CH 70

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Chapter 70 Eyes from Maude

Many pirates stared at Maude.

Inside the tavern, the noise faded away.

Being watched by many eyes with different meanings, Maude was unmoved.

After being silent, he remembered the prey in the tavern corresponding to the reward order in his mind.

Immediately, in the eyes of many, Maude slowly walked to the seat in the corner.

Mad Hatter has no shortage of night owl pirates who revel until dawn.

Therefore, even in the middle of the night, the business of the Tomahawk Tavern is hotter than during the day, and there are not many seats left.

If Maude is domineering, he can completely kick away a table of drinkers.

But he didn’t have the patience to wait for the waiter to clear the messy tabletop.

There’s still a seat anyway.

Maude was only a few meters away, and three pirates who came from bad people came across in front of him.

The leader of the pirate is tall and big, holding a scabbard machete, and his yellow teeth are extremely conspicuous.

The other two, standing on either side of Yellow Fang, also held unsheathed machetes.

“Usopp, right?”

The headed pirate looked down at Maude condescendingly, grinning coldly when he spoke, showing his mouth full of yellow teeth.

“Do you know who I am?”

The yellow-toothed pirates were about to put a spot-finding sticker on their forehead.


Maude is suddenly out of the knife.

The dark crow stabbed straight out of the sheath, instantly piercing the heart of the yellow-toothed pirate.

The yellow-toothed pirate’s face froze suddenly, looking at Maude who gave himself a knife without a word in disbelief.

He is Abe’s admirer, and he has heard about the grudge between Maude and Abe earlier.

In addition, Maude now has a strong reputation in Mad Hatter.

So, Yellowfang tried to share his reputation with Maude in vain.

Who would have thought that Maude would be so ruthless, in this situation, he would draw his sword without saying a word.

The Yellow-Toothed Pirate looked down at the dark crow passing through his heart with difficulty. After a while, his eyes rolled up and he lost all his strength.

Modly drew his sword and stepped back to avoid being splashed with blood.

Yellow Tooth Pirate fell to the ground and died.

The surrounding pirates were either shocked, indifferent, or sneered.

They were stunned by the fast and ruthless sword.

Normally, even if you are looking for faults, you have to wait for someone to express your intentions.

In the end, Maude was better, not giving people a chance at all.

It’s too cruel.

After killing Yellowfang, Maude did not forget Yellowfang’s two little followers.

Although there was no profit, he still did not hesitate to slash the two followers to the sword.

After the trouble was settled, Maude glanced at Yellowfang, who was dying of anger.

“I haven’t looked for you yet, but you took the initiative to send it to the door.”

Maude thought to himself.

This is a pirate with a bounty of 8 million registered in the notebook, and he has not made a name for himself.

The strength is not very good, but after all, it is also meat, and there is no reason to refuse.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Maude wiped the blood on the Raven Knife with his corpse clothes, and immediately took out hundreds of thousands of Baileys from the corpse.

Simply poor and sad.

Maude beckoned to the nearest waitress.

The waitress trembled, after all, she had been in battle for a long time, and despite her panic, she squeezed out a smile and walked towards Maude.

Maude looked at the waitress who came over and asked, “Is this money enough for you to call the undertaker to collect the body?”

“Enough, guest.”

How dare the waitress say no.

“That’s good.”

Maude smiled.

That smile made the waitress a little lost.

The customers she often serves are basically rough and rough, and it is rare to see such a decisive young and handsome guy.

Maude was impatient to wait for the waitress to return to her senses, and shoved the money to the vacant seat in the corner.

When walking, Maude habitually glanced at the pirates on both sides.

Those pirates who were spotted avoided Maude’s gaze like ostriches.

Mad, having a Lafayette in town is enough of a headache.

Fortunately, there is another Usopp.

These pirates thought painfully in their hearts.

After Maude was seated, the waitress who had been prepared came over as soon as possible.

“Guest, what do you need?”

Maude ordered a random drink and a meal.

After the waitress retreated, Maude patrolled the surrounding pirates.

Glancing across the wine table where a 7 million pirate with a bounty was sitting, he couldn’t help but pause for a few seconds.

Feeling Maude’s special attention, the table of pirates was on pins and needles.

“Grass, why are you staring at us?”

That table of pirates always felt bad, and subconsciously glanced at the three corpses not far from the door.

Without thinking about it, they just got up from their hearts.

“Eat is full, drink is full, pay the bill.”

While talking, one of the pirates took out Bailey and put it on the table.

Immediately, a group of people walked towards the gate with a slightly faster pace.

The guests at the adjacent tables watched silently, and they ate less than half of the wine and food.

Is this enough to eat and drink?

Maude watched the pirates with 7 million Baileys leave.

“Forget it.”

Maude gave up the prey.

There are a lot of prey in the tavern, but they are basically less than 10 million Baileys.

And there is a table with more than 10 million, and it is still a double-yolked egg.

This is what Maude is looking for.

It’s just that there are still many preys that are not on the bounty but sell well, so Maude couldn’t help but look more.

He looked at the table.

After a while, another table of guests left.

He turned to look at the table.


The sound of the chair being pushed away neatly.

The guests at the table also left.

“It’s not too early after all, and it’s time to pass the peak period.”

Seeing the guests leaving one after another, Maude couldn’t help thinking.

Fifteen minutes passed.

Eight tables of guests walked in a hurry in the tavern.

Behind the counter, the person in charge looked at Maude sitting in the corner with a bitter expression.

When the third table guests left, the person in charge noticed something was wrong.

After observing for a while, I found that these guests were all scared away by Maude.

But he can’t go and say to Maude: Brother, it’s delicious, please don’t look at it.

Therefore, if there is suffering, you can only swallow it silently.

Not to mention earning Maude’s money, just asking the undertaker to collect three corpses would cost 100,000 Baileys.

Speaking of which, the last incident was also caused by this guy.

Thinking of this, the person in charge sighed and could only pray that Maude would leave quickly.

Maybe prayer is helpful.

After about twenty minutes, he couldn’t help but be overjoyed when he saw Maude get up.

Immediately meditate on Maude, go and go.

Maude does have to go, because the double-yolked prey he’s looking for has left the Tomahawk Tavern.

Leaving the drink money, Maude followed.

There are seven people in this group, two of which are pirates with a bounty of 11.5 million and 13.8 million.

It is also the heaviest prey in the entire tavern. The most important thing is that these two reward criminals are swordsmen.

Maude walked out of the Tomahawk Tavern, but saw the pirates standing on the long street, looking at him indifferently.

Maude would not be surprised to be discovered by the other party.

After all, he never thought of keeping a low profile, and for fear of being lost, he came out almost immediately.

“Usopp, others will be afraid of you, but we won’t. If you don’t want to die too badly, get away.”

Among the seven, the pirate with the highest bounty pulled out his waist knife and said coldly.

“I’m not scared by Usopp either.”

Maude slowly drew out the crow.

On the long street, the pirates in the past saw the two draw their swords, and they all moved away from each other.

In the distance, the still-rudimentary Kid Pirates happened to be here.

Kidd, who was headed, noticed the great change of Maude at first sight.

“It’s him?”

Kidd was secretly startled.

The last time I saw him, he was just a weak guy, but now…