Chapter 853 Suspicious Energy.

Name:GREED: ALL FOR WHAT? Author:DMadLord
Chapter 853 Suspicious Energy.

The succubus queen rolled her eyes. She was expecting a different reaction but the snake demon missed the fact that she was flirting with him. He would have gotten pissed if he knew that she is trying to arouse him. He is high on battle victory right now so he remained oblivious to her attempts.

She asked innocently, "Do you want me to help you keep that Celestial godhood? You can come over to my palace to get it. I will make sure to entertain you very well."

Her body trembled almost imperceptibly but the demon king of wrath noticed. He noticed that the subtle vibration of her body made her heavy mammary gland shake enticingly. The two mounds swayed and beckoned to him.

It was then that the demon king of wrath caught on to the fact that she is trying to use her wiles to pull a fast one in him. But he didn't get angry. He is currently too happy to bother with her. He just snorted a stream of flames through his nose and kept the godhood in his personal space.

Then he turned his attention to the dark ominous cloud standing above the battlefield.

He said with longing, "The fight must still be on. It must be one hell of a fight."

The succubus queen nodded. "Yes, it must be. But it is according to the plan. So you can't join in."

The snake demon king was disappointed. He asked, "What if he needs help? This isn't exactly according to the plan."

"We will wait to see if he needs help. Until then we do nothing. Everything worked out well despite the slight deviation from the plan so it should be okay."

Everything is going well. The invasion is likely to succeed even though there was a change to the plan. Aeternus provided the information about the plane and he planned their assault. He was to spearhead their fight against the Celestials. He was supposed to scatter them while the other demon kings would then concentrate on one Celestial and kill it before the others could help.

They don't know how he would do it but they have some faith in him because of the little they know about him. They know he is strong enough to capture and imprison level 4 demon kings. So they had some hope for his strength and he didn't disappoint them.

The Celestials didn't scatter like they planned but they killed more than one Celestial so things are going beyond their expectations. At the rate of things, they won't have to die at all. Their invasion will succeed with a single attempt.

The snake demon remained skeptical. "He did well but he is fighting 3 Celestials right now. It can't be easy and we can't help him because of this cloud. He might need our help and we won't know about it. I don't like this."

The succubus queen observed the cloud intently. She has been suspicious of something about Aeternus. She decided to hear the snake demon's thoughts about it. Demons of wrath are usually straightforward.

"Don't you think the reaper is too strong for a level 5 demon king?" She asked him.

The snake demon king shrugged. "It's that weird energy that he uses. It is corrosive and dangerous. It is like poison. And he can also accumulate it as a trump card."

"That's what I am asking about. Where did a level 5 demon king get such powerful energy? The energy is like poison. A little amount of it can lead to a lot of damage." She said.

Then she pointed at the four Celestials on the ground. The four Celestials have broken down into pieces. Their Celestial Godhoods have become exposed among the ruins of their bodies. It is safe to say that they are all dead. But the black energy is still wreaking havoc on the surroundings. There is a black ooze at the spot where they died. This ooze is spreading everywhere and destroying everything it touches. It covered a large distance in the short time that they were fighting.

The snake demon king took one look at the four dead Celestials and asked her, "You mean that he is level 6 and he is hiding his strength?"

She rolled her eyes and groaned. "I am not talking about his power level. He is level 5 by the way. I can sense it clearly. What I am talking about is the energy he is using. It is strange. It is very strange."

The snake demon king became confused. "What's strange about it? Demons of grudge and spite have this type of energy. It doesn't disappear. It sticks to its targets and will continue to harm them until they die. They also have the ability to accumulate their hatred and grudge so there's no problem about that powerful attack of his."

The snake demon king's explanation didn't ease her suspicions. She asked, "But is he a demon of grudge or a demon of spite?"

"I don't know."

"My point exactly. No one knows what type of demon he is. All we know is that he is a level 5 demon king. There is so much that we don't know about him. He just suddenly appeared and he is so strong. Strong enough to capture a lot of demon kings."

The snake demon king shrugged again. "What's there to fear about him? He is a level 5 demon king like you said and we are also level 5. So what does it matter if he has a weird energy? I am sure I can take him."

The succubus queen sighed and stopped trying to share her concerns about their mysterious partner. If there is someone that can help her to figure out the secret about Aeternus then it is certainly not this snake demon king. His stance that he can take Aeternus on because they have the same level is fundamentally wrong. Levels are not everything when it comes to power and survivability of demons.