Chapter 3710

Name:Golden Greenery Author:Zhuo Setong
Zhuo Yang: I will return to the CSL next season

The title of the Manchester post directly announced the ownership of Zhuoyang after he left city.

During this time, the media and fans are guessing where Zhuo Yang's next stop will be. After different opinions, there are no more than two popular Real Madrid and Milan. But after the Champions League 1 / 8 first round away whistle reversal defeated Schalke 04, the newspaper gave the "answer" to the final question. It was really Ma Leizi who threw it into the pit and broke Zhuo Yang's mouth of shrimp.

Things have to start more than two weeks ago, when Zhuo Yang Gang won the Asian Cup and returned to Manchester, he made an official announcement after the disclosure with the club.

The European media are frying the pot, while the domestic media react a little slower. Maybe they are confused by the sudden news.

The attitude of domestic media towards Zhuo Yang has been unbearable for some time. Between 2003 and 2006, it was the darkest stage, with derogation, slander and criticism as the mainstream.

For some time after 2006, with the efforts of Li Xiaoqing, the domestic public opinion towards Zhuo Yang was even, and the praise and criticism of the major media were quite clear. However, with Zhuo Yang becoming more and more popular in Europe and farther away from Chinese football, under the embarrassment of contrast, not talking about Zhuo Yang has become a tacit thing of the domestic media.

During that time, Zhuo Yang disappeared in the domestic mainstream football media.

With the sound of spring bud in 2008, Zhuo Yang returned. Since then, he has been enthroned in the Chinese football media. There is no noise except praise, which has been so far.

Over the years, all kinds of excellent blowing in China have changed from blind corner to pattern blowing. All boasting skills have been used up, and the most remote moves have been used countless times. Dongguan Huakui can only bow to the disadvantage and turn Erya and Shuowen Jiezi into pieces, and can't find fresh ones.

The vast civilization of China for 5000 years has been exhausted by Zhuo Yang.

Frankly speaking, over time, the people who blow and listen are a little numb. Singing has become an inertia, and the media urgently needs a new tone.

Of course, although Chinese media people and journalists all over the world have no bottom line, they still have no courage to speak ill of Zhuo Yang. Not afraid of finding fault with Zhuo Yang, but readers and netizens don't agree.

As a capable media player, I will not blink when I bury my mother alive when necessary, but I will never be the enemy of traffic and money.

Not long ago, after Zhuo Yang's "official declaration to leave Manchester City", the domestic media followed suit at the beginning, guessing where his father was going and analyzing who was the better choice between Real Madrid and Milan.

But soon, I don't know who picked the head. Everyone began to explore the possibility of Zhuo Yang returning to the China Super League. Once these things start, they will get out of control.

In fact, Zhuo Yang is indeed considering the possibility of going to the CSL at the next stop, and he is seriously considering it. Although the competition and popularity of the new CSL are not enough at this stage, it is still in the climbing stage. With the pursuit of Zhuo Yang, the new CSL lacks stimulation temporarily.

However, the pursuit of stimulation is not his main consideration. Zhuo Yang is more analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of going to the new CSL.

The advantage is that you can have a city with familiar culture and you like, and also bring maximum attention to the new CSL, which will certainly improve the brand value and competitive level of the league.

The bad thing is that their identity is too special, which will inevitably bring certain imbalance to the new CSL, and even cause obstacles.

For example, in the face of their own breakthrough and shooting, dare the opponent step down? If you fall but your opponent doesn't commit a foul, will the referee decide? If the opponent can't fight with all his strength, respect everywhere in the game and even deliberately let him play, it's really boring and will bring great injustice to the league.

Before Zhuo Yang doesn't make these analyses clear, he won't rush to be a shit stirring stick in the new CSL, so at this stage, it's still one of two choices for Real Madrid and Milan.

The domestic media did not consider the problem as he did, but suddenly discussed it from a strange angle.

——As the greatest star in football history and the first person in Chinese football, Zhuo Yang has never played in his own league, which is a pity.

It has to be said that the angle is quite wonderful, and it has a faint meaning of moral kidnapping.

In the history of football, including now, there are many stars who have never played in their home league, but not many of them really have enough weight, but there are only four people: Zhuo Yang, Messi, Ribery and George Weah.

Other haselbaink, Drogba, Eto'o, bogba, obamayan, Azar, grizman, Giggs, etc. the stage is far from the top four, which is a little shabby in comparison.

As for those who are not superstars, there are more, such as Fletcher, Zheng Dashi, sun Xingyi, Fletcher and Mahrez.

Of course, many people have not retired, and no one is sure about the future.

All these people are divided into two situations. The most common is dual nationality. They were born in Europe, but chose their ancestral nationality to fight when they grow up, which is essentially equivalent to blood naturalization.

The other is Zhuo Yang, Messi, scar and viah. Because of their experience as teenagers, they started their career from other football leagues. After mixing out of fame, it is naturally inconvenient to go back and fall. They are the real "never".

But then again, boss Mei, scar and President Wei just haven't played in their country's top league, and the echelon or inferior team has stayed for a few days. It's true that Zhuo Yang is the only one who has never played.

But this has never been the reason for Zhuo Yang to play football in the Chinese Super League. What does it mean to satisfy the fans? Even if you play in the CSL for a lifetime, what can you do?

However, this is not over in the domestic media. The enthusiasm of Real Madrid and Milan, the rumors about "100 million annual salary after tax" spread, and Zhuo Yang never denied it, because it can refuse many unrealistic pursuits for him, which is a threshold setting, otherwise it will annoy him.

Realistically speaking, at present, no team of the new CSL can afford the annual salary of 100 million euros after tax. Perhaps some team owners are willing to pay, but the serious financial budget access system of the new CSL Club refuses informal secret operation.

But I can't afford to stop the divergence of imagination. Gradually, the media hyped that Zhuo Yang, the only football star on the global Forbes list, would not play for money.

This is correct, but what's the matter with you vowing that Zhuo Yang will return to the CSL for free?

If it's reasonable, you can't put Zhuo Yang on the beam directly.

The media's hype is definitely not to blackmail him. On the contrary, it is flattering him from a new angle, and we have to praise him as a saint.

But why?

Zhuo Yang has plenty of money, but he has no hatred for money, and he can't do things like this. If you don't say bad rules, you will be hated by your football peers.

Your influence is too big, money is not a matter, but once you take this head, what do you want others to do? In the future, the stars will face the question of "free" after falling into the roots. What should we do?

For another example, in the face of the financial difficulties of the club, what should I do if someone asks to be a star for free? Now Barcelona is like this. Many generous people have been calling on boss Mei and scar to cut their salaries sharply to help the club tide over the difficulties.

Zhuo Yang really wants to return home to play football for free. Boss Mei is a dull bitch. He will only be angry. Scar, who is addicted to money, can't work hard with him?

Zhuo Yang will never play for anyone for free. Even if he can't get 100 million back to the Chinese Super League, he can't be a free virgin. It's one thing that I'm not short of money. The salary that the team should bear is another thing. What I love to do when I get the money and donate it to the hope project and the hope spring bud is another thing.

But the problem now is that domestic public opinion has been climbing on the ladder in a short time, which makes it natural for Zhuo Yang to return to the China Super League for free. No one behind the scenes, no one deliberately bad, but the Invisible Moral kidnapping ferments into naked.

Then the Manchester post made a front page headline "based on reliable information from China." Now, the hammer is more solid.

These days, the powerful club owner of the new China Super League broke the Zhuo Yang mobile phone number he didn't know where to get from, and the surging wave of white whoring came to his face.