Chapter 2173

With preliminary clues, everyone is more confident in their investigations. Fan and the divers, with the cooperation of Team Leader Chen, began to enter the water one after another to investigate underwater objects.
Not long after, more and more objects suspected of human tissue were continuously found.
Gu Chen placed a white cloth on the lawn beside the reservoir, and then arranged the human tissues taken out by the divers in order.
And number and take pictures of all objects as evidence.
Salvage work has been busy from early morning to noon.
The divers of the Blue Sky Rescue Team also went into the water one by one and worked alternately.
There are also several breaks along the way. Due to the large number of corpse fragments, they are distributed in many corners of the reservoir.
Coupled with the influence of factors such as water flow, the impact on the corpse is actually very large.
Coupled with the gnawing of some underwater creatures, the corpse has already changed its appearance.
When many of the corpses were fished ashore, they were already bones.
Even Gu Chen, who has a master-level memory and is quite familiar with the structure of the human body, at this moment, dare not say that he can clearly identify the location of the body parts.
Seeing everything in front of him, Gu Chen couldn't help but shook his head and sighed: "A good-looking person, I didn't expect that after passing through a high-power wood chipper, the corpse would be broken into such a piece?"
"That's right, this Zhang Dezhi is like a pig or a dog." Seeing that the white cloth in front of him was covered with hundreds of pieces of human tissue, Lu Weiwei was furious. Police officer Fan Wang placed the several pieces of human tissue that had just been fished ashore on another white cloth, put the number plate aside, and said with emotion:
"It's normal for a couple to have conflicts, and it's normal to quarrel."
"Some couples even fight with each other. As long as they don't kill each other, it's not a big deal. Husband and wife don't have overnight feuds."
Looking around at the many corpses in front of him, Police Officer Wang also shook his head and sighed: "But look now, how much hatred is there? To do such a thing that is inferior to pigs and dogs?"
"The corpses were shreddered, and there was no bones left, and they were thrown into the reservoir to feed the fish."
"If you ask me, this Zhang Dezhi really deserves to go to hell. I have never seen such a cruel husband."
"Yeah." Seeing the scene in front of her, Yuan Shasha, who was wearing a mask and arranging the body parts, couldn't help but indignantly said: "The key point is that Zhang Dezhi, not long after he married his lover, was able to rape his wife." Dead hand, I really don't understand, how could he be so cold-blooded and ruthless?"
"For a beast, maybe it's nothing. Maybe he was a habitual offender before?" Lu Weiwei said involuntarily after taking pictures of the newly numbered body parts with her mobile phone:
"This Zhang Dezhi really should investigate carefully, maybe he still has a lot of criminal records."
Seeing that Gu Chen was still crossing his arms and staring blankly at the serial numbers of the corpses in front of him, Lu Weiwei hurriedly said again:
"Junior Brother Gu, don't worry, even though the parts of the corpse have been broken into many small pieces, it doesn't matter if we can't put together a complete corpse, after all, this is beyond our control."
"When the underwater salvage is almost done, hand it over to Gao Chuanfeng, the Technical Section of the Municipal Bureau, and they will come to deal with these corpses."
"That's not what I'm worried about." Gu Chen shook his head, and also expressed his worries: "I was thinking, does this matter have anything to do with He Liqiang who we have already arrested?"
"He Liqiang?" Hearing Gu Chen's words, everyone recovered from the corpse dismemberment case.
Lu Weiwei also suddenly realized: "That's right, we were investigating He Liqiang before, about the way he said to make a fortune, and then based on He Liqiang's activities, we found the timber market here."
"Later, according to the surrounding investigation and research, it was discovered that this village near the timber market, that is, Zhang Dezhi's house, was a bit abnormal."
"After all, he and his lover often quarrel, and everyone in this village knows it."
"But all of a sudden, his lover disappeared. As a result, we found out step by step. It turned out that Zhang Dezhi used a high-power wood chipper in the timber market to break the body into small pieces and throw it into the reservoir."
After a pause, Lu Weiwei looked at everyone, and then said again: "If it is said that the way to get rich that He Liqiang kept talking about is really related to Zhang Dezhi, then I think that the death of Zhang Dezhi's wife may also be involved." in."
"That's right." As soon as Lu Weiwei finished speaking, Yuan Shasha also echoed:
"We originally came to investigate He Liqiang's situation, but now Zhang Dezhi and his wife are involved. This matter is definitely not easy."
"Hehe." Hearing the words of the crowd, Police Officer Wang also laughed dryly, and then said involuntarily:
"No matter what happens now, the most important thing is that we now have sufficient evidence in our hands."
"When Gao Chuanfeng's team from the Technical Section of the Municipal Bureau brings these body parts back for investigation, I think there will be results soon."
"At that time, I think Zhang Dezhi has nothing to say? If Zhang Dezhi pleads guilty, then we can use Zhang Dezhi to find out the motive behind his murder." Fan, "It's not because of that stupid thing." Lu Weiwei sighed, also in a bad mood :
"The motive for killing is nothing more than those few human desires, either for money or for love."
"From my point of view, this Zhang Dezhi doesn't have a very good reputation outside, and he's also a well-known prodigal son in the village."
"As for the money, the land compensation left by his parents is estimated to be enough for him to squander for a few years now."
"If it's not for money, then it's for love, anyway, it's just these two points."
"I'll find out when I go back and ask." Gu Chen walked back and forth in front of the crowd, also glanced at the kayak next to the reservoir, and asked, "Group Leader Chen, how many corpses are there underwater?"
"I don't know." Team leader Chen has also been in the water many times, and everyone is taking turns to work, so he is exhausted now. Tired, everyone lay down on the kayaks to rest for a while, but the salvage operation continued.
Hearing Gu Chen's question, Team Leader Chen couldn't guarantee it either.
Another diver beside him hurriedly replied: "We have searched all the places that are easy to find, but it is not easy to find now, and many body parts are scattered in relatively hidden areas."
"It will be difficult to search, but I don't know if these are enough for you to convict the murderer?"
"It should be enough." Looking at the corpses that had covered the ground, Gu Chen also sighed with emotion.
Among the many cases he has investigated, this is the first time Gu Chen has come across a case where a corpse was broken into so many small pieces.
The fragments of this corpse, even if the real mother came, it would be difficult to piece together a complete corpse. Thinking about the fact that the current evidence has been collected almost, it is not realistic to find all the corpses at the bottom of the water.
Thinking of He Junchao, the relatives of the deceased have also been contacted, and they are asking the relatives of the deceased to come to Jiangnan City to extract DNA so that they can be compared with the deceased's body.
Gu Chen directly took out his mobile phone and dialed the number of Gao Chuanfeng, the Technical Section of the Municipal Bureau.
Not long after, the call was connected, and Gu Chen went straight to the point and said, "Gao Chuanfeng, why haven't you arrived yet?"
"Hurry up, hurry up, I'm in the car, it should be here soon, please send me the location." During the phone call, Gao Chuanfeng also urged.
Gu Chen responded, "I'll send it to you now."
After the voice fell, Gu Chen found the dialog box between the two and directly sent his location.蘩……
Five minutes later, a white commercial vehicle from the Technical Department of the Municipal Bureau drove directly in front of Gu Chen.
Gao Chuanfeng got out of the car with three forensic assistants and walked up to Gu Chen.
Before Gu Chen opened his mouth to say hello, Gao Chuanfeng glanced behind Gu Chen, the corpses that were densely packed on the white cloth on the ground, his heart skipped a beat, and he was stunned and said:
"My God? What kind of hatred is there to make a corpse like this?"
"Ouch!" Just as Gao Chuanfeng finished speaking, a young forensic assistant next to him, who had just joined the job, immediately began to vomit shamelessly when he saw the bloody corpses.
Seeing this, the other two forensic assistants felt their stomachs churn, but they still restrained themselves and dared not vomit when they wanted to vomit.
You know, vomiting continuously in front of these policemen would be embarrassing to the forensic doctor.
Or to put it more bluntly, it was a shame for Gao Chuanfeng and forensic doctor Liu.
Seeing the young male assistant vomit all over the floor, Gao Chuanfeng frowned suddenly, and said in a bad mood:
"Hey, let me tell you what's going on with you? Xiao Zhang, you're a forensic doctor, and the forensic doctor vomited like this..."
Glancing at Gu Chen beside him, and then at Police Officer Wang, Lu Weiwei and Yuan Shasha, Gao Chuanfeng immediately lost face, and also criticized the young assistant: "Isn't it embarrassing? There are policewomen here, others You didn’t even vomit, but if you vomit like this, you won’t be laughed at by your peers?”
Forensic doctors can't vomit when they see a dead body. It's so horrible and bloody that they can't vomit. This is professional ethics.
But now, the assistant has vomited all of these away. As soon as Gao Chuanfeng arrived here, he lost face and felt bad.
When Gu Chen saw this, he hurried forward to comfort him and said, "It's okay, this kind of mutilated corpse, let alone your forensic doctor, we are a little disgusted after seeing it."
"Look, Gu Chen, Director Gu, speaks well." Seeing that Gu Chen was giving himself face, Gao Chuanfeng had to pick it up, so he quickly changed the subject again, and educated the three forensic assistants:
"Director Gu is trying to save face for me, Gao Chuanfeng, you guys try to win me over."
"Yes." After hearing this, several forensic assistants immediately began to recover.
Officer Wang stepped forward and said, "We and the members of the salvage team of the Blue Sky Rescue Team have been working since early morning until now, and finally found these body parts."
"However, there may be many more in the water. Now it seems that it may take a long time to fish them out, but for now, these should be enough for you to detect."
After a pause, Officer Wang said again: "Oh, by the way, we have already contacted the family members of the deceased. They are already on their way to Jiangnan City, and they are expected to arrive in Jiangnan City in the afternoon."
"Your forensic team, first extract the DNA from these corpses, and wait until the relatives of the deceased over there arrive, and then conduct DNA sample matching to see if they match."
"Well, leave this to us." Hearing Officer Wang's words, Gao Chuanfeng was also full of confidence, after all, this was his specialty.
Gu Chen looked down at his watch, and then said to Team Leader Chen on the kayak, "Team Leader Chen, you can stop working temporarily, let's come up to eat first."
"Okay." Hearing what Gu Chen said on the shore, Team Leader Chen began to order the divers under him to return to the kayak.
Then, the four of them rowed to the shore together.
After Team Leader Chen brought everyone ashore, he also complained to Gu Chen: "There are too many fragments of the corpse. With just us divers, we are still working in continuous flow. We can only find these pieces when we go into the water to salvage them." corpse."
"I'm sure that there are more corpses under the water, but I estimate that if we want to find all these corpses, we will have to search the water for at least a week."
"It takes so long?" Hearing Team Leader Chen's words, forensic doctor Gao Chuanfeng also froze on the spot.
Team Leader Chen nodded silently: "No way, if you are a complete corpse, it is quite easy to find, how can I say it?" For the sake of metaphor, Team Leader Chen thought for a few seconds before saying : "By the way, it's like, you threw hundreds of thousands of beans directly into this reservoir."
"Then, you want to fish all the beans ashore."
"Not to mention anything else, just working in the water is an extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming job."
"And not only that, when you are searching underwater, if you move your body a little, it may make the underwater a little muddy, which increases the burden on our vision."
With a heavy sigh, Team Leader Chen said helplessly, "Anyway, this is the first time we have encountered this kind of salvage operation today."
"It's really perverted." After hearing the words of Team Leader Chen of the salvage team of the Blue Sky Rescue Team, Gao Chuanfeng said in a bad mood:
"How crazy does this murderer have to be? To do this kind of thing?" "Gao Chuanfeng." Seeing Gao Chuanfeng complaining here, Lu Weiwei smiled and said: "Just now, several of us, almost everyone I’ve already said it in turn, so don’t say it anymore.”
"The most important thing now is to tidy up these corpses and bring them back to the technical department of the Municipal Bureau to complete the work you should do."
Looking around, Lu Weiwei said again: "Now, we are going to take the salvage team members of the Blue Sky Rescue Team to have lunch. I will hand over to you here, is it okay?"
"No problem, of course no problem." Gao Chuanfeng snorted and said to himself, seeing so many bloody corpses, can you guys still eat?
For Gu Chen and the others, Gao Chuanfeng can't guarantee whether these people can eat them, but for the four divers of the Blue Sky Rescue Team, Gao Chuanfeng is already brainstorming.
When these divers salvaged all morning and found hundreds of pieces of human tissue, when they saw the pieces of meat in their meals, would they think of the pieces of corpses they salvaged?
...... 蘩