Chapter 1097: Going down the mountain in the rain

“If you tell me you don’t need it, then you don’t need it.” Qian Fanji said calmly.

“Master Qian…”

Qianfanji simply walked away.

Luo Xuan was stunned on the spot with his coir raincoat.

“You can wear it.” Ye Qianning said.

Luo Xuan silently put the coir raincoat on his body.

Ye Qianning turned her head and looked towards the corridor. The rainstorm was coming down too fast, and the raincoats were not prepared enough. There were not even twenty people there.

“Little girl, you have to pay attention to the heavy rain.” Mr. Feng came over with the raincoat Ye Qianning gave him just now.

“Lao Feng, please put on your raincoat, we’re going to leave now.”

“I think this thing is soft and I’m afraid it will be damaged by the rain.”

"...This is what protects you from the rain." Ye Qianning took the raincoat and stretched it out: "Mr. Feng, you'd better put it on."

"All right."

Lao Feng fumbled to put it on. It seemed to be a bit warmer if it was light and thin. He **** the hat, which was more convenient than wearing a raincoat. It was also a good thing if it could really keep out the rain.

Xi Liuyuan and his party also arrived. He glanced at Mr. Feng, Mr. Chen and Ye Qianning, and his eyes moved slightly.

Ye Qianning raised his eyes and glanced lightly, then looked away.

“Everything is ready and ready to go.” shouted to Marquis Ming.

Mr. Chen nodded: "Let's go."

"Set off."

With a loud shout, everyone went into the heavy rain.

The wind was stronger than before. Mr. Chen rushed into the heavy rain, his body swaying slightly.

“Master.” Ye Qianning hugged him tightly.

Mr. Chen steadied himself: "It's okay, let's go."

Ye Qianning's hands were a little tighter.

Luo Xuan took Mr. Chen's other arm and said, "Old Chen, I will carry you on my back."

“No need, I haven’t reached that time yet.” Mr. Chen insisted.

In the rear, Feng Lao, Wei Zheng and others also went into the rain with some guards. Wei Zheng stayed close to Feng Lao, fearing that something might happen to him.

 Xi Liuyuan went into the rain and rubbed his fingers over the raincoat repeatedly. It was indeed rainproof. It seemed that the heavy rain fell on his body, but he didn't feel cold. Instead, wearing it made his body feel slightly warmer.

He had never seen such a material before. She actually gave him one of the four pieces of rain-proof clothes, which he did not expect.

The mountain road is very muddy and the walking speed is slow.

It usually takes half a day to get from the foot of the mountain to the mountain. At the current speed, it will take even one day to get down the mountain.

It is already afternoon, so darkness is inevitable.

Hang Minghou led seven or eight people in front, Qian Fanji led a few people outside Ye Qianning Chenlao, and Gu Shuo led a dozen people in the rear.

Ye Qianning swept around and found that some people were heading forward despite the rain. If they hadn't taken some pills in advance, they wouldn't have been able to withstand it.

The mud can almost reach your ankles if you take a step. Fortunately, the soil is not particularly sticky, otherwise you would not be able to pull your feet out.

The heavy rain has continued without any sign of stopping, and the wind has become stronger, reaching level 6 or 7, making it difficult for people to open their eyes.

There was a huge noise.

The people behind him immediately turned around and formed a circle around them.

“It was the heavy rain that dispersed the mud and rocks above,” Gu Shuo said.

Ye Qianning looked over and saw that not far away they had just walked and were caught in a mudslide. If it had been a few minutes later at night, they might have been held back.

On a rainy day, the mountains are very dangerous.

“Everyone, speed up.” Gu Shuo shouted forward.


“It’s indeed faster.” Mr. Chen said.

The mudslide is too dangerous, no matter how good your Qinggong is, you can't dodge it in this heavy rain.

No one said anything along the way, and they walked forward faster.

When it got dark, the group of people had only reached the half-way point, and the heavy rain still didn’t stop.

Ye Qianning thought that the wooden house on the mountain must have disappeared. Fortunately, they did not stop and set off immediately.

It was dark and it was raining hard, so it was difficult to walk. Ye Qianning took a dozen night pearls and gave them to Du Yi.

Du Yi spread the luminous pearls down, and this side lit up.

At the front, Xiang Minghou and the accompanying guards took the lead with three night-light pearls, illuminating the front very brightly, and everyone walked faster.

Xi Liuyuan was wearing a raincoat. Even in the heavy rain, he was still wet, and only his feet were stained with mud.

Speaking of it, it seemed that he was rushing like this for the first time. Then, under the light of the night pearl, he lowered his head and saw that there was a mess under his feet, and he just frowned slightly.

“Master, I will carry you on my back.” Zhufeng whispered.

Xi Liuyuan didn't say anything, and gave him a cold look without stopping.

Zhufeng followed silently.

Sang Yan and Qian Fanji walked together. Neither of them had raincoats, and the simple protection they had made before had been blown away by the wind.

Now my whole body feels like a drowned rat, the rain has washed my face, and it is difficult to see the road.

Sang Yan felt like his face was soaked, but he didn't feel too cold. Logically speaking, after heavy rain for so long, a person's body temperature should have dropped significantly.

He raised his hand and rubbed his arm. It was warm. He felt warm all over. He didn't feel cold. Something seemed wrong.

“Qianfanji, do you feel cold?” He couldn’t help but ask in a low voice.


“Are you okay? I think something is wrong with me.”


"I don't feel cold. I feel warm all over. I think I have a fever." Sang Yan touched his forehead and found it was slightly warm, and the palms of his hands also felt warm.

“A fever can kill someone on a rainy day, so the Third Prince must be careful.” Qian Fanji’s voice was cool.

“…Do you have any conscience?”

"If you can't die, just walk quickly." Qian Fanji didn't want to say more, so she took a few steps quickly.

Sang Yan raised his heels and kept touching his forehead with his hands. He felt that the heavy rain hitting his body was warm. Was he feeling dizzy due to fever?

At night, no one dared to stay. Fortunately, the heavy rain subsided a little after dark, but the wind remained strong.

On the way down the mountain, we also encountered mudslides blocking the road, but we could still get through them.

At dawn, the group finally reached the foot of the mountain. After nightfall, the heavy rain turned into light rain. The wind did not stop overnight and the temperature dropped several degrees.

After arriving at the foot of the mountain, we walked for about an hour before everyone dared to sit down and rest. After walking in the rain all night, everyone was exhausted.

The light rain was still falling, so a simple tent was set up to cover the rain, and the group sat down to rest for a while.

Some of the food in the backpack had been soaked by rain and could not be eaten. Ye Qianning could not take food from the space in front of many people here, so he had to secretly give some to Chen Lao and Feng Lao, so that the two elderly people could eat it. One sip to relieve stamina.

Mr. Chen didn’t eat, he just reminded Ye Qianning not to draw attention to himself. He could still hold on.

Ye Qianning forced it on him, blocking everyone's view: "Dad, there is no need for it. Master, you still have to take two bites."

He is almost over 100 years old, and he has been walking all night in the rain, which makes people very worried.

It is still quite a distance from the foot of the mountain to the town, and it takes a whole day to walk. How can we go without eating something?

Mr. Chen couldn't bear her stubbornness, so he picked it up and took a few bites.

Lao Feng was different. When he saw Ye Qianning secretly stuffing him with food, he immediately hid it, not daring to be seen at all, and felt very happy.

The little girl brought him food alone, which was obviously good for him. She secretly hid the food and took a bite without being seen by others.

Without thinking much for a moment, I just felt that it was quite happy that someone cared about me, and it was worth suffering this night!

Hang Minghou has been away from home all year round. It is common for him to be unable to eat for a day or two. He needs to rest for a while to regain his energy.

Qianfanji and Gu Shuo were all in good condition, except Sang Yan, who was not in good condition. He had traveled around and suffered hardships when he was young, but never like today. It rained heavily and he walked straight against the wind for nearly a day.

And before he even stopped, he was so wet that he was probably already soaked and turned white.

Lao Chen, Lao Feng, Ye Qianning and Xi Liuyuan were wearing raincoats, and they were not wet. After walking so much, they were inevitably panting and tired.

Ye Qianning had the space to recover her physical energy relatively quickly, and her condition had been restored in half an hour.

Standing up, she shook off the mud under her feet. The road was extremely difficult to travel on rainy days. Once Beili settled down, she asked people to start building an asphalt road leading to the Crescent Moon Sect.

It is also convenient to travel on rainy days. As for other places, we can only knock on them. After all, they are not doing business now. If large-scale construction is obviously a good thing, it will also arouse suspicion and cause trouble.

Xi Liuyuan stood not far away. The muddy ground was covered with some dry grass, but the grass was still wet and he did not sit down.

Ye Qianning's eyes fell on his feet that were also covered in mud, and the corner of her mouth curled up into a smile. If she had encountered this situation several times, any mysophobia could be cured.

The people in the ancient city of Jade Castle were detained at the back. Ye Qianning only had people feed half of the pill to Yuzhong, while Yushan fed half a pill to hang on to his life.

Although Qian Fanji asked some questions about Qianjia's affairs back then, not all of them. Old and cunning people like them would always keep the most useful things to save their lives and would not reveal everything easily.

This heavy rain is an opportunity. The heavy rain has been pouring for so long, and the whole person has been in a state of confusion. As soon as it stopped, he fell to the ground and couldn't get up.

 Tamazuka is stronger than Yushan. Seeing that Yushan's aura is still there, and seeing that the situation of the group is not good, they can't say anything they want to ask for.

There is no food, let alone medicine.

Seeing his nephew dying before his eyes, he had no choice but to do anything.

"Qian Ning, Mr. Chen, are you okay?" Xiang Minghou came over.

“Dad, I’m okay.”

“You don’t have to worry about me, the raincoat Qian Ning gave me can keep you warm and keep you warm,” Old Chen said.

Nodding to Marquis Ming: "Let's take a rest and have a cup of tea. When it gets bright, we'll continue on our way and try to reach the town before dark."

"You don't have to worry about me, I can still keep up with my legs and feet." Mr. Chen looked at the people in front who were even wearing raincoats: "Get there early and let him have a good rest."

“Okay.” Xiang Minghou nodded and raised his hand to touch Ye Qianning’s head.

“Dad, I’m fine too.” Ye Qianning raised her head.

Xiang Minghou rubbed his hand and took back his hand, turned around and walked away.

Ye Qianning looked and saw that some of the guards following Xiang Minghou did not have raincoats. The rainstorm came so fast that he did not think of making raincoats.

Several pieces in the space were made on the island. There was a lot of rain on the island and the waves in the mountains behind were fierce. She then thought that after this experience, a raincoat would be indispensable in the future.

After resting for about an hour, everyone set off and continued their journey.

When it was almost noon, the rain stopped completely. Except for the difficulty of walking on the road underfoot, everyone else looked pretty good. Only the two people from the ancient city of Jade Castle turned pale and couldn't bear it anymore.

  She was covered in mud along the way. In the end, Yuzhong knelt down and begged for help. Only then did Qian Fanji ask someone to raise his head and the other to carry him away with his feet.

The rain stopped at about 1 o'clock in the morning, and the journey went much faster. Near evening, the group entered the border town and found an inn to stay in the city.

The towns outside the border are very poor, and the inns are a bit shabby. In addition, there are many people from the four countries passing through the border town in the past few days. It is inevitable for Jianghu people to have conflicts in their accommodation. Many rooms have been affected, and many doors and windows are missing.

There was only one inn in the town, and everyone stayed there reluctantly.

Ye Qianning took out the ingredients in the space and asked Du Yi to deliver them to the kitchen. After traveling all day and night, Mr. Chen was very tired. After washing and eating, he went to bed and rested.

Lao Feng had not experienced anything like this in many years. Although he was tired, he was in good spirits. After entering the inn and freshening up, he ordered a large table of food and drinks. He felt uncomfortable eating and drinking.

The accompanying guards had a hearty meal first, and then went to wash up and rest. They were all fine. Except for the people in the ancient city of Jade Castle who were infected with the cold and had high fevers, no one in their group got the cold.

The room upstairs.

The door of the room Xi Liuyuan stayed in was good, and the room had been cleaned. Overall, it was pretty good, except for half of the window.

Zhufeng shook his head after looking at it: "Master, this room... or else I can buy a house in the city, and the master can live there for just one day."

"This is it." Xi Liuyuan glanced at the tables and chairs, but did not sit down.

Zhufeng stopped talking and walked to the door to ask the waiter to prepare clean water and towels.

"Master, more than half of the more than 20 shadow guards in the dark have high fever. Master, I see..." Zhufeng turned around, thought for a while and couldn't help but say it.

“More than half?” Xi Liuyuan frowned.


“Where are Xiang Minghou and his party?” Xi Liuyuan asked.

Zhufeng is a bit embarrassed to say: "No one has been infected with the cold."

Xi Liuyuan pondered for a while, put his hands together, and gently turned the white jade finger on his thumb: "Elixir."

Zhufeng was puzzled at first, but after a few seconds, he suddenly understood that Ye Qianning gave each of them a pill yesterday. The shadow guard in the dark did not reveal himself to others easily, and had never taken the pill given by Ye Qianning, so...

No wonder, even Chen Lao, who is nearly a hundred years old, has not caught the wind and cold. They felt it when they were walking in the rain, and they did not feel the cold from the rain on their bodies.

“Miss Ye’s elixir is very magical, and I don’t know who made it.”

"Allow them to go for diagnosis and treatment." Xi Liuyuan also wanted to know what kind of elixir was so miraculous.

She had studied the elixir yesterday when she gave it to him. It was fragrant and non-toxic. Ye Qianning’s expression before leaving...

She said if in doubt, don’t eat. When they fell down on the road, there was no one to carry them forward.

Xi Liuyuan took the pill in front of Ye Qianning. Although he was suspicious of her, at that moment, he believed her.

Zhufeng salutes: "Yes."

Xi Liuyuan can still recall the taste of the elixir. It is not the medicine he has seen. It has only a delicate fragrance and a slightly sweet taste. He cannot tell what ingredients it contains.

Their shadow guards in Xilun have excellent physical and internal strength. They were exposed to the wind and cold in the heavy rain for so long, and those who took the elixir were all intact.

The seemingly inconspicuous elixir is very powerful.