Chapter 373 I will

Name:Hellbound Heart Author:KazzenlX
Chapter 373 I will

Zeke paused briefly before continuing. "I kept a watchful eye on him, but I eventually stopped prying too much into his affairs, hoping that if I act like I started to fully trust him, he would eventually drop his guard down and get closer instead of distancing himself. Also, despite everything, I couldn't shake the feeling that Elijah was silently pleading with me to leave him be. In the end, I chose to put some trust on him because I know that there was always a reason for someone's behavior. I also held onto the hope that, with time, the truth would surface—perhaps when Elijah was ready, or when he'd finally come to me and open up or seek help. But that moment never arrived, at least not until I left."

Silence reigned for several moments.

"After seeing Kyle yesterday night," Zeke continued, his gaze hardening, "everything finally fell into place. Elijah has been possessed for a considerable length of time, I suspect, perhaps since the day I first encountered him. And since then that witch had been residing within him." "Was it the witch we thought had been backing him?" Sebastian asked.

"Yes, and this witch happens to be none other than his own mother as well." Sebastian's brow furrowed in confusion. "But Elijah is not a half-blood; he's clearly a pure-blood vampire." Zeke clarified, "That's because the woman who conceived and gave birth to Elijah was a vampire in the flesh. She definitely used a forbidden spell for her to put her soul in the vampire maids body and kept it alive. This witch had already taken control of the vampire woman's body before Elijah was even conceived. When Elijah reached a certain age, or perhaps once the vampire woman's body died, she shifted her possession to Elijah– either by force or willingly. The presence of this entity within him remained completely concealed, likely due to the fact that Elijah either suppressed or imprisoned the witch, preventing her from emerging. Alternatively, it's possible that the witch forced Elijah to keep her hidden to avoid detection."

Zeke ran his fingers through his hair as he sighed. A smile, faint but understanding, graced his lips before he shook his head. "That little brat... I always sensed that he truly didn't want anyone's help, but I never imagined he genuinely had no desire to be saved either."

After concluding his discussions with the kingdom's most influential figures, Zeke made his way to the location where Elijah's coffin rested. He stood there silently, a stoic figure in front of the final resting place of the prince, lost in his thoughts for an extended period of time.

As the moment to depart approached, Zeke paused as he walked past Lucas who was standing by the door.

The loyal man voiced his thoughts with a sigh. "I hope you won't take another eternity this time, Your Highness." "I hope so too."

When Lucas let out another sigh, Zeke offered a reassuring gesture by squeezing the man's shoulder. "I'm relying on you, Lucas. And do keep an eye on my son from time to time."

Lucas smirked and replied confidently, "You need not ask, Your Highness. I'd gladly lay down my life for him if the situation demanded." "Don't be absurd. A dead man can't protect anyone." "Fair point. I'll keep that in mind. Now, please, go. Your time is running out, isn't it?" "Then... until later, Lucas," Zeke said as he continued on his way. "Come back alive, Your Highness." Lucas uttered without turning to face him.

"I will."