Chapter 155 - 155 Afraid That You'll Be Snatched Away

155 Afraid That You’ll Be Snatched Away

Surrounded by red light, a pavilion stood.

The vines of the flowers wrapped around the pillars of the pavilion. The top was transparent, and the stars in the sky were clearly visible.

[There’s such a beautiful place on the island???]

[I’ve traveled here before, but I’ve never seen this place!]

[Isn’t it obvious? Third Young Master must have prepared it!!]

[Ah!!! Is Third Young Master so romantic???]

[It’s really beautiful. When did he make it? As expected, I like tall, rich, and handsome men the most!]

[There’s nothing money can’t do. If there is, just spend more.]

“Do you like it?” Chu Jinchen looked at her, his eyes filled with anticipation.

After returning in the afternoon, he got someone to set up this scene.

It was so that tonight’s date could leave a deep impression on her.

Strictly speaking, this was their first official date.

“Not bad.” The corners of Shi Ran’s lips curled up.

She blinked and looked at Chu Jinchen. “What did you mean by waiting for you to settle everything?”

Chu Jinchen’s eyes moved.

After a while, he chuckled softly.

Looking at the sea of flowers in front of him, he said slowly, “I’ve never hidden my feelings.”

Shi Ran’s long eyelashes fluttered.

Chu Jinchen stared at her, his thin lips slightly parted. “I originally thought that you’re slow on emotions so If I’m too direct, I’ll scare you away. Hence, everything must be done slowly.

But as you shined on the show and your life became more and more popular, I, who was originally confident of winning, became anxious.”

“Anxious?” Shi Ran lowered her head and slowly moved towards the middle of the sea of flowers.

Chu Jinchen walked side by side with her.

The drone also approached at this moment.

Everyone could hear Chu Jinchen’s gentle voice. “Yes, I was anxious. I was afraid that you would fall for someone else. Perhaps it’s because of the family environment, I’ve always been quite confident in myself.

But I can’t find that confidence when I’m facing you. I’ll be anxious, panicky, and afraid.

So today, despite my panic, I still decided to say this.

But you don’t have to feel burdened. I won’t confess to you now. After this episode is over, I’ll take care of everything at home. Only then will I have the right to stand in front of you and say those words to you.”

Shi Ran stopped in her tracks.

She originally thought that tonight was just an ordinary date.

Unexpectedly, Chu Jinchen said this to her.

After a long time, she asked, “Then why are you telling me this now?”

Chu Jinchen raised his eyebrows. “Do you want me to tell the truth?”

“What do you think?”

Chu Jinchen’s black eyes were serious as he said word by word, “I’m afraid you’ll be snatched away.”

[F*ck!!!!! What’s going on???]

[If this doesn’t count as a confession, what counts??]

[Third Young Master was just short of saying let’s be together!!!]

[Ah!!! Is this really something I can watch??? He actually confessed.]

[Shout with me, agree with him!! Agree with him! Be together! Be together!!]

[I never expected there to be such a segment tonight!!]

In the end, Chu Jinchen and Shi Ran tacitly did not continue this topic.

They drank tea in the small pavilion as the evening breeze brushed across them.

It was comfortable and enjoyable.

At the same time, in the seaside villa.

The originally scheduled gathering was canceled because of the absence of Chu Jinchen, Shi Ran, and Wen Yufei.

Shi Wenfei stayed in her room. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

She originally thought that she could completely overthrow Shi Ran this time, but she did not expect to receive a blow from her instead.

Now that her reputation had been severely damaged, the company was working hard to repair it.

It was also for this reason that Zhou Yufan had already rushed back to the company overnight.

Shi Wenfei gritted her teeth.

She had lost this time, but she would definitely not let Shi Ran off so easily next time!

She had to make Shi Ran’s life a living hell!!!

At this moment, Shi Wenfei’s phone on the bed buzzed.

—It was her manager, Sister Chen.

Shi Wenfei glanced at the camera and went to the washroom.

She answered the call.

“Feifei, bad news. I don’t know who released the hotel’s surveillance footage online, but you and CEO Zhou are on the trending searches.”

“What?!” Shi Wenfei’s voice was sharp and almost broke.

She immediately opened the trending topic.

As expected, the popularity of that post had already topped the list and even overshadowed the Shi family matter.

She wanted to cover up the matter of the Shi family framing Shi Ran for embezzling shares, but she never thought that her scandal would be used to cover it up!

Shi Wenfei hurriedly opened the trending topic. When she saw the video, the blood on her face immediately drained.

She was too familiar with this video!

It was an anonymous video sent by the person who called himself “Ray” previously.

Shi Wenfei’s hand was trembling as she held her phone. She did not even dare to open the comments section.

At this moment, the comments section had completely exploded because of this video.

[This is a surveillance video, right? There’s still the date stamp in the lower left corner. More than half a year ago???]

[At that time, Shi Ran was still engaged to Zhou Yufan, right??]

[Didn’t Zhou Yufan and Shi Wenfei always say that the two of them are innocent? They just appeared on the show and even looked like they’re not familiar with each other.]

[Case solved. These two came on the variety show to promote themselves. When they become popular, their relationship will naturally be publicized.]

[Damn it, cheating man and mistress, scumbag and slut. I’m speechless.]

[Looks like the previous revelation was real. These two have long gotten together.]

[Such a delinquent artiste should be banned, okay?!]

Shi Wenfei was scolded ruthlessly by the netizens and even her private inbox on Weibo was flooded.

“Sister Chen, what’s going on?! Who did this?” Shi Wenfei’s voice was trembling.

“CEO Zhou is still investigating the person behind the scenes. At the moment, he has already asked the person-in-charge of the hotel. This surveillance footage was not circulated by them.”

“Shi Ran! It must be her of course!” Shi Wenfei was suddenly agitated.

“Other than her, there won’t be anyone else. At that time, someone used this video to threaten us with eight million yuan. That amount was the same as Shi Ran’s termination fee. It must be her! She’s taking revenge on us!”

Sister Chen said weakly, “Whether it’s her or not, the most important thing now is to eliminate the negative effects. Come back tomorrow first. You can’t stay on this show anymore. I’ll make a public statement.”

After hanging up, Shi Wenfei sat on the ground dejectedly.

She was in a daze.

In the end, she gritted her teeth and said word by word, “Shi! Ran!”

The next day.

Everyone knew about Shi Wenfei’s incident last night. She and Zhou Yufan had left the production team overnight.

Everyone gathered in the living room.

Director Wang announced, “We lost three guests today.”

Everyone was puzzled.

Three guests?

Wasn’t Shi Wenfei and Zhou Yufan a total of two people?

It was also at this moment that everyone realized that they were still missing a person.

“That’s right. Other than Shi Wenfei and Zhou Yufan, Yufei’s team communicated with the production team last night. For special reasons, she also withdrew from ‘Love Warning’.”

[Three people are gone all of a sudden???]

[I can understand Shi Wenfei and Zhou Yufan. Why did Feifei quit too??]

[Do you not want to see Master Ran and Third Young Master flaunt their love?]

[Shi Wenfei and Zhou Yufan have finally left.]

[After seeing the trending topic last night, my heart ached for Master Ran.]

“Yufei said that although she only stayed for a day, she was still very happy and left a letter for everyone.”