Chapter 206 206-Dweller Node.

Name:Heavenly Opposers Author:Chaosking

Chapter 206 Chapter 206-Dweller Node.

"Cough, now why don't we all calm down?" novelbin

Nayan spoke, diffusing whatever bullshit atmosphere that was forming within the room, bringing the main focus back. Adria still floating above Valencia, she not even aware of the future that Azrail has set for her, even more, so that her own discipline is already planning on selling her off to her own lover!

'Life truly is bizarre.....'

Azrail mused as he spoke to Nayan.

"We already have set the little things we need for now, we will move towards the bigger details later."

Everyone nodded their heads at these words, seeing so Azrail spoke.

"Give me the highest-grade Dweller you have."

These words made Nayan smile as he tossed the already prepared two dwellers to Azrail's hands. They were in the shapes of small orbs, the two of them twinkling with different lights as they seemed to shine forth with certain energy surrounding the two.

"The latest in circulation, a top-tier model with all access control, elemental fusion, and even Celestial resonance," Nayan spoke in a calm tone. Azrail nodded his head, and without any hesitation, he gave one to his sister Xuanyin, who held the little orb in her hand. A little bit of wonder passed through her eyes as she kept looking at the orb. Thanks to Adria's 'teachings,' Xuanyin has an exact idea of what it is and how it works. Thus, even for the cold-minded her, she couldn't help but feel some excitement pass through her body.

The small orb in her hand is the access point to all the things across the cosmos, an easy way to see everything that exists far and wide. The current Xuanytin is no longer the small frog trapped in the bottom of the well, she clearly understands the opportunity around her and she clearly knows her worth too.

"You know how to connect, right?" Azrail asked, to which Xuanyin nodded her head.

"Good, then connect and come back," these words prompted Xuanytin to place the dweller within her palm. She placed it correctly within her line of sight, her eyes being fully visible to the orb. As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, a shining light flashed from within the dweller, seemingly scanning deep into Xuanyin's soul and marking her unique soul signature. Thus, none other than her will be able to use her dweller anymore.

And just as the scanning finished, the light vanished from Xuanyin's eyes as her body started to fall, the orb disintegrating and flowing into Xuanyin's eyes, seemingly fixing itself into Xuanyin's soul, and as Xuanyin fell Azrail caught her. With a smile, he saw the closed eyes of Xuanyin, and from his experiences, she would appear in a fully white room with nothing to do there. As the first entry, she will have the choice of moving to a location free of charge, but then again, all she will be able to do is wander around without any credits or ideas.

Thus, within a minute later, Xuanyin's eyes started to flutter open, a sense of unfamiliarity first flashing through those beautiful blue eyes of hers which soon regained its sense back. She still lightly leaned against Xuanyin as Azrail asked.

"How was it?"

Xuanyin: "...."

Azrail spoke, his words bringing his mother out of her work as she smiled.

"Well, a certain someone had to come in with a big bang, thus giving this poor old woman some extra work."

She spoke, to which Azrail replied.

"Guilt as charged."

With that, Azrail went forth to place the dweller within the table. Yun's eyes widened a bit at it but she easily understood what was in front of her. Thus, without any words, she took the orb from the table. It was held to her eyesight, and just like Xuanyin, she quickly lost her focus, lying a bit limp on the table. Within a minute later, she was back, a frown filling Yun's face as she popped herself on the table.

" that wasn't pleasant."

She spoke with a frown, her hands rubbing her forehead a bit as she leaned herself into the chair she sat in. Seeing this, Azrail smiled.

"You will get used to it."

He spoke, to which Yun replied.

"Yeah, the first time is always the worst."

With that, a few seconds later, she was all fine, her eyes focusing on Azrail as she forwarded an invitation to him. He took it up and read it, his eyes narrowing at all the information at play.

"Tsk.....the imperial family did surely act fast."

He spoke, to which Yun replied.

"They indeed did, the ball will be called upon in a week, and they are making it such that it would be a jolly one fully engulfing the Empire."

Azrail didn't respond to it immediately, his eyes moved toward Raena back in disguise, who seemed to have now focused on the conversation. Their eyes met each other, a spark flying as Raena spoke.

"I can accept the idea, it's worth the shot, and I would love to give that bastard some trouble."

Azrail smiled at her words, his eyes going forth to meet his mother's, the same sly light flashing in their eyes, along with a greed-filled smile on them. On the other side left the crazed chuckles of Raena, and perhaps the only one not playing anything devious being Xuanyin, who just stuck to Azrail and is more than happy with that.

However in another way, perhaps Xuanyin might be the most dangerous one in the room itself.