I'm going to take her away

Hearing this, my heart skipped a beat and I quickly moved behind Red Aunt. How could I possibly go with him? Would I have to live in fear?

Red Aunt looked at me troubled, then turned her gaze towards Uncle Long.

"Sigh, Red Aunt, of course I believe in you. Uncle Long casually waved his hand.

Hearing Uncle Long's words, I felt relieved as if I had been saved. However, in the next second, my heart immediately fell to the bottom of the valley.

"But this child... I'm going to do it! "

I saw the corner of Uncle Long's mouth curled up into a strange smile, and my heart broke apart like a taut zither string. The hand holding onto Red Aunt's skirt became tighter and tighter, and tears once again flowed down my face.

"Uncle Long, why do you like this child? There are so many outstanding girls, there's no need to spend so much effort to nurture a useless person." Red Aunt frowned slightly, looking at me from time to time.

Hearing Red Aunt's words, I didn't feel too bad, because I know that the Red Aunt is speaking up for me. As long as I can stay by her side, what does it matter if I become trash?

"Red Aunt, you're right, but this child really does look like the young lady from before …"

Uncle Long stroked his beard with his hand as he sized me up. His gaze caused my hair to stand on end.

"young lady was once our number one card …"

"Therefore, I believe that this child should be given to me to nurture. She will definitely bring me a pleasant surprise in the future."

At that time, I still didn't know what that gaze meant. I only knew that Uncle Long was a bad guy and that he wanted to use me like a tool.

"But this child …"

"Red Aunt!" Red Aunt's words were sharply cut off by her.

"You're also someone who's been on this path for many years, and you know how deep the waters are for this to go. If you don't want to be drenched in this muddy water, then quickly listen to me obediently. Don't ruin the position that your Red Aunt has built up over so many years just because of a little girl."

The corner of Uncle Long's mouth formed into a mocking smile, and at this moment, I could clearly feel Red Aunt's body suddenly tremble. At that time, my heart was also swing in the air, and I repeatedly prayed that Red Aunt would not give me to this Uncle Long.

"Red Aunt, can you not …"

"Yu Huan, when it comes to your Uncle Long, you have to listen to me obediently."

Before I could finish what I wanted to say, I was choked back by Red Aunt's words. I could no longer hold my emotions in and started crying loudly.

"Red Aunt, do you really not want me anymore? I can do anything I want. I can wash the clothes and clean the floor, as long as you, Red Aunt, take me in … " My tears fell like beads from a broken string, and I sobbed.

Red Aunt seemed to be in a difficult situation as she crouched down and looked at me with a focused gaze. Her white fingers grabbed onto my shoulder with force.

"Huanhuan, Red Aunt can't give you the life you want, but your Uncle Long can.

I already understood what the Red Aunt was going to say, and my wails were getting louder and louder.

"In the future, you will receive more from Uncle Long's side."

Red Aunt had said so much, but I couldn't even hear a single word of it. She was the one who fed me when I was hungry, but this Uncle Long, he only knew how to hit me, how can he get protection if I follow him?

I was crying my eyes out, but at that moment, I heard the Uncle Long's thick voice.

"Alright, are you done reminiscing about the old? It's time to go. "

Red Aunt lifted me up as I struggled with all my might. I knew that she wanted to send me into Uncle Long's arms.

At this moment, the nightmarish scene from the past suddenly appeared in my mind.

A group of people tore at my clothes, and I was naked before them; men and women were naked.

These nightmarish images lingered in my mind. If I really left with the Uncle Long today, these images would become my future life.

Uncle Long carried me and I struggled in his embrace out of fear. Unfortunately, the other party's arms were like pincers, my struggles were useless.

"Let me go, let me go …"

I screamed at the top of my lungs, and somehow gained the courage to bite Uncle Long's wrist.

"AHH!" "Stupid girl, you actually dared to bite me!"

I dared to bite him, and I wanted to kill him.

"Uncle Long, could you allow me to talk with this girl for a bit? I can talk to her."

Red Aunt seems to be very helpless, but I knew that no matter how helpless she was, she would not want me anymore.

However, in the end, I still decided to leave with Uncle Long.

"Huanhuan, you have to remember that no one in this world can protect you for the rest of your life. The best choice is to become strong enough and not be bullied by others. Following Uncle Long is the best choice."

"No matter what, Red Aunt will frequently come to see you."

"Do you see the scar on Red Aunt's arm? This is the price of disobedience, but if you are strong enough, you can protect yourself, you know? "

Red Aunt opened her sleeve, revealing a long and deep scar on her fair arm.

At that time, I was moved to tears by Red Aunt's words, and felt that Red Aunt was the person who treated me the best in the world. I even felt that I had let down Red Aunt's painstaking efforts.

However, at that time, if I could have understood the meaning of the word "shrewd" earlier, it would have been great.

I got into Uncle Long's car. Before I left, I leaned against the window and looked at Red Aunt's beautiful figure. For a moment, my heart was filled with mixed feelings.

Red Aunt, is the woman that saved me in the abyss of hell going to leave me?

"Alright, little girl, stop looking."

It's the voice of the Uncle Long. I turned my head around and stared at him with a pair of vigilant eyes.

"Heh, you're so powerful, don't worry, anyone who has been trained by my Uncle Long will become as docile as a sheep."

Uncle Long said to me meaningfully, and then started laughing loudly.

Red Aunt's figure moved further and further away from me. All I could hear was the sound of the car honking its horn, and the loathsome laughter of the Uncle Long.

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