Chapter 3889

While you received Zhaohe, several other pairs also received their bride smoothly.

On the big screen, there was a scene of iron blood romance that was powerful and domineering and belonged to soldiers——

99 of the world's top new tanks are tied with pink lace concentric knots on the barrel. Mr. and Mrs. Xun can sit on the top of the tank. The tank regiment goes all the way south from the endless rose field to Shengjing.

99 hanging hot-air balloons are dotted with lace and roses. ZeJian and his wife float all the way from the military camp and face each other across the air with Xun can and his wife in this dreamy spectacle.

The 99 overhead Chinese fighter plane crossed the sky of the motherland. Wen Chen and his wife pressed a key hand in hand. The tail rendered a touch of color, outlining the words "happy marriage" and stayed in the air for a long time.

99 of the world's top warships galloped past the maritime border line to form a huge heart, and then gathered in the direction of the zegong couple.

99 Weilin cars came from the other direction. Qingxuan and his wife met zegong and his wife. The two took Weilin cars all the way from the sea to the shore, and then drove all the way from the shore to Shengjing.

99 palace carriages only found in fairy tales stopped at the gate of the second palace gate. When you and your wife's car arrived, they immediately changed to carriages, walked around the field for a week, and then entered the state banquet hall.

You and your wife were the first to complete the whole royal wedding.

Ling lie and his wife testify their marriage and admire the couple as their main marriage. Che and his wife hide and watch happily.

The thunderous applause was inspiring. You exchanged rings with Zhaohe under the witness of relatives and friends, and then kissed his bride.

After the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Xun can are in place.

The royal wedding took place one after another.

In front of the people's Square, the welcoming team was like a big military parade, one after another.

The advanced military force, strong national defense and iron blood romance make the Chinese and overseas guests dizzying.

Each pair of them came and went in step by step. The process of each pair seems to be the same, one pair after another, but each pair has different wedding dress shapes, and each pair's face is different and exquisite.

The wedding was all over, several pairs changed their court clothes, followed the steps of their elders and began to toast.

If someone thinks that the grand wedding is almost at this moment, it's a big mistake.

Soon, you will find that the evening sky in Shengjing is full of fireworks. These fireworks are not launched from the ground, but from outer space.

From Shengjing, the Ningyu blessing of "happy marriage" bloomed over the capitals of several neighboring countries.

Then, these blessings spread in all directions along the eastern plate step by step.

But in two hours, these four characters appeared over the capitals of all countries in the world!

No one can reprimand Ning's long arm for exercising jurisdiction or violating airspace.

Because they did not set off fireworks from the territory of various countries.

They use their own powerful space station to launch fireworks accurately with ultra-high technology. These fireworks are not any combustible materials, because in the process of space launch to the earth, friction will inevitably be caused, and any combustible will lead to explosion. They use a new luminous dye with suspended particles and certain cohesion, Only in this way can they stay in the air for a long time and emit gorgeous brilliance.

The hall was lavishly lit.

The guests were all dancing, while admirers stood on the high platform and held Rosie's hand, just as he held Rosie's hand when she was very young.

The father and son looked up at the four big words in the air.

Xinning country is established in Tianling, stronger than jiebu, expanded in linglie and admired by others.

The future Ningguo will eventually dominate Xi and unify Zhen.

Six generations of emperors, the world returns to their hearts.

The royal palace.

You set a boundary for your room.

He and Zhaohe had a happy night, in which the taste was lingering and eroding, and indulged wantonly.

After dawn, Zhaohe rushed into the bathroom.

The speed frightened you. He thought what had happened to her.

After chasing him, he was stunned: "Zhaohe, you..."

After some tiger wolf operation, Zhaohe stared at the things in his hand: "this is the pregnancy test stick I secretly bought. I want to see if he was pregnant after a hard night last night."

You can't cry or laugh: "there must be no, it was just last night..."

Zhaohe doesn't understand. Even the newly planted child can't be measured in a few hours.

When she bought it secretly, the clerk said that she could measure the result within 14 days of pregnancy at the earliest.

She felt that the wedding night was also within 14 days. That must be no problem.

As a result, there was a problem with the clerk's statement and her understanding, which caused such an oolong.

You looked at her expectant eyes. You couldn't bear it. You didn't know how to explain it.

He was deeply moved in his heart. After all, she was so looking forward to inheriting his family.

As soon as you were about to speak, Zhaohe exclaimed: "two bars! Look! Two! Look! Ha ha! I knew that I had worked hard all night. Ha ha ha! God is so kind to me!"

You looked down in shock and looked at the results on the pregnancy test stick.

He was struck by lightning!


It can't have been last night!

That's... That's the time he and Zhaohe were in Qingqiu!

It turned out that Zhaohe had children that time, but they didn't even know!

"What did I do last night? I almost hurt my child!"

You you was afraid and blamed yourself. You hurriedly picked up Princess Zhaohe, put her on the bed with light hands and feet, covered her with a quilt, and flustered that you didn't know how to take care of her.

Zhaohe was so happy that he looked at him standing by the bed at a loss and smiled, "I want to drink wheat milk essence."

"Oh," you hurried to bring it to her: "here, drink carefully. I heated it with my internal power."

Zhaohe took it and felt warm in his heart.

After drinking, she lowered her head, touched her stomach and said gently, "in the future, there will be more people who love Bai Luoyou in this world."

Tears filled your eyes: "Zhaohe..."

It's said that Zhenlong's pregnancy takes a long time. Is it because of this that Zhaohe's still flat?

But at the thought of having their children and their love crystallization here, your heart is trembling.

The news spread quickly.

The whole Lowe family was very happy.

Under the leadership of admiration, they held a grand ceremony of offering sacrifices to heaven to thank heaven and heaven.

Admiring the couple's clean hands to burn incense, just about to kneel down, the breeze lifted them up.

Chul didn't show up.

But his voice swept up in the admiration of the couple: "son-in-law dare not."

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