Chapter 775 775: Gone Forever

The letter mentioned many things that were beyond Gabriel's comprehension. It talked about an entire civilization that was beyond his wildest imaginations.

It was a civilization of beings that were true immortals. They couldn't be killed, no matter what. Even the strongest attack in the world couldn't leave the lightest scratch on their body.

It was so unimaginable that Gabriel even wondered if Ezekiel was joking with him, just for him. This civilization was stronger than even the Ancient Gods that he had read about. However, there was one thing that was different about them.

While the Gods could have an infinite lifespan until they were killed or they intentionally went to Eternal sleep, the beings of this unknown civilization had a lifespan of only two hundred years only.

After one turned two hundred years old, they died. It was a fascinating thing. The beings that were invincible under the age of two hundred couldn't live a single day more than their life spans.

Another thing that Ezekiel mentioned was that the world of these people was filled with miracles. They were technologically advanced, but at the same time, they were strong on their own.

Ezekiel talked about seeing Giant Towers in the new world. Those were towers that seemed to be reaching out to the Sky.

He described how these towers emitted a mesmerizing glow at night, illuminating the entire surroundings, casting a magical atmosphere upon the land.

Ezekiel went into great detail as he talked about this new civilization and the place they lived at. It was as if he wanted Gabriel to know everything about them that he could.

He called this new world, "Elzeria."

What surprised Gabriel even more was the physical characteristics description of Elzerians. According to Ezekiel, they looked completely identical to humans. If an Elzerian stood next to an ordinary human, it would've been impossible to differentiate between them if one didn't know better.

There were only a few differences, and that difference was hidden. It was their eyes.

Elzerians possessed eyes that were a mesmerizing shade of violet, a color so distinct and vibrant that it seemed to hold a universe of mysteries within them. However, their eyes only revealed their violet shade when certain conditions were met.

As for the conditions, even Ezekiel didn't know.

"When I was brought to Elzeria, I didn't know how my life was going to change forever. But it was also because of them, that I had survived. They granted me the ability to have my revenge! They were the reason I was able to possess the strength I have."

"They were also the reason I couldn't be killed by the Gods. Many people wonder why I can't be killed. Some even feel jealous. If only they knew the cost I had to pay for it..."

Gabriel continued to diligently read the letter, carefully turning the pages to the next one once he had finished reading each page.

Ezekiel mentioned that he wasn't truly immortal like the Elzerians. Instead, when it came to him, it was nothing but a false illusion.

"I can become undying for a short period of time, but everytime I do that, I lose a part of my soul that is forever destroyed. Because of this, I survived many attacks, making others think that I'm undying. But the reality is... I'm dying."

Reading Ezekiel's words, Gabriel was stunned. So this was the secret of Ezekiel's immortality? He borrowed life from his future self? Gabriel could only imagine the pain Ezekiel went through every time he sacrificed a part of his soul.

It was a pain worse than death, yet Ezekiel still kept going, thanks to his strong will. His desires for a better world, for a future where no one else would have to suffer like he did.

For a world without gods... Even if he had to be a slave of the Elzerians... Even if he had to sacrifice his life... Even if he had to follow any command, he was willing.

For him, his life held no value other than a stepping stone to his goals.

"Most of my soul is destroyed already. I'm all but an empty shell living on borrowed time, all so I could fulfill my vengeance. And this time, it will be the last. It doesn't matter if I win or lose this war, but this will be my last war..."

"With my death, start a new era... An era where no more Ezekiel's will be created. An era where no more innocents will die."

Gabriel's fists tightened. He could feel the pain that Ezekiel must've gone through. He was always emotionless, never showing how much pain he was in.

Even when he killed the Children of Gods, he was still pretending like he didn't care. But in reality, he only did that because he wanted to end this cycle of hate and anger.

It was just as he said. He didn't want another Ezekiel to appear and start this arc of destruction. For that, he was willing to become the devil that was going to kill even the innocent!nove/lB-In

Ezekiel took all the sins on his shoulders so that the others didn't have to! He carried the weight of his actions and the scars that could be everlasting. Yet, he held his head high, never looking back and focusing on the goal.

No matter how hurt he was, he didn't show it. Even when he taught Gabriel, he still pretended to be fine. Even when Gabriel blamed him, he pretended to be fine. Even when he knew that these were the last few days of his life, he pretended to be fine.

There were no more words on the letter. That was the end. Gabriel remained in a daze, looking at the end of the letter. He could feel that there was more that Ezekiel wanted to write, but he held back.

Ezekiel didn't have any family left. He was all alone in this world, yet he didn't just want to disappear. For the entire world, he was the devil. But he didn't care. However, he cared for Gabriel like family.

He never had a son, but Gabriel was like a son to him. And he was leaving this son forever.