After a day, the hard-won peace and tranquility of Amegakure was finally broken!

It was unknown what agreement Konoha and Sunagakure had reached.

The two sides actually attacked Amegakure at the same time, and their target was only Amagakure Ninja. Oh, he was now Akatsuki’s ninja.

One could imagine how much trouble Akatsuki’s previous series of ‘provocations’ had caused.

If the two great powers were frightened by a guy who had appeared out of nowhere, how could they face it?

In the past, they couldn’t defeat Amegakure because of Hanzo’s poison, but now, no one really thought that they could withstand the joint attack of the two great Ninja Villages, Sunagakure and Konoha, just because they defeated Hanzo, right?

Just as the two sides crossed the border, Haru also received a special mission.

[Special Safety Mission?: Enemy invasion!

[Mission Requirement: Defeat the enemy and chase all the intruders out of Amegakure. ]

[Mission reward: Law Bar +1]

Haru, who was sitting on the throne, suddenly opened his eyes!

Then, it was just a little bit slower, and Kagami appeared.

Konoha and Sunagakure took action at the same time. The one leading Konoha was Jiraiya, but he did not see Orochimaru. The number of people was about five hundred. The one leading Sunagakure was Chiyo, and the number of people was slightly less than three hundred, but fifty of them were Sunagakure’s puppet army. I had fought with the puppet army before, so I would not be mistaken.

After Kagami finished speaking, Haru nodded slightly, indicating that he understood.

Just based on the number of people, they were indeed in danger. After all, Amegakure had long been crippled, and the original Amagakure Ninja had suffered heavy casualties. After he had gathered all his forces, he had expanded Akatsuki’s number of members to more than 800, and his combat strength was limited.

Doing assassination missions could still play a role. If it was a large-scale battle, both Konoha and Sunagakure could beat them until they really destroyed.

But it was not that Amegakure did not have an advantage, it was that they had a certain advantage, and they had an extremely awesome leader!

A single Hanzo could cause the two great powers to return in defeat many times. Could it be that Haru and Kagami could not compare to a single Hanzo?

So what if he could not use poison?

The few ?Law? that he had drawn out earlier just happened to be of use!

Thus, Haru stood up and said, “Have you laid down Flying Thunder God’s tactics?”

“According to your requirements, it has never stopped, but the coverage is not dense enough.”

“It is enough. Have everyone prepare to kill all the enemies according to the previous drill! Also, arrange for the people to take refuge as soon as possible.”


Kagami immediately went up to make arrangements, while Haru’s figure instantly disappeared from where he stood.

Right now, he didn’t know who the strongest person in Ninja World’s group was.

But here, in his base camp, he was invincible!

“Chiyo-sama, it seems that Amegakure’s group of people are all gutless rats. Along the way, they did not even have a decent resistance. It seems that the rumored Hanzo is also a person who does not live up to his name. He was actually killed by a guy he had never heard of before. It is really ridiculous.”

A guy who was painted with a strange pattern on his face, neither male nor female, said with disdain. On his back was a humanoid object wrapped in bandages.

Chiyo looked at the arrogant expression of the other party and frowned slightly.

Then, she scolded with some dissatisfaction, “Although the old man wearing a ventilation tube is annoying, the strength of the other party deserves to be respected. Your words just now were too much, Akagi.”

“I’m sorry, Chiyo-sama. I just feel that there are too many suspicious points in the information that was sent back before. I suspect that some people must have said that Akatsuki was so strong in order to shirk the responsibility of failure. Maybe the annihilation of the army before has nothing to do with Akatsuki, or they have taken advantage of him.”

Chiyo pursed her lips, knowing that Zetsu would not be so simple.

However, as the vice captain of Sunagakure’s puppet army, her puppet technique was far more exquisite than others, and only the captain of the puppet army could suppress her and make her restrain a little.

It was to the point that Chiyo did not want to reprimand him too much and lower his prestige.

Oh, I almost forgot to say that Chiyo was the captain of Sunagakure’s puppet army.

That was why Akagi was so respectful that he did not dare to explode.

When Chiyo retired, he would be the captain of the puppet army.

“There is no big mistake in being careful. This is a war, it is always good to be cautious.” There was no other way, Chiyo could only say one sentence, as for whether the other party would listen or not, it was none of her business.

Akagi nodded his head indifferently. After all, in his opinion, if Sunagakure and Konoha attacked such a small country together, it would simply be a unilateral massacre, and there would not be any accidents.

However, he still had to give face to Chiyo-sama, not because of his seniority and status, but because Chiyo-sama’s puppet technique was stronger than his, that was all.

At this moment, a figure strangely appeared at the back of Sunagakure’s troops.

Along the way, although some people found that many places were engraved with a strange pattern, after confirming that it was not a trap, no one paid any attention to it.

After all, each family had their own mark, and many countries also had their own beliefs. Perhaps that was some kind of totem symbol that Amegakure’s people used to pray for.

However, they did not know that the two-dimensional pattern that could be found in many places was actually a sickle that demanded their lives.

“Water Release – Water Colliding Wave!”

All of a sudden, a straight line of high-pressure water jet shot out from Haru’s mouth!

It turned into a sharp water blade and cut toward Sunagakure and the others from behind.


Just like cutting wheat, the unprepared Sunagakure and the others were directly cut in half at the waist!


The Sunagakure Ninja who was cut in half was still alive for a while, and he let out a miserable scream. In an instant, Sunagakure’s formation was in chaos, and the scene was very tragic.

“There are enemies! Behind, behind!”

“No, there’s one on the left too!”

“There are enemies lying in ambush on the right. Someone come and save me.”

At this time, Haru kept changing his position. Every time, he was not greedy for merit. He only released one ninjutsu. Then, he immediately disappeared from where he was. He did not give anyone a chance to find him.

Moreover, he created a chaotic scene of people everywhere.

Chiyo frowned. As she reorganizing the formation, she tried to find the enemy in the shadows, but she couldn’t figure out how so many people could suddenly appear when they had clearly scouted out that there was no one, not even a ghostly shadow.

“I’ll go and kill them!” Akagi was furious.

This time, Chiyo did not stop him. Although Akagi had many shortcomings, such as anger, arrogance, and so on.

However, the strength of this guy’s puppet technique was so strong that people could completely ignore his shortcomings.