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Name:Hardcore Chef Dad Author:Pangmo
In April, Qingming has passed, but Gu Yu has yet to arrive.

The warm breeze has blown in Huaicheng, making visitors to Huaicheng feel a little bit drunk when traveling with the warm breeze.

Nowadays, visitors to Huaicheng have a clear goal, that is, they must have a taste. The three restaurants that have received global recommendations, especially at midday, must go to Su Ji to eat a bowl of noodles.

Whether you are from the world or from overseas, when you step into Su Ji, you will definitely be able to find the taste you like.

Because of this, every diner who has tasted Su Kee will sigh.

Su Ji seemed to have a clear sense of their taste, knowing their preferences, and always able to give the taste that best suits their own tastes.

After the release of recommended restaurants around the world, many foreigners came here admiringly and found that they could also taste their favorite flavor in Su Kee.

Even some of the flavors presented by Su Ji completely subvert the stereotypes of foreigners about Chinese food.

In this way, in this warm breeze season, there will naturally be a large number of people here.

Only today, although Su Ji is open as usual, there is no head chef in the back kitchen.

When the guests were a little confused and asked the waiter, the answer was: "There is something in the chef's house today."

At this moment, Feng Yifan, who is concerned about where the person is, is actually waiting anxiously outside the delivery room of the Huaicheng Maternal and Child Health Hospital.

In addition to Feng Yifan, Su Jinrong, Feng Jiandong, Lu Cuiling, Chen Wei, Su Lanxin, and even Shi Jinbin and Zhuang Daozhong, as well as Feng Yifan’s three grandfathers, were all outside the delivery room or in the garden outside the hospital, all waiting anxiously for the delivery room. In the news.

Gradually, Feng Yifan began to feel a little irritable, and stood up and walked back and forth in the corridor.

His hands, which could always hold the knife steadily, seemed to have nowhere to rest at this moment, rubbing his hands alternately, and they were still shaking slightly.

Seeing her son walking back and forth, Lu Cuiling finally couldn't help but said, "Can you sit down and be quiet for a while?"

Feng Yifan stopped when he heard the words, but he still stood there and didn't mean to go and sit down.

Feng Jiandong said: "Didn't you have already witnessed Ruoruo's birth? Don't you need to be so nervous? Why do you feel like you are more nervous than being a father for the first time?"

Feng Yifan said helplessly: "This time is different, this time, this time, this time there are two."

Lu Cuiling said: "Don't worry, the doctor said, the condition is very good now? I believe it will be out soon."

Feng Yifan nodded first, and then suddenly said, "Ah, yes, should I prepare those things? Should I get them?"

Seeing Feng Yifan never relaxed, Su Lanxin pulled him back and said: "Yifan, don't be nervous, don't rush to get those things. After they come out, we can get them to the ward again. You sit down and relax. Some, everyone will get nervous with you like this."

Feng Yifan replied: "Oh, okay, okay, I know."

He said that he knew, but Feng Yifan still stood there and didn't mean to sit down.

At this time, Feng Yifan's heart was really very nervous, and he was very worried about his wife inside.

And he always has a sense of trance, because he thinks that his two children originally seemed to be different, but now there are two more children, he doesn't know if this is true or not?

If it is true, then are those memories of his previous life true of himself in another life?

If it is not true, will anything bad happen after the child is born?

Feng Yifan once thought that he had forgotten about rebirth and many, many things.

But now that the child is about to be born, he is starting to think again, and he is caught in an unreasonable panic. He is really very anxious in his heart. I don't know what the result will be. He once again developed fear in his heart, and fear would be a result that he could not bear.

As time passed, Feng Yifan felt that every second seemed very long.

It is a kind of suffering like years.

Later, Feng Yifan even felt that time was like a heavy object that was constantly pressing down. Every second that passed would make him feel pressure doubled, and he even began to feel that breathing began to be difficult.

Vaguely, Feng Yifan seemed to hear the noise, and flashing lights appeared in front of him, as if he was beginning to hear some people calling to him.

He opened his mouth and tried to breathe, trying to stabilize himself with the breath.

He tried to grasp the guardrail by the wall with his hands, as if he was about to twist the guardrail out of the water while holding it tightly.

But the feeling of oppression is still there, and it keeps strengthening, making it more and more difficult for him to breathe.

Finally, the door of the delivery room opened, and then a nurse ran out.

"Congratulations, a boy and a girl, mother and child are very safe."

Hearing the nurse's words, everyone waiting at the door stood up excitedly.

Feng Yifan, who was already standing by the wall, felt that he was about to breathe. The feeling of oppression disappeared in a moment when he was about to fall. His whole body suddenly seemed to be reborn again, and all the vitality came back again, and he was excited. He turned and rushed to the door of the delivery room.

Aside from his parents and father-in-law, Feng Yifan walked to the nurse and said, "Thank you, thank you."

The nurse said with a smile: "You are welcome, Chef Feng, don't worry, mother and children are very good, and your two children are very healthy."

Feng Yifan really felt a little bit of joy and weeping, nodded and said again: "Thank you."

Not long after, Su Ruoxi was pushed out of the delivery room.

Feng Yifan naturally surrounded them.

Holding his wife's hand tightly, Feng Yifan said with excitement: "I'm sorry, I have worked **** you."

Su Ruoxi looked at her husband with tears in her eyes and smiled and said: "It's not hard, our family has added newbies, and I am happy as a mother at this moment."

Lu Cuiling said quickly: "It's alright, let's go back to the ward first, let Ruoxi take a good rest."

Under Zhongxing Pengyue, Su Ruoxi was sent back to the ward to rest.

Because of the limited space in the ward, and in order not to disturb Su Ruoxi's rest, in the end only Feng Yifan, mother and aunt followed in, while Su Jinrong, Feng Jiandong, and Chen Wei went downstairs to inform the others.

Back in the delivery room, Feng Yifan also hurriedly cleaned up his wife.

Su Ruoxi watched her husband busy back and forth, her face was full of joy and happiness.

Not long after, the nurse came over with the two babies who had already been wrapped.

Then everyone rushed to look closely.

The head nurse who came over said with a smile: "Chef Feng, congratulations, one son and one daughter are born of a dragon and phoenix."

Feng Yifan looked at the two children closely. At this time, the two babies looked almost exactly the same, both of them were so well-behaved.

Then Feng Yifan asked, "Which is the daughter?"

Hearing this question, everyone in the ward immediately laughed.

The head nurse smiled and leaned her child forward and said, "I am a daughter. I heard that Chef Feng is a darling demon. It looks really like it today."

Feng Yifan also smiled, and then asked: "Can I hug you?"

The head nurse nodded and carefully taught Feng Yifan how to hold it.

Feng Yifan was also very careful to hold the little daughter in his arms, and looked at the little daughter with joy in his heart.

Then he hugged his son, and whispered: "Son, there is no way, we only have our father and two men in our family. From now on, we have to endure a lot of hardships and take good care of our mother, sisters and sisters."

When Feng Yifan was speaking, his son was in the swaddle with his eyes open, and he was rolling his eyes round and round, as if he was full of curiosity about everything around him.

When everyone in the ward heard Feng Yifan's words to his son, they couldn't help but laugh again.

Su Ruoxi said: "Are you trying to make me laugh so much that the thread breaks apart?"

Feng Yifan said quickly: "Sorry wife, then I won't say anything."

After that, the nurse also took the child away first.

Feng Yifan went to his wife again, holding his wife's hand tightly and saying: "My wife, it's really hard for you, I love you."

Su Ruoxi smiled and said, "I know, I love you too, otherwise how could I give you a baby."

Lu Cuiling and Su Lanxin looked at them and both smiled.

After making them crooked for a while, Su Lanxin and Lu Cuiling drove Feng Yifan out, and they both tidied up for Su Ruoxi.

After Feng Yifan went out, he went downstairs to meet his father-in-law, father and others.

When I came downstairs, I found a group of elderly people standing together and arguing.

After Feng Yifan got closer, he realized that he was discussing the child's name.

Seeing Feng Yifan approaching, several elderly people also said quickly: "Yifan, you are here, that's right, we all discussed a few names together, look, do you want to choose two for the child?"

On the other hand, Feng Yifan said with a serious face: "I have figured out the child's name."

Everyone was a little surprised when he said that he was thinking about it.

Lu Xichun asked: "Did you think about it? What do you plan to call it?"

Feng Yifan said: "Boys are called Feng Shixin, and girls are called Feng Shixi."

Before everyone could recollect, Feng Yifan said: "When Ruoruo goes to school, change Ruoruo's name and call it Feng Shiruo."

After listening to Feng Yifan's decision on the child's name, everyone was a little surprised.

Several old people pondered for a while, and Su Jinrong asked: "Does the boy's name with a "poem" in the middle of it seem a bit bad?"

Feng Yifan smiled and said, "Dad, your grandson's name is not a poetic poem, but a knowledge of recognition and recognition. I plan to make that kid call ‘Feng Zhixin’."

After hearing Feng Yifan's words, everyone said again.

Lu Xichun said: "Okay, know the hardships, realize the hardships in life, and experience hardships before you can enjoy the hardships."

Feng Jiandong asked strangely: "Why do you want to change Ruoruo's name?"

Feng Yifan smiled and said, "Because, there are two daughters, so the names of the two daughters should look the same, and one daughter should take one word from her mother's name."

Su Jinrong muttered: "Feng Shiruo, Feng Shixi, um, they are indeed good."

Lu Xi smiled and said, "Hahaha, we discussed it for a long time, but in the end, my father had already thought about it."

Feng Yifan hurriedly said: "This is not what I actually thought, it was what Ruoxi and I thought together."

Su Jinrong said: "Okay, now that you two have a good idea, then just use these three names."

In the ward a few days later, Feng Ruoruo lay on the side of the small bed, looking at her brother and sister. The two little guys seemed to like her sister very much, and would grin at her sister from time to time.

Feng Ruoruo was even more happy, waving her little hand in front of her younger siblings from time to time to tease them.

Feng Yifan also announced the child's name again, and said that he would change the name for Ruoruo.

When Feng Ruoruo heard that she was about to change her name, she immediately turned around and rushed to her father, rushing into her father's arms and asked a little strangely: "Dad, why did Ruoruo want to change his name? Ruoruo didn't want to change it."

Feng Yifan smiled and said to her daughter: "Ruoruo, you are an older sister. Now that you have a younger sister, shouldn’t the older sister have the same name as your younger sister? The younger sister’s name is Feng Shixi, and the younger sister’s Xi is the Xi in her mother’s name. It's like Ruoruo's name is also Ruo in her mother's name.

So, my dad wants to change Ruoruo’s name to Feng Shiruo, so that Ruoruo and her sister’s names can match up. You both use the words in your mother’s name. Then one is Feng Shiruo and the other is Feng Shixi. You Do you think this is good? "

Feng Ruoruo...

No, it should be called Feng Shiruo now.

The child of Feng Shiruo didn't fully understand her father's words, but she was happy to be similar to her sister's name, and there were words in her mother's name in the name, which she thought was very good.

Feng Shiruo nodded and agreed: "Well, then my name is Feng Shiruo."

Feng Yifan smiled and said, "Okay, when Ruoruo goes to school, we will change the name."

Feng Shiruo ran over to talk to Yang Xiaoxi and Chen Yaofei.

"Xixi, Fei Fei, my name is Feng Shiruo from now on."

Yang Xiaoxi asked curiously: "Can't you call you Ruoruo then?"

Chen Yaofei also asked: "Right, can I be called Ruoruo in the future?"

Feng Shiruo didn't quite understand, and turned to look at his parents and others.

Feng Yifan smiled and got up and walked over and said to the three little girls: "Although Ruoruo's name has been changed, Ruoruo is still Ruoruo. Ruoruo her nickname is our nickname for her, just like ' 'Xixi' is the same as'Fei Fei'."

Yang Xiaoxi and Chen Yaofei laughed and said, "Okay, Ruoruo is still Ruoruo."

Feng Shiruo then took Yang Xiaoxi and Chen Yaofei to the bedside of the younger brother and sister together, and whispered to the younger brother and sister that they had changed their names.

Seeing the scene by the bed, the people who came to visit laughed and said, "In the future, these two little ones will be very comfortable. Three sisters will take care of them."

There was also a lot of laughter in the ward, and everyone's face was filled with happy smiles.


Time passed and two more children were added to the family, which also made Feng Yifan, Su Ruoxi and the whole family work hard and happy every day.

When the two children are full moon, it is natural to hold a full moon wine as usual.

This time, under Sun Mingxing's constant request, Feng Yifan and the others also agreed to go to Fujinglou to set up a full moon wine.

Natural Su Ji He Ruo Restaurant also has another day off.

During this period of time, Feng Yifan was often absent from the restaurant, and often had a break, or closed the business early, which also allowed diners to gradually accept this situation.

Under such circumstances, Su Ji He Ruo Restaurant has not lost its reputation, on the contrary, it has become more and more popular.

This may be what Feng Yifan and the others hadn't thought of.

The whole family rushed to the Fujing Building in the morning, and many relatives and friends had already arrived. When they saw Feng Yifan, they all greeted him.

Feng Yifan greeted everyone while leading his family into Fujing Building.

Su Liancheng greeted him and said, "Today is the full moon, shall we take a family portrait first? I specially invited a photographer from Shanghai and the sea, and we will take a picture of the lakeside scene in Fujinglou."

Everyone naturally agreed, and indeed there hasn't been a family portrait for so many years.

When setting up his seat, Feng Yifan not only counted the aunt and uncle’s family, but also Su Liancheng and Mei Ru, and even invited the three grandfathers to come together. In this way, it became a very complete family portrait, almost all of them. Relatives are all together in the same frame.

When the photographer adjusted and shouted "Three Two One", Feng Yifan and the others smiled together.


The flashing light flashed, and Feng Yifan's eyes were white, and then he heard a noise in his ears, and then the whole person was in a trance, and then he felt top-heavy, and then he only felt that he was falling, and he didn't know where he was going to fall. ?

I don't know how long it took to fall, Feng Yifan felt that his body became weak and weak, and even opened his eyelids with all his strength.

But he still tried to open his eyes.

The foreground of his eyes gradually became clear. He was no longer in Fujing Building, and there was no family around him. There was a white ceiling on his head and a white quilt on his body. Looking at everything around him, he was lying in the hospital.

Efforts to raise his arm, looked at his old pair of hands, there was still hanging water on them.

"Well, I'm back after all. It turns out that everything is just a dream."

At this moment, Feng Yifan felt sad, but he couldn't cry. Isn't it all his own fault?

Although everything is so beautiful in the dream, how can it be what you can have?

Thinking of this, the sentimental feeling in my chest was calmed a lot, I only felt that my mouth was a bit dry.

Immediately after that, I felt sad, even if I wanted to drink some water at this time, no one beside the bed could feed myself.

Feng Yifan tried to raise his arm, trying to grab the water glass on the bedside table.

It is a pity that he feels that he has no strength all over, no matter how hard he tries, it seems that his arm cannot be as strong as before.

Finally, after unremitting efforts, Feng Yifan raised his hand and touched the edge of the cup.

When Feng Yifan was about to grab the water glass, the door of the ward opened.

The next moment, Feng Yifan heard a familiar and unfamiliar exclamation that seemed to exist in another time and space: "Dad, be careful."

Then, Feng Yifan turned his head in surprise and saw a group of people rushing in from outside the ward.

Finally an old lady with silver hair came in.

Although the old lady's face is full of traces of time, she can still vaguely see the beautiful beauty of the old lady when she was young.

The old lady sat by the bed, reached out her hand to grab the cup on the cupboard, carefully used the spoon inside to shake out the water, first tested the temperature with her mouth, and then slowly sent it to Feng Yifan's mouth after blowing it.

"If you want to drink water, you don't know how to shout? You are all this old, what else do you think you have to do? You don't want to trouble your daughter and son, you can tell me, it's really not worrying."

Feng Yifan opened his mouth subconsciously and drank the water the old lady fed him, and then he burst into tears in an instant.

Then, Feng Yifan raised his hand and held the hand of the old lady Su Ruoxi.

"My wife, I, I had a nightmare. I dreamed that you all left me. I became a lonely old man, lying alone in the empty ward. I can only wait for the end of my life alone. I’m so scared, it’s really full of fear.”

The gentle woman beside the bed immediately said, "Dad, you are thinking about it again. You are fine, but you have contracted the wind and cold. From now on, it’s okay to let Uncle Xiaolin and the others do the work. You said you are all this old. What are you doing next? It’s always the craftsmanship of the unbeliever."

Su Ruoxi smiled and said, "Don't you understand your dad? I'm just worried that the disciples and grandchildren will not care and ruin your grandfather's signboard at that time."

Feng Shiruo pouted and said, "So, it's because my Uncle Xiaolin and the others don't work hard. They can't reassure my dad for so long."

At this time, another male voice said: "Uncle Xiaolin is working hard."

Feng Shiruo looked at the man who was talking and said, "That's why you don't work hard, why don't you support the restaurant?"

The man said: "Sister, what you said is wrong, but I supported the restaurant."

And beside him, he looked a bit like a man and Feng Shiruo, but the younger and brighter girl said, "Hahaha, brother, you are definitely not as good as the eldest sister."

Feng Shixin suddenly lost his temper: "There is no way, I, am I still working hard."

Feng Shiruo said to her sister Feng Shixi again: "You also cheer for me, you have to work hard, don't let dad bother."

Seeing Feng Shiruo educating his younger brothers and sisters, seeing a family clamoring around the bed, and seeing his wife carefully feeding herself water by spoonful.

Feng Yifan feels very satisfied at this moment I really am the happiest person.

Thinking of this, Feng Yifan suddenly said: "When I am discharged from the hospital, let's go and take a family portrait with the whole family. Call your uncle and let us all together."

Hearing this, the whole family naturally agreed.

Especially the youngest daughter Feng Shixi rushed to the bed and said, "Dad, we haven't taken a family portrait for a long time. Your proposal is great. When you are discharged from the hospital, we will take the photo together."

Feng Yifan was soon discharged from the hospital under the care of his wife and children.

According to the agreement, on the day of discharge, the whole family came to Fujing Building again, or in the place in the memory, and took a family portrait with Su Liancheng's family.

Feng Yifan felt vaguely that it seemed that the photographer was familiar, but the other party just smiled at him, and then began to shout: "Okay, three, two, one, let's shout together..."