Chapter 1405 Make an Exception for Her

Chapter 1405  Make an Exception for Her

Mao Qiuyue was unsatisfied with the marital property that her father-in-law gave them. Whenever she complained to Long Hui, he would scold her.

"This is already bigger than your family's property. What more do you want?"

She pouted at him and stomped away. He ignored her and began reviewing the work documents his assistant sent him while he was out on his honeymoon. She looked back at him.

Seeing that he wasn't even trying to coax her, she was indignant.

"You're a jerk, Hui! I'm going home to my parents!"

This time, she stomped away for real.

Long Hui watched her throwing a tantrum like the spoiled brat that she had been all her life. She reminded him of his youngest half-sister. Iris had been similar to Mao Qiuyue—no, she had been worse than this woman he married before she changed for the better.

Resentment for having to marry such a shallow and uninteresting woman like Mao Qiuyue welled up in his heart.

Iris was also at fault, without a doubt. If she hadn't changed from her bratty ways and started posing a real threat to his position as the legitimate successor, he wouldn't have been forced to take such a drastic measure as finding outsiders, the Maos, for assistance.

Because of Iris, he had no choice but to marry Mao Qiuyue, a woman he didn't even like all that much. Now that they were officially married, he even started to feel disgusted by his own wife. [Read official chapters on W e b n o v e l (dot) com. Please stop supporting piracy. Also follow author on Instagram: @arriacross]

All of these negative thoughts were preventing him from concentrating on the documents. So, finally, he sighed and gave up for today.

He took his car keys and headed to the garage. Mao Qiuyue's car was gone. She must have really followed her threat of running to her parents and tattling on him for bullying her.


He would just deal with whatever happened after this. But, for now, he needed some time to relax.

Later, he arrived at a mall. Despite all the ruckus that resulted in him being featured in the news (for all the wrong reasons), nobody recognized him at this place. He wasn't a celebrity like Iris Long after all.

He headed to a children's store. When he came out later, he was carrying several bags. He packed everything in his car and drove straight to a secret apartment that he didn't disclose to Mao Qiuyue.

Whenever he needed a quiet escape, he usually stayed here. It was small, only one bedroom, and it wasn't particularly luxurious compared to his usual standards. But it served the purpose of a safe little haven for him.

The only woman he had ever brought here before was Jiang Ying Yue. He wasn't 100% sure, but there was a high chance that they conceived Little Jun in this very apartment.

Jiang Ying Yue was the only woman that had the privilege of entering his personal haven. All his ex-girlfriends were brought to hotels, and sometimes even to the ancestral home if he could sneak them in without his father's knowledge, but never in this apartment. He didn't even plan on bringing his wife here. Ever.

He carefully arranged all the clothes, toys, books and other stuff that he purchased earlier at the mall for his son. Basically, he just bought whatever the clerks recommended to him.

Mao Qiuyue didn't know about his plan to spend a day with his son soon. He had no plans of telling her. The woman despised Little Jun. There was no way that he would allow her to stop him from having a relationship with his own child.

At the same, he was also looking forward to meeting and speaking with Jiang Ying Yue. But, truth be told, he was surprised that she agreed to his request.

Maybe…just maybe…she still had feelings for him.

His mouth curved into a pleased smile.

If she still had feelings for him, he would make an exception for her. But, at the end of the day, she was still the mother of his firstborn child. This bond had already connected them forever, whether the two of them liked it or not.

It was a shame that his original plan of marrying Jiang Ying Yue failed. But if she was willing, it was possible to continue their relationship again for a third time. He might not be able to marry her anymore as long as there was a Mao Qiuyue in the picture, but he would treat her like a wife and the mother of his son.

As long as she left Iris and Jin Liwei's side and returned to him, he would provide for the rest of their lives. First, of course, she had to swear her loyalty to him.

His fantasy (a.k.a. delusion) put him in a good mood for the rest of the day. He already imagined the moment of bedding Jiang Ying Yue again. Her body was the best. All those beautiful and robust muscles were like a rare and addictive delicacy to him.

He had no idea that this fantasy (a.k.a. delusion) would be shattered when Jiang Ying Yue brought an additional person to their appointed meeting.


The appointed day finally arrived.

Long Hui left his apartment. He didn't return to his marital home. The housekeeper informed him that Mao Qiuyue didn't return either. Both were already having a cold war when they hadn't even been married for that long.

His in-laws called him several times and attempted to help the two of them make up. However, long Hui still needed their help, so he pretended to be humble and accept their suggestions.

He had his assistant buy and send Mao Qiuyue some flowers and chocolates. When those didn't work, expensive bag. When that still didn't work, an expensive necklace.

Unfortunately, Mao Qiuyue still refused to back down.

Long Hui didn't know why she was being so troublesome. What more did she want him to do? Did she want him to buy her the moon as well? Ridiculous!

Only when Long Hui's mother-in-law called him did he know what his wife wanted.

Mao Qiuyue wanted him to coax her to return to their marital home.

How annoying.

He didn't want to bother with her spoiled brat ways anymore, but he couldn't anger his in-laws until he achieved his ambitions. But unfortunately, the balance of power was tilted in the Mao family's favour, not him. So he had to compromise and continue tolerating their spoiled daughter even if it was against his real wishes.

Therefore, he would pretend to coax her…later.

Right now, he had an important meeting to attend.

He drove along a familiar area. Gold Heights Condominium was just one of the high-rise buildings in this area, but it was the most distinct to Long Hui because of all the memories he had of it.

He often went here when things were still wonderful. It was where he rekindled his relationship with Jiang Ying Yue and lived like a happy family with their son. But it was also where their relationship fell apart for the second time.

His expression was blank as he drove past the cursed condo. Finally, he made a turn and soon arrived at an upscale café.

There weren't a lot of customers at this time, but he still requested a semi-private area. There were no rooms, but at least there were some partially partitioned areas on the second floor.

After ordering coffee for himself, he arranged all the presents he bought for Little Jun. Then he fished out his phone and made a call. It was answered by the third ring.

"I'm here. Where are you?"

"We'll be there in five minutes," Jiang Ying Yue replied.

He sighed in relief. "Alright, then. See you."

The call ended.

He was in a good mood.

In his mind, Jiang Ying Yue already agreed to become his lover again. Perhaps when he successfully achieved his ambition of becoming the next head of Long Industries and the clan, he could divorce Mao Qiuyue and cut ties with the Mao family. He would no longer need to submit to their demands when he finally had the power to defy them.

Once he was free, he could marry Jiang Ying Yue once and for all after waiting for so long. He would be able to give her the proper status befitting of the mother of his firstborn child. Then they could finally live together as a truly happy family for the rest of their lives.

He was still in the middle of his fantasies (a.k.a. delusions) when Jiang Ying Yue arrived carrying their son. Long Hui saw them and grinned. He stood up and was about to welcome them when he stopped in his tracks. His expression turned ugly.

"What the hell are you doing here?!"

Lin Yehan replied in a calm tone, "Ying Yue asked me to come with her."

The intimate way Lin Yehan said her name was like a slap to Long Hui. He stared at the man and the woman as if seeing them for the first time.

"Excuse me, dear guests, but are you not going to sit down yet?"

The waiter's question interrupted the tense atmosphere.

Long Hui was too upset to react, so it was Lin Yehan replied with his usual gentleness. Jiang Ying Yue followed him to the table, leaving Long Hui standing there like an idiot.

"Sir, are you okay?" the waiter asked Long Hui.

It took a few seconds for Long Hui to snap out of it. "I'm fine!"

The waiter was startled at the man's sharp tone. The man had been nice when he served him the coffee just a few minutes ago. Why was he now so rude now? Was he on his period? Nah, maybe he was just an asshole.