Chapter 583 Kidnap

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Chapter 583 Kidnap

Alvin had to restrain himself from tossing everyone out of the country when Anya got busy with each one but him. Maybe in the villa they were lodging or when they went shopping or sightseeing, he barely got time with Anya. He was grumpy despite spending the whole past month with her.

He took her, more like stole her from the dining table, and went to a drive-in movie that she had never been to. They made out in the car just like every other couple out there instead of focusing on the movie.

When the movie ended and cars began to drive away, Alvin probed her in a deep low voice, "Let's go and try on our wedding outfits."

Anya, who was struggling to wrap her mind around the foreign movie they were supposed to watch, froze for a moment before she grasped his words.

Her eyes brightened and a lovely smile instinctively bloomed on her face. They were in a dreamy city that was covered in snow with a breathtaking blue sea shore around.

"Really!?" Although there was a hint of uncertainty in her tone, she didn't have any doubt about what she heard.

The city where snow, sea, and sand converge. She felt her imagination fall short when she tried to visualize their wedding there.

Nodding her head like a hen pecking grain, she almost bounced on her seat, "Drive, drive, drive..." She yammered in excitement.

Alvin grabbed her face to steal another kiss. Before their marriage, she was telling him he might get bored of her, well, he was obsessed with her.

He drove to the beach villa that was surrounded by darkness except for the living hall. He walked in poise when Anya sprinted towards the rack of wedding gowns.

Anya came to an abrupt halt when her eyes fell on Rob who was sitting elegantly and working on his laptop at the dining table.

Rob gave a subtle nod at her as a greeting and he glanced at Alvin. Then he disappeared into one of the guest rooms in absolute silence.

Sitting on an armchair, Alvin watched Anya go from simple wedding gowns to lavish gowns. Honestly, he knew nothing about the brands, labels, or designers of bridal gowns.

Ean received a list of luxury brands and designers from his family company executives, he shortlisted and Alvin chose fifteen dresses.

Anya liked minimal design and pattern for her regular or workwear. Nevertheless, she wished for a dreamy wedding. Her taste in her wedding gown might be different. So the gown collection had classy unembellished gowns to elegant laces and lavish sparkling sequin gowns.

After about ten minutes of deep consideration, Anya finally pulled a wedding gown and placed it aside. Then she looked through the tuxedos, while occasionally glancing at him.

She took more than twenty minutes to check every detail and pulled a tux out. She displayed the tux and propped her eyebrows at Alvin.

Alvin didn't bother checking any of the tux. He had just taken the tux to his hand, and Anya taught him, "You should lend me your blazer, or I will feel cold." It sounded like a plea, at the same time warning him to be a chivalrous gentleman.

Alvin: "..."

He glanced at her gown. She neither chose heavily intricate designs, nor plain gowns. An artistically, minimal designed gown but the arms and shoulders were see-through, more like nonexistent.

He saw her smug smile when their eyes met. He mused, "Little Donut, did you choose a tux for me or yourself."

Anya playfully shrugged her shoulders and twirled to hide her grin. She mischievously added, "Of course, for me."

Alvin: "..."


In one of the rooms, Anya brushed her fingers over the intricate design of the gown that hugged her frame so perfectly. It was neither tight nor loose in any corner. She had thought it was just a trial but the gowns were made for her.

Gliding her fingers through the curves of her hips, her hand slipped at the side and found pockets on both sides. A smile bloomed on her face, amused that the wedding gown had pockets.

Her fingers caught a tiny piece of paper in one of the pockets. Pulling it out, Anya furrowed as soon as she decoded the Braille code of Arcane - The secret organization.

The first time in the president's mansion could be a coincidence or a misunderstanding. The second time!?? The organization was following her. But why?

She had purposefully dropped her guard down and enjoyed being with her husband to look like and be a spoiled rich wife of Alvin.

She grimaced at the thought of Arcane fooling Team Ace. The three Team Ace members were following them closely for a month in case the criminal organization or Arcane was following her. But they found no lead hence they returned to Narnia.

Anya ran out of the room to check if the other wedding gowns had the same note. Her steps were seized when her eyes fell on Alvin who unfolded his tall frame from the sofa after wearing his dress shoes.

She wanted to enjoy every moment of their wedding, so she took the note very lightly as Arcane didn't take action last time. Thus Arcane fled out of her mind looking at her handsome husband who was suave donning a black tux.

When she blinked in a daze, Alvin's eyes traced every inch of her lissom figure. His wife looked hypnotizing in white. The minimal intricate design on her gown looked like snowflakes exquisitely arranged.

Anya exclaimed when she reached him, "You looking... I don't have words... Stupendous!!!"

He wasn't new to compliments on his looks but the same compliments by his wife do wonders.

Putting on the heels for his bride, he scooped her into his arms and climbed the steps, "My bride needs beauty sleep." He deadpanned.

A silly smile appeared on her face, "Only sleep." But his gaze and actions didn't seem to let her sleep.

Alvin carelessly threw his words, "After the wedding night."

She was flabbergasted, "Tomorrow is the wedding." And the wedding night was supposed to be after the wedding.

"Today." It was half past one in the night.

Anya: "..."

To avoid him ripping her wedding gown off, she let him undress her and he took his sweet time to seduce her before the dress even came off.


On the wedding day,

The day began with breakfast at the bed, and some more romance before the couple got ready in their wedding outfits and Anya got a little help with her makeup and hairdo.

While descending the stairs, holding her husband's arm, Anya's smile bloomed widely on her face seeing Zane stand in the middle of the living hall, wearing a tailor-made tux, a replica of Alvin's tux.

Zane stood so in poise that one could forget he was a kid. Yet, his eyes sparkled like a sea of stars watching his parents alight the steps.

"My baby is a stunner," Anya exclaimed, kneeling in front of her son.

Cupping her face, Zane complimented his mother, "My momma is a goddess." He stole a peck from her lips.

Standing a step back, he offered his hand to Alvin and informed Anya, "Momma, Grandpa will walk you down the aisle. I will bring Dad to the altar."

Anya glanced at the big hand holding the tiny ones without protest. So it was the plan. She nodded in acknowledgment to her son, "Alright."

She watched the two walk towards the door and bumped their fists before they disappeared from her sight.

She was pondering when a man in an attendant uniform entered from the side door that connected to the swimming pool. "Mrs. Matthews, this way for your solo photoshoot." With his eyes on the ground, he respectfully pointed his hand towards the lawn.

Anya nodded in silent agreement and walked towards the lawn. She had just stepped out, her body instinctively reacted to the attendant who sneaked up on her.

She knocked off the man with a punch on his neck. Her reflexes effortlessly pulled her hair bun stick from her hair knot and ruthlessly thrust it into another man in the neck when he attacked her.

Before she could grab onto the situation more clearly, a rope spun around her left leg but missed the right. Another rope wrapped her body missing both hands.

When she noticed another rope in the air, she caught it and pulled it hard. Without blinking an eye, she tugged the man closer and pierced the bun stick right in his eye.

She had just pulled a hair bun stick out of the man's eye, a dart pierced her in the back and sharp pain began coursing through her nerves to the tips of her toes and numbing pain to the top of her head.

Her body began paralyzing in no second. She was only able to turn around. A good-looking stranger snickered, meeting her eyes, and rested his tranquilizer gun on his shoulder as he watched her.

She fell on the ground, her vision slowly went dark catching the glimpse of other two men coming out and standing before her.

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