"You come with me."

"No, mom and Dad..."

Mu Yiyan had a headache: "don't worry about your parents, just leave them alone!"

"But they'll be worried if they don't see you when they come to pick you up from the hospital!"

"Do you think a smart man like dad will get angry because of such a small thing?"

It seems reasonable

Before mu nianan nodded, Mu Yiyan had taken her hand, grabbed her suit coat, and walked out quickly.

So they left the hospital.

Mu Yiyan opened the front passenger's door and said, "get on!"

Mu nianan hesitated for a second, only for a second, and sat on it.

The car drove away from the hospital.

Within two minutes, a black Bentley came and stopped at the position of the car that had just admired Yiyan.

Mu chiyao and Yan Anxi got out of the car.

Then, Li Yanjin, early summer, summer, Li Haoxi, Shen Beicheng muyao and so on

It's all here.

Everyone held flowers in their hands to welcome Mu Yiyan out of the hospital.

The party is mighty and eye-catching.

After all, everyone is handsome and beautiful. Even at the uncle level of Mu chiyao, they are still as good as before.

The older, the more charming!

But when they opened the door of the ward and walked in


On the hospital bed, there are also thrown down patient clothes.

But... People, have disappeared!

Mu Yao: "what's going on? Big change?"

Early summer: "is it because this child doesn't like this way? Run first?"

Summer: "he doesn't like it. Nianan won't run. She's so good!"

Yan Anxi: "what the hell are these two people doing..."

Only mu chiyao calmly took out his mobile phone and dialed Mu Yiyan.

As expected, I didn't answer.

Very good.

Mu chiyao dialed mu nianan again.

It rang for a long time, and when the bell was about to end, it was connected: "Hello, Dad..."

"Where is it?" Mu chiyao asked succinctly.

Mu nianan looked at the man driving beside him, then looked at the flat road in front of him, and honestly replied, "I don't know where I am."

"Are you with Yiyan?"

"Well, he's driving."

Mu chiyao didn't ask, "OK, I know."

Just when mu nianan was nervous, the phone hung up.

Huh? Hang up?

Dad just hung up?

Mu chiyao looked at the crowd and said, "OK, go home."


"The one who left the hospital didn't want to see us."


Mu nianan looked at the mobile phone screen and was a little confused.

Mu Yiyan had an expected expression: "my father... Is a very senior old fox."

"But what does he know? I don't know anything!"

Mu Yiyan just smiled, took a hand out of the steering wheel, held it tightly, and kissed it on his lips.

"You will know when you arrive."

The car made seven turns and finally stopped in the alley in front of the church.

Mu nianan never knew that there was such a clean and beautiful place!

"You brought me... To church?"


The church is a place to pray and witness countless love.

Swear in front of the priest, for life, one for two.

Mu Yiyan held her hand tightly and never let go.

It will not loosen.

Entering the church, the solemn environment makes people unconsciously feel solemn!

In the middle of the church, a white haired priest turned around and nodded at Mu Yiyan.

"Hello, Mr. mu."

"Hello, father."

The priest looked at mu nianan, smiled and asked, "is this your lover?"

"Yes." Mu Yiyan answered, "I brought her to witness our love before God."


Mu nianan was a little nervous, and her voice was tight.

She never thought that Mu Yiyan would leave everyone and bring her to church on the day of discharge, giving her a perfect sense of ceremony.

Only the two of them and the priest.

No one else.

It was quiet and solemn around, and a straight beam of light came in from the gate and fell on the two people.

The priest looked at them with a smile.

"You have chosen God to witness your love. I am also honored to be your witness."

Mu Yiyan also smiled slightly.

Mu nianan's eyes did not blink.

The God husband said, "now, please exchange rings as wedding tokens."

Mu nianan was stunned.


This... Came in such a hurry, she was not ready.

Where can I find the ring?

At this time, Mu Yiyan took out a brocade box from his pocket.

The box opens and two golden vegetarian rings appear in front of you.

"This is the ring I... Prepared." Mu Yiyan recalled, "today is finally in use."

Mu nianan was surprised, "when did you buy it? Why don't I know?"

These days, she and Mu Yiyan are almost inseparable.

It must take a long time to prepare for such an important thing as buying a ring, as well as the size of your fingers

Mu Yiyan changed a ring under her eyes?

So magical?

"I bought it a long time ago." Mu Yiyan replied, "at that time, you didn't know I liked you."

It turned out that this was a premeditated plot of Mu Yiyan!

"I never thought that this pair of rings would have a chance to appear in my vision again."

At that time, when Mu Yiyan bought, it was just a whim.

Even if you spend money on a thought.

But now, it is really useful.

Mu Yiyan handed the male ring to her. He left the female ring and pinched it in his fingertips.

The small circle carries the deepest affection.

Mu Yiyan knows mu nianan.

She doesn't like jewelry, let alone wearing gold and silver, so such a plain ring is her heart.

In this life, how rare and precious it is to meet a person who understands himself! The priest said, "the ring is gold, which means that you should give your most precious love, like the most precious gift, to each other; wear it with you, which means that your love is also with each other everywhere; gold will never rust and fade.",

On behalf of your love lasting forever; The ring is round, which means there is no reservation, no beginning and no end, and it will never break. "

Mu Yiyan gently put the ring on her ring finger.

Similarly, mu nianan also wears the ring on his ring finger.

"Mu Yiyan, please follow me sentence by sentence and say: This is the wedding token I give you. I want to marry you, love you and protect you. Whether you are rich or poor, whether the environment is good or bad, whether you are sick or healthy, I am your loyal husband."

Mu Yiyan, word by word, so clear, so hard. Priest: "Mu nianan, please follow me sentence by sentence and say: This is the wedding token I gave you. I want to marry you, love you and protect you. Whether you are rich or poor, whether the environment is good or bad, whether you are sick or healthy, I am loyal to you

Wife. "

Mu nianan is also serious and focused.

Priest: "please follow me together and say: where you go, I will go; where you stay, I will stay; your country is my country, and your God is my God."

The sound of two people reading together spreads far and far

The priest looked at the couple lovingly: "according to the authority given to me by the Holy Bible, I declare you a couple. God cooperates, and people cannot be separated."

Mu Yiyan turned around and looked at mu nianan.

Four eyes are opposite.

He reached out and hugged her.

She also stretched out her hand and jumped into his arms actively.

Hug tightly.

Mu nianan wants such a wedding.

Simple, sacred, solemn.

Mu Yiyan's eyes slowly flashed, "nian'an, I finally married you."

This is his lifelong wish.


"I finally married you." Mu nianan replied, "how lucky."

"Mu nianan, congratulations on your marriage today." "Mu Yiyan, congratulations on your marriage today!"