Chapter 319: This Old Guy Actually Dared to Shoot Arrows at Me? Doesn’t He Want to Live?

What the Wuxi Duke said was indeed a good idea, and the only way.

They had no water here, but there must be water inside the Phoenix Fortress.

As long as they broke through the Phoenix Fortress, not only could they obtain a water source, but they could also open up a path to the heartland of the Central Plains!

With this, their grand plan was within reach!

“But…” Strategist Fengchu hesitated, “Your Highness, the weather is dry and hot. We’ve been without water for a day, and the soldiers are suffering from both dehydration and heatstroke. Their morale is low, and their combat strength has greatly diminished. Launching an attack on the city at this moment might result in heavy casualties.”

“Strategist, do you have any other solutions?” Wuxi Duke retorted. “You’ve said it yourself, a clever wife cannot cook without rice! We’re completely out of water now. We need to address the water problem first! There’s water inside the fortress. We can only get it by breaking through. Otherwise, our million-strong army will die of thirst!”

“Your Highness is right, I strongly agree!” General Gongsun said in a deep voice. “At present, we really have only one path to take. We can’t delay any longer; we must act immediately!”

“Very well!” Wuxi Duke responded loudly.

With the two leaders in the army making their decisions, everyone could only follow their orders.

Thus, the siege war erupted once again!

Wuxi Duke and General Gongsun assembled a force of 300,000 soldiers, charging toward the Phoenix Fortress with great momentum.

“Attack! Push forward with all your might!”

“After we break in, there’ll be water to drink!”

“Give it your all, everyone!”

Apart from the attacking force of 300,000, another 300,000 soldiers were shooting arrows and hurling stones from a distance.

And there were yet another 300,000 soldiers doing nothing, waiting at the ready.

Inside the Phoenix Fortress, the imperial soldiers were also taking swift action. They released arrows, hurled stones, thrust with long spears, knocked down the ladders placed against the walls, and employed every possible means.

At the city gate, various sandbags and massive stones were brought in to firmly block the gate, preventing it from being breached.

At this moment, the heated water that had been prepared in advance was finally put to use.

The defending soldiers scooped up the heated water that had been warmed by the sunlight and splashed it down.

Though the water wasn’t boiling, its temperature was still high enough to cause burns. After it was splashed, soldiers from the Wuxi Dukedom and the Dayue Dynasty howled in pain before falling off the walls.

“Ah~ It’s hot water! It burns!”

“My hand got burned!”

“My face!”

It had to be said, the destructive power of this hot water was substantial. Just a ladleful caused several attacking soldiers to be harmed.

And the Imperial Court had plenty more of this hot water.

General Zhu, with a solemn expression, witnessed this scene. He rarely showed a hint of a smile and exclaimed, “Exactly! Keep splashing it like that! Don’t let them climb up!”

Because of the hot water, the defense of the Imperial Court soldiers became much easier.

All of this was observed by Wuxi Duke and General Gongsun from a distance, but it didn’t sway their determination.

Sacrifices were inevitable in a siege, and they had already prepared themselves for substantial sacrifices.

General Gongsun, atop his towering horse, looked into the distance, and at a glance, he saw the entire city wall and everyone on it.

Finally, his gaze lingered momentarily on a young official wearing a red official robe.

“As far as I know, in response to our million-strong army, the Imperial Court has dispatched the Prefect of the Capital, Lin Beifan!”

“This young lad is quite remarkable. He’s been an official for less than two years, yet he’s risen from a sixth-rank minor official to the current position of a first-rank high-ranking official in the Imperial Court. His status and power are unmatched, making him the foremost figure in the Great Wu Dynasty!”

“And what’s even more incredible is that he’s a civil official, yet he led troops to win two major battles, each time with minimal losses, and he was bestowed the title of Loyalty and Valor Count!”

“Indeed, he’s extremely talented!” Wuxi Duke nodded with a trace of satisfaction on his face. After all, this person was under his command; how could he not be impressive?

“However…” General Gongsun chuckled lightly. “In my view, he’s not living up to his reputation beneath the fame.”

Wuxi Duke was puzzled, “General Gongsun, why do you say that?”

“Take a look!” General Gongsun pointed at Lin Beifan on the city wall, his tone tinged with contempt. “In the ongoing battle, Lin Beifan is one of the commanders, the brain behind the army. He should prioritize his own safety in order to plan for the rest.”

“But this Lin Beifan is a man of letters, with no martial skills whatsoever. He’s a feeble scholar. Yet, he openly stands on the city wall, isn’t that putting himself in danger? Not only that, he’s not even wearing armor. If anything were to happen, what would become of the entire army? Everyone would have to expend effort to protect him.”

“Therefore, this ‘seeing the leopard through a small hole’ strategy reveals the larger picture!” General Gongsun sneered again. “Perhaps it’s because his previous military achievements have gone to his head. This is a huge taboo for a general, something that must be avoided at all costs!”

“Or perhaps he simply doesn’t understand military strategy and tactics. His past accomplishments were all the work of others. It’s said that he’s greatly favored by the Empress, maybe that’s the case!”

Wuxi Duke and Strategist Fengchu exchanged glances, unsure of what to say.

At this moment, General Gongsun extended his hand and called out, “Bring me a bow!”

Someone immediately brought a large bow and specially crafted arrows.

Wuxi Duke, puzzled, asked, “General Gongsun, what are you planning?”

General Gongsun laughed heartily, “I’m feeling a bit itchy. I want to show that young man on the city wall a bit of color! Let him understand that warfare isn’t child’s play!”

Wuxi Duke was taken aback, “General Gongsun, please don’t!”

“Why not?” General Gongsun asked while testing the bowstring with an arrow. “If this arrow takes his life, I guarantee it will throw the Imperial Court into chaos! Even if it doesn’t, it will at least give him a scare. That would be quite interesting!”

“This…” Wuxi Duke’s face broke into a sweat as he quickly came up with an idea, “I see potential in Lin Beifan as a talented individual, so I want to recruit him for our use. Please, General Gongsun, spare him this time!”

“I see. If he has caught the eye of Your Highness, then he’s truly fortunate!” General Gongsun didn’t release the bow, continuing, “In that case, I won’t take his life, just give him a little fright!”

“General Gongsun, please be careful. Don’t end up hitting the bull’s eye accidentally!” Wuxi Duke advised.

“Rest assured, Your Highness. I know my limits!”

General Gongsun drew the bowstring taut, the true qi concentrated on the arrowhead. He aimed at Lin Beifan’s head and slightly adjusted his aim.

As a grandmaster, Lin Beifan’s senses were keen. He had already sensed being targeted.

With a composed gaze, Lin Beifan looked over. Did this old man really dare to shoot an arrow at him?

Is he looking for death?

Just then, General Gongsun released the arrow.


The sharp arrow flew across a distance of over a thousand zhang and headed toward Lin Beifan.

“Young Master, be careful!”

Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai shouted out as their swords slashed out.


Despite their full effort, they couldn’t block even half of the arrow’s force; the sword was deflected away.

The arrow continued on its path, passing by Lin Beifan’s left ear and embedding itself into the city wall.

Throughout the entire process, Lin Beifan’s expression remained unchanged.

General Gongsun lowered the bow in his hand, a hint of surprise in his voice. “Even when an arrow is flying straight at him, he doesn’t panic. His calm demeanor in such a situation suggests he’s a person of courage. I’m starting to appreciate him!”

Just then, Lin Beifan suddenly shouted toward the base of the city wall, “Night Fragrance, come out! Someone shot an arrow at me, nearly taking my life. Help me seek revenge!”

With a swoosh, Night Fragrance appeared before Lin Beifan, furiously asking, “Who dares to shoot an arrow at you? Don’t they know you’re my immediate superior? They’re disrespecting me! I’ll go kill him!”

Lin Beifan pointed in the direction of General Gongsun, saying, “It’s that old fellow. Go ahead! If you can’t kill him, you can eliminate some Innate experts at least!”

Night Fragrance looked into the distance, relieved to find no grandmasters around, and heaved a sigh of relief.

With a snap, he opened his white paper fan, exuding confidence as he said, “Rest assured, I’ll definitely bring back a few heads of Innate experts as an apology to you! I’m off!”

He leaped off the city wall, his body transforming into a streak of light, swiftly flying toward the troops of Wuxi Duke and the Dayue Dynasty.

The armies of Wuxi Duke and the Dayue Dynasty were immediately on high alert.

“Enemy attack!”

“An Innate is approaching!”

“Be on guard, everyone!”

“Swoosh, swoosh…”

Arrows rained down, but they couldn’t hinder Night Fragrance’s progress.

Night Fragrance sneered, “You think you can stop me with these arrows? Don’t overestimate yourselves!”

His feet were suspended in midair, yet his speed increased by threefold.

General Gongsun roared, “Stop the Innate, leave none of them!”

“Yes, General!”

Three Innate experts rushed out from the midst of the army.

Night Fragrance laughed, “This is getting interesting. But even you Innate experts won’t be able to stop me. Under the heavens, not even grandmasters can halt me! Today, I’m going to stir up chaos among the million-strong army. Haha…”

His laughter echoed as he accelerated even further.

He then unexpectedly bypassed the obstruction of the three Innate experts and broke into the midst of the army, playing around as he pleased.

Suddenly, he struck out with a fist, and over a hundred soldiers fell dead!

Then, he thrust out a palm, and another hundred soldiers met their end!

The soldiers were densely packed, no matter how he struck, there were always more targets. There was absolutely no chance of friendly fire.

The army’s formation was in disarray, with heavy casualties.

Wuxi Duke’s eyes almost burst from his sockets as he yelled, “Innates, kill him now!”

Over a dozen Innate experts charged forward.

Night Fragrance continued to maneuver with ease, a small ordinary knife now appearing in his hand. However, regardless of the weapons wielded by the Innate experts or the divine artifacts they possessed, they all proved ineffective against this small knife.

As soon as the knife got close, it penetrated their defenses without fail, without exception!

In less than a moment, the lives of two Innate experts were claimed.

Wuxi Duke and General Gongsun were so infuriated that their eyes turned red!

They roared in anger, picked up their weapons, and rushed forward.

Both of them possessed fourth-rank strength, and their combined power temporarily held back Night Fragrance. They engaged in dozens of exchanges.

“Who are you?” General Gongsun shouted while fighting.

“I keep my name and my surname, and I am the Cat Sage, Night Fragrance! Haha!” Night Fragrance responded with a sense of pride.

“Why did you ambush my grand army?” General Gongsun questioned again.

“You people bullied my immediate superior, which left me very unhappy. So, I’ve come to bring you some misfortune!” Night Fragrance retorted.

“Your immediate superior is…”

“Lin Beifan, the Prefect of the Capital, the Loyal and Valor Duke!”

General Gongsun felt like he was about to spit blood!

All of this because of releasing a single arrow. It resulted in this star of calamity descending, causing the death of thousands of soldiers and claiming the lives of two Innate experts!

Wuxi Duke was also ready to spit blood!

If he had stopped it in time, this mess wouldn’t have happened!

Feeling so wronged, don’t you think?