erupted, regardless of quantum world or real world.

That forbidden zone would contain the power of hellfire, blood qi, life essence, and spatial magic, all centered around his illusion abilities that would guide everything. Knowing the power of his eyes, anyone who entered such a zone would be finished.

However, for now, he had achieved his goal. He glanced around and left a quantum marker here before teleporting his virtual body back to the place he spawned at and exited the world.

Once back on the Inferno battleship, Dante first checked his new SDI.

「User: Dante (ID Number: DANTE10998-03-15)

Age: 21 (Converted to Earth years)

Race: Pure Human (99.9% genetic perfection)

Strength Index: 1500 (15000)

Agility Index: 1500 (15000)

Dexterity Index: 1500 (15000)

Intelligence Index: 1500 (15000)

Constitution Index: 1500 (15000)

Vitality Index: 1500 (15000)

Bionic Level: 1 (Unique Student Version 10.)

Psionic Level: 1 (Unique Student Version 10.)

AI Chip Level: 1 (Civilian Category)

Superpowers: Quantum Entanglement (Rank D).

Physical Powers: Raging Blood Halberd Technique (Martial Blood, Entry level 1%), Primal Ape Technique (Level 3: Advanced Knight, 1%).

Magical Powers: Inferno Ascension Technique (Level 3: Lustful Ignition, 28%), Void Speaker Chant (Level 3: Adept Wizard (2nd Rank), 2%).」

Dante nodded with satisfaction. Seeing that Beatrice was not around once more, he directly returned to his base on earth. Dante then entered one of his constructed Faraday Cages underground in the Vitality Pools area, which was meant to contain his explosive abilities when he practiced them.

He sat cross-legged in a meditative posture like some famed Daoist and began speaking the Inferno Ascension technique's mantra, and once again, a huge bonfire of blackish-red light emerged around his body. The heat was so intense that it definitely reached around 1500°C, which was kind of intriguing given his stats.

Was there a correlation? Dante had never consciously measured the temperature of his fire because fire was fire, it was hot regardless. However, now that he had gotten a dedicated Faraday cage for this, he could measure the heat accurately.

Dante remained like this for about 4 hours before the fire that was around him was suddenly sucked into his body, and his form began to glow with a bright light. Immediately the fires of his body spread outwards, their blackish-red light containing a hint of malicious intent that caused energy forms to tremble.

They seemed to grab the very essence of the world itself and drag it back into Dante's body to be simmered under the intense flame and purified into... something. Dante could not yet tell what it was, but he finally knew he had reached the stage he craved the most.

He quickly opened his SDI interface to check if his feelings were true.