CH 102

Name:His One Love Author:
In the dim light, her face looked like it was covered in a layer of mist.

Her eyes were wet, glistening with glowing water, they had been red for an entire week.

Shen Yi wiped away her tears with his fingertips, said “mmh” and nothing else.

Lu Wanwan looked at him pitifully and sobbed: “Can you call her? Let me talk to her, so that I can feel at ease, otherwise I can’t fall asleep, and the baby can’t rest either.”

Shen Yi did not answer at first.

As Lu Wanwan looked at his face, her heart was shaken. Each time she looked at this beautiful face, her heart would be moved.

She reached out to hold his cheek and dropped a kiss on his lips, sweetly flattering him, “I like you the most.”

The quilt slid down to her waist. Shen Yi slowly and carefully covered her body again with the quilt. He lightly smiled, “No, I won’t.”

Lu Wanwan was stunned.

Shen Yi continued, “Wanwan, you have to understand that your mother won’t be able to take you away even if she comes to know.”

“The only person you can look for now, is me.”

Back then, she used those same words, to trick him and turn his mind upside-down, while she stole the keys, turned her head, and jumped down the building.


Lu Wanwan held back her frustration three times, and now her liver was burning with rage.

At first, she was faking her tears, but now the more she thought about it, the more upset she felt, she cried while saying, “How many times have you locked me up, do you want to count? Why should I be treated like this just because I love you? You might as well just take handcuffs and handcuff me at home, it’s not like you haven’t done it before anyway.”

Lu Wanwan wiped her nose and tears with his sleeve, burped and said everything, once and for all: “Do you want to lock me up again for more than ten years? Shen Yi, are you even human ?!”

“If you force me too much, I’ll jump down the building again, I’ll let you live and die alone in regret of your actions.”

Under the influence of anger, Lu Wanwan wasn’t even aware of what she was talking about.

Shen Yi’s body tensed, the look in his eyes changed and his voice turned low and deep, as he spit out the words: “So you remember ah. ”

He thought he was the only one who remembered.

Those long dreams of the past, it turned out that Lu Wanwan also had them.

No wonder she avoided him like a pest.

Lu Wanwan stopped sobbing and sat on the bed in a daze, looking foolishly at the man in front of her.

Shen Yi’s long fingers caressed her back. His eyes had changed. His aura had turned strong. He recited word after word: “Wanwan, you remember ah.”

Lu Wanwan was unable to react as the familiar tone of voice made her scalp feel numb.

The man hugged her and murmured: “Do you know how I lived my days after your death?”

Lu Wanwan’s body stiffened, she seemed to have seen it, but it also seemed that she couldn’t remember.

There was always a picture in her head, it was the look of Shen Yi, sitting in the hospital, immobile.

Shen Yi seemed to know that she was a little afraid, he carefully kissed her cheek before slowly resuming to say: “I sold the company and I went back to high school to work as a teacher, I did not remarry, and didn’t have any children.”

“I took charge of the worst classes every time. There were always a few kids who had a shadow of you in them, that were just as disobedient and mischievous as you.”

“I personally brought you to be cremated, I personally chose the urn, the graveyard, and the tombstone.”

“Will you be able to get rid of me after you die in the future? You can’t.”

“Wanwan, you can’t.”

Shen Yi lived alone for many years, he was quite pitiful, he was trapped by love and until his death, he didn’t have a good end.

He was lonely, and he did not fit in with the people around him.

He had no wife, no children, and no family either.

He cut off relationships with seemingly everyone he knew before and locked himself away in the memories he had with her.

If Shen Yi later went back to school to work as a teacher, it wasn’t for any noble reason, it was just to look at the familiar campus and the uniforms of the teenage girls in school, because that could make him remember a long time ago, remember his past with Lu Wanwan.

He knew fully well that Lu Wanwan was already dead and that their high school lives had long since passed, for many years already.

But he still pathologically was thinking that Lu Wanwan was still that disobedient high school student of his memories.

If he appeared under the iron fence where she used to often climb to skip classes, it was as if he could see her sneak out.

The words on Lu Wanwan’s tombstone had been carved by Shen Yi’s himself. He often visited her, and when he was in a good mood, he even went over there every day, holding a bouquet of flowers and bringing the things she liked to eat.

The photos sticked to the tombstone looked very beautiful, they were taken when they just got married.

Lu Wanwan’s smile at that time was extremely sweet and beautiful, her pretty eyes looked like crescent moons. That period when they just got married, she was incredibly happy, from the bottom of her heart.