Chapter 4361

Xiao Mingzhu smiled and talked with Li Yun for a while before asking him to return his mobile phone and said to the ignorant manager, "don't worry about it. The little girl has an extraordinary origin. She is also Li Yun's fiancee. You should treat her as an adult."

"... yes!"

The manager didn't dare to ask more questions. He obeyed honestly. After hanging up the phone, he was more respectful to Li Yun.

Free check-in is certain, and this room will not be ordered for three months. If Mr. Li comes back in the future, he can check in directly.

There are also a series of services. Li Yun was too lazy to listen. He waved his hand and said, "well, I'm not a monster. It's OK according to the standard of ordinary guests. Go ahead and get busy first. I'll call you if I need anything."


Before leaving, the manager took another look at Xiao Su, who was hugged by Li Yun.

Such a lovely little girl, no wonder Mr. Li Yun will come to the hotel with her. Unfortunately, no matter how cute, it will only be someone else's girlfriend.

Wait, they have a reservation for three days? Doesn't it mean that Mr. Li and Miss Su will be together in these three days

Er, it's really... People envy and wonder, what kind of girl is she?

The manager doesn't dare to think much. He doesn't dare to listen to Miss Xiao's words. Otherwise, his job will be lost.

Now it's not difficult to find a good job, but it's difficult to find a company like Xiao family that has the ability to stand firm in the Reiki era and has great connections with Baiyun technology!

Even if he had only one-third of his annual salary, he would go on with such a job.


"Is it fun?"

After entering the door and closing it, Li Yun flexed his fingers and bounced on Xiao Su's forehead. The golden haired son was immediately wronged: "the bad guy is dead. In this way, our relationship is not all exposed?"

"There's no way. Who let you mess around?"

"Woo woo."

Xiao Su obediently followed Li Yun into the door and looked at the door being closed. Her face gradually turned red.

Then, she was held by Li Yun to the French window and looked at the prosperous scenery outside the window with him.

For a long time, Xiao Su whispered, "take me to the bathroom."


Li Yun's heart is soft.

The next day, Li Yun woke up. With Xiao Su's consent, he called back and said he would not go home for the time being. He played with Xiao Su in Zhonghai city for two more days.

When she got back, Xiao Su was like a clever little daughter-in-law, one by one facing Gong Qingyu. They called their sisters and let a group of girls laugh with their mouths covered.

There was a reincarnation of the goddess of light as a sister. Even Hu Xiaomeng became a sister. She was so happy that she flew to Zhonghai city at the weekend.

A month later, Shangguan Lingxian's medical hall was completed with a beautiful hot spring. The hot spring water was obtained by fan Linglong's special spell to get through the ground, and then drained up and heated with a refined magic instrument. The temperature of the hot spring water can be adjusted at will. It's very comfortable to take a bath in winter and summer.

Li Yun and them stayed in the hot spring and the plantation for three days. Xiao Mingzhu asked them for a two-day holiday and took a day off to go to class. They were too tired to move. Even Su Muxin waved her hand and refused.

A few months later, the summer vacation.

On a luxury cruise ship, Li Yun stood on the bow of the ship with a cup of frozen fruit juice in his hand and drank it slowly.

Behind him, there are a group of beautiful women lying on the sun chair in swimsuits. In front of Li Yun, there is an island with beautiful scenery. Since a few days ago, Li Yun has bought the island and become a place for him and the girls around him to spend their holidays and play.

After seeing the island, Li Yun turned his head and smiled brightly at them: "ladies and gentlemen, our destination has arrived ~!"


A group of beautiful girls ran to the side of the ship. When they saw the island, they all smiled excitedly, "OK ~"

Li Yun smiled and looked into the boat. Shan Xiaoxiao and a long lost woman walked out slowly. It was Song Xi. She also came.

"Li Yun."

Song Xi's face was slightly red.

"Have you decided?"


"I also decided ~"

Shan Xiaoxiao jumped on Li Yun with a smile and kissed him. He was very happy.

Li Yun didn't have a good way: "what do you decide? I'll be honest later. Do you hear me?"

"Woo woo, yes ~ ~"

After getting off the boat, Li Yun walked on the stone road under the palm tree and walked to the road to happiness with the girls around him.

There is still a long way to go, but as long as there are Fang Xue, Li Feng, Gong Qingyu, Gong Lianyi, Xiao Mingzhu, fan Qingsheng, Wan Qingfei and Shangguan Lingxian.

There are also Liu Xianxian, Su Muxin, Xia Feiyao, Jin Liuli, plus the lovely Hu Xiaomeng and Zhao Tianfeng, as well as Cai Wei and Cai Xia, the sleepy little princess Yongning, plus Princess Alice, fan Linglong, Wan nishang and WAN Qingya.

Shan Ruqing takes Shan Xiaoxiao, several maidens of Gong Qingyu, fan Qingzhu, the maid of the saint, several maidens of Wanqing imperial concubine, Song Xi and Tang Anxi.

Pan Suyi in his Qinglian immortal mansion and Yingying, the God of Yishi, who was a witch in the cherry blossom country.

Finally, the goddess of light Xiao Su also accompanied him.

With so many confidants, Li Yun believes that everything will become better and better in the future, and he will get the happiness he wants.

The whole book is over.