C200 – A Long Time ago Rumors Had Spread

The patriarch of the rat clan can swear.

He was truly frightened, not because of excitement.

Imperial Weapon!

This was an Imperial Weapon, giving it to him?

Was there something wrong with his ears?

The patriarch of the rat clan looked at Zhang Xuan with a face full of shock, hoping this wasn’t his imagination.

You… get up, what are you doing?

Was there a need to do this for a shovel?

Zhang Xuan was really shocked.

Mr. Zhang, you… You really gave it to us?

The patriarch of the rat clan spoke incoherently.

Zhang Xuan felt awkward. It wasn’t something valuable. Why did this person need to repeat himself?

Loong Linshuang once again climbed onto Zhang Xuan’s shoulder and kissed him on the face, indicating she wanted it.

Zhang Xuan’s face became itchy after being played by the little guy. “Little guy, what do you want to do?”

As he spoke, Zhang Xuan casually threw the shovel to the patriarch of the mouse clan.

The patriarch of the Zishu clan hurriedly received it, afraid the Imperial Weapon would break, even though he couldn’t break it.

Thank you, Mr. Zhang, thank you!

The members of the Zishu clan all knelt down with excitement. The Zishu clan also had the Imperial Weapon.

Zhang Xuan was stunned. What the f * ck…

Wasn’t it just a shovel?

Who was this group of people? Was there a need to kneel?

Outside the small courtyard.

Huo Mingchuan watched in shock as the tribulation lightning and the projection of Supreme Strength was dispersed.

His eyes were about to pop out.

Motherf * cker! Senior brother, you must suffer a great loss if you didn’t come and take a look!

It was too f * cking eye-catching!

This feels great!

This trip was really not in vain!

Huo Mingchuan didn’t expect to see such a wonderful scene when he came to a lower world.

The Imperial Weapon was refined with ease.

The Weapon Tribulation, it was nothing. A single sentence from the other party could scare away the Heavenly Dao.

Not to mention the four great Celestial Sect’s underhanded means. With a light palm strike, those idiots would probably all run back to the mountain gate to heal their injuries.


It was truly wonderful!

It was a pity that the wisp of Supreme Might’s Life Spirit had completely dissipated at this moment.

If Li Zun still had hope of coming back, it would be difficult for him to complete this wisp of his Life Spirit.

Thinking of this, Huo Mingchuan looked into the distance with a complicated expression and murmured, “Venerable Li, Book Sovereign, Painting Sovereign… are you all still alive?”

God knew how happy he was when he heard the news that Book Sovereign appeared in Lower Realm. However, he later proved that it was fake.

Pangu Sect, Pangu Sect! It’s a sect. Is it really that important to the three of you?

After saying that, Huo Mingchuan put away the golden pagoda on the ground. Then, he turned around and disappeared.

Outside the realm wall.

A voice suddenly sounded, and it was difficult to hide his extreme shock.

Flee! Flee! Flee! This person isn’t to be trifled with!

It was too terrifying!

This person’s strength had exceeded their imagination. The illusionary figure just now was one of their trump cards. They didn’t expect it to be so easily broken by this person.

Supreme Immortal Sect.

A few guarding disciples were standing there, bored to death.

I heard Elder Yi Mu and the others went to Blue Star. I really don’t know what the elders are thinking. It’s a low-tier world, even if it was upgraded. It didn’t upgrad to a middle-tier world. It’s a world like this. What kind of powerful figures could be inside?

What do you know? The Pangu Sect left a trump card in many worlds. It’s not like you don’t know how powerful this force was back then.

Back then, the five of us joined forces to destroy the Pangu Sect. Naturally, we have to eliminate the root of the problem. If we wait for the Pangu Sect to return to its former glory, we will be the ones being hunted down.

Are you willing to live like those people from the Pangu Sect?

Another disciple who was guarding the mountain asked.

The two disciples shivered when they recalled the scene that they were hunting those people.

Senior brother, do you know why we attacked the Pangu Sect back then?

The junior brother asked curiously.

Upon hearing this, the senior brother looked around and moved closer to his junior brother. He said in a low voice, “I also heard it from my relatives in the inner sect. Back then, the Great Sovereign of Pangu Sect gathered all the powerful warriors in the entire Immortal Domain. At that time, our Supreme Immortal Sect wasn’t the top sect.

We were just a third-rate sect. Our sect only sent out the most powerful Primordial Immortal senior at that time. Who knew that those people never came back after they left? As for those experts from the Pangu Sect, for some unknown reason, they disappeared.

After a few hundred years, our five Celestial Sect suddenly became one of the strongest sects in the Immortal Domain. After that, we joined forces and attacked the encampment of the Pangu Sect, snatching all the resources. It’s precisely because of these resources that the five of us became the overlords of the major powers. “

Junior brother was fascinated by what he heard, and his mouth turned into an ‘O’ shape.

Does the Pangu Sect no longer have any experts? The junior brother asked curiously.

Of course there are, but the real powerful warriors have left.

Why did they leave?

How would I know? However, I heard there are other Immortal Domains in this universe other than our Martial Celestial Realm. I think they are going to conquer the Immortal Domains!

Junior Brother drew a cold breath. It was obviously the first time he heard this news.

Then… what if those experts return?

When the junior brother thought of that scene, he felt a chill run down his spine.

Senior brother smiled, “Impossible. I heard from my cousin that our Martial Celestial Realm is different from the other Immortal Domains. Once someone leaves, they won’t return.”

What? His junior brother widened his eyes and said, “We can only leave the Immortal Domain, but we can’t enter?”

How did that elder know?

The senior brother shrugged, “How would I know? Why don’t you ask that elder?”

The junior brother smiled awkwardly and didn’t speak anymore.


Suddenly, a figure descended from the sky and fell to the ground.

The two of them were shocked. Seeing the person who fell, they immediately panicked, “Elder Yimu!”

The senior brother rolled his eyes and immediately picked up Elder Yi Mu. Then, he gritted his teeth and took out a Tier 5 Spirit Pill and stuffed it into Elder Yi Mu’s mouth.

Elder, elder! Quickly wake up!

The two disciples were somewhat shocked. At this moment, Elder Yimu was truly in a sorry state. Not only was his clothes tattered, there were wounds all over his body, and he had lost an arm somewhere.

The spiritual pill took effect. Elder Yi Mu opened his eyes, and said in a low voice that couldn’t be heard, “Quickly, quickly… inform the Sect Master. That person… is too strong. Then…”

Before he could finish his words, he spurted out a mouthful of blood. His body softly fell into the arms of the disciple. Under his dumbfounded gaze, he turned into powder and drifted away with the wind bit by bit.

Elder! Elder!

The two disciples were frightened!

Elder Yi Mu was a Primordial Immortal Peak Stage expert. They even heard Elder Yi Mu already stepped into the Half-step Great Luo, but such an expert actually died?

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