Chapter 107: Start of the War

Chapter 107: Start of the War

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Sorry, the chapter is a little shorter than usual, but the cold weather is seriously damaging my motivation :/

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A few minutes earlier, in the world of the living, Yuna and Naruto were relaxing, and while Yuna was disinterestedly watching TV, Naruto was fiddling with his Substitute Shinigami Badge.

The duo had just finished interrogating the two captured Quincy, and although neither of them had much information, only knowing that the Quincy were back and ready to attack.

That being the case, Naruto decided to inform Seireitei about the potential attack through his Badge, which he had added a few features to a while ago. One of them being the ability to transmit and receive messages to and from Seireitei.

Unfortunately, there was still quite a delay in transmission due to space shenanigans within the dimension between the world of the living and Soul Society.

However, just when Naruto was about to send the message, Yuna and Naruto felt someone trying to open a dimensional gate within their living room, causing them to frown.

Yuna briefly pondered about redirecting the gate into the sun but decided against it since she could feel a Shinigami on the other side of it.

Moments later, the gate opened, revealing a Shinigami with a huge afro on his head. Yuna's initial thought was to make a joke about it, but after seeing some blood on the Shinigami's clothes, she decided to save the joke for later.

"Seireitei was attacked! Lieutenant Matsumoto got heavily wounded and somehow got her Bankai stolen!"

Obviously, whoever designed that report knew what they were doing, as the only thing Yuna cared about within Seireitei were her women. After all, if she had only heard that someone had attacked Seireitei, she might not have even come over.

However, following the Shinigami's report, space seemed to tremble as snow slowly started falling all over the city. Simultaneously, Naruto took a few discreet steps away from Yuna while the Shinigami shivered in fear due to the sudden pressure radiating through the room.This chapter made its debut appearance via N0v3lB1n.

[Ah, yes, the calm before the storm.]

[Yuna? Yuna sad, gah~]

[Sad? Not at all. Buckle in, Chaos. Time to witness your first genocide.]

Suddenly, Yuna's Spiritual Pressure erupted, resulting in the messenger fainting instantly, while the only reason Karakura town wasn't affected was that Naruto had preemptively activated quite a few Kido runes placed all around the house.


[Yup, here we go again~]

Yuna raised her hand and slashed it down, ripping open a hole, through which she left immediately, leaving Naruto and a fainted Shinigami behind.

Retsu wanted to agree instantly, but she quickly remembered that she had her own duties to attend to. However, before she could mention that, another voice entered the conversation.

"Just go, I'll take over. I might not be as skilled as you, but I'll manage."

Hearing the familiar voice suddenly appearing, Retsu, yet again, didn't even flinch, as it was pretty common that when Yuna appeared somewhere, Hinata would do so as well. Obviously, the voice belonged to Hinata.

"Would you do that for me, Hinata? Thank you."

However, Hinata only waved Retsu's thanks away. After all, between those two, Hinata preferred helping people, while Retsu preferred killing them. In the end, let's not forget that the only reason Retsu learned to heal was that she wanted to fight longer. The image of the kind healer she occasionally displayed was 100% fake!

"Hehe, it has been a while since I let loose. I'll make them pay for hurting our cute Rankigu~"

As these words left Retsu's mouth, a twisted smile filled with battle lust appeared on her face.

"Hehe, that's right. It's been a while, hasn't it? A good old-fashioned genocide~"

Yuna's facial expression also twisted, mimicking Retsu, as her Spiritual Power exploded, causing parts of Seireitei to tremble, which was only intensified by Retsu doing the same.

Meanwhile, in another part of Seireitei, Kenpachi sliced through the neck of another Quincy with a disinterested expression on his face. However, a moment later, he felt the outrageous amounts of Spiritual Pressure radiating out from Yuna and Retsu, causing him to smile.

"He! Seems like these two are ready to rampage! Is there really someone in this group of weaklings worthy of using that much power?"

"I'm Sternritter Y, 'The Yourself' Loyd Lloyd. Face me, Kenpachi!"

Noticing another Quincy appearing, this time someone with a proper title, Kenpachi couldn't help but get a little excited, even though he didn't feel much power from his opponent.

'This one seems decent. Let's see what he can do!'


Suddenly, Loyd tried to do something and exploded into a gory mess, causing question marks to pop up above Kenpachi's head.

"Was that... supposed to do something?"

He couldn't help but ask that question. After all, an opponent appeared in front of him and instantly exploded, seemingly without doing anything.

Of course, what Kenpachi didn't know was that he was actually the reason for his opponent's death. Or rather, it was Kenpachi's power.

Sternritter Y, 'The Yourself' Loyd Lloyd could turn into his opponent, which was rather dangerous. Unfortunately, Kenpachi's current power was not something an average body could contain. So, the moment Loyd attempted to turn into Kenpachi, mimicking his power, he was simply ripped apart due to not being able to contain his power.

If he had tried his power on someone like Retsu, who was calmer and more collected, it might have still worked, but Kenpachi's power was simply too rampant to be controlled by someone else. Hell, in canon, Kenpachi managed to reach such a high degree of power that it ripped his own body apart. Obviously, some random Quiny had no chance of controlling something like that.