Chapter 554 - Law of Destruction! (1)

Chapter 554: Law of Destruction! (1)

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The first step in the hatching of an Essence Soul by a Divine Embryo was to reach the Void Soul realm.

Then transform during the Void Soul realm into the Soul Fixation realm.

Another transformation during Soul Fixation to reach Soul Formation.

This Soul Formation referred to the complete transformation of the Essence Soul into a Primordial Spirit!

From the Essence Soul to the Primordial Spirit, three steps were required.

When Dongfang Pochu was in the second-grade, he had learned about this information from the ancient records of the Yu Nation.

However, he only knew a few terms——Soul, Soul Fixation, Soul Formation, and Primordial Spirit.

He still did not understand the deeper meaning they represented.

Even though he didn’t understand, this didn’t mean that he was ignorant.

On the contrary, Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul knew very well how difficult it was to transform from the Void Soul to the Primordial Spirit.

Since ancient times, there were only a few people on Earth Star who had achieved the Primordial Spirit.

He had dreamed of stepping into the Transcendent-grade and possessing his own Essence Soul, but he had never thought of reaching the Primordial Spirit realm.

Because it was too far away.

So far away that he didn’t dare to think about it.

But today, at this moment, someone told him that he was already a Primordial Spirit!

This person was the Martial Sage of the Yu Nation, the biggest contributor to the Yu Nation’s annexation of New Chu.

Did such an existence need to lie?

Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul did not think too much about it.

In his limited understanding of Kong Xuan, Kong Xuan’s words were filled with confidence. There was no doubt that he was telling the truth.

The famous Kong Xuan was really a Primordial Spirit!

To an ordinary Transcendent-grade martial artist, the Sage Origin Fruit was a rare treasure.

But to a Primordial Spirit, it was just dessert.

Even Kong Xuan’s abdication of the position of Martial Sage was also because it brought more trouble than gain for him.

Therefore, Dongfang Pochu fell silent.

Kong Xuan gave up readily, but Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul could not agree readily.

Because if it did, in the eyes of others, it would be seizing the position of Martial Sage from Kong Xuan.

Of course Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul wanted to be the Kingdom Defending Martial Sage.

However, it had just broken through to the Transcendent-grade and had yet to stabilize its realm. It was difficult to convince the masses no matter how one looked at it.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul was silent, but Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit had no intention of waiting. It said, “Don’t worry, I’ve already explained the situation. No one will say anything. On the contrary, you’ve done me a great favor by taking my position.”

Without waiting for Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul to agree, it threw the Kingdom Defending Jade Seal over.

Then, he quickly said, “I’ll leave the Yu Nation to you. The monsters and Void Beasts in the Void World rarely come out. You just have to keep an eye on the Yu Nation’s territory.”

With that, he waved at Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul, picked up the Wandering Dragon Saber, and left the Void World.

He had finally gotten rid of his burden!

The responsibility of guarding the Void World was greater than the gains.

Given the strength of Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit, continuing to guard the Yu Nation was basically a waste of time.

The appearance of Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul at this time had been a great help.

In the future, Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul would be in charge of all parts of the Yu Nation.

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit would only take action if it encountered a huge problem that Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul could not resolve.

After all, he had promised the Rising Dragon Saber King that he would guard the Yu Nation for ten years. He still had eight years left.

In these eight years, Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul would probably be able to grow too.

As for the impact of handing the position of Martial Sage to another to the Yu Nation, they existed, but they were very limited.

To most ordinary people, Martial Sage Kong was still Martial Sage Kong. However, there was now a Martial Sage Dongfang.

As a “senior”, Martial Sage Kong naturally had to take care of the “newbie” and allow Martial Sage Dongfang to make appearances more often.

They didn’t know the truth behind this, nor were they interested in paying attention to it.

Those who knew about the matters behind the scenes would not reveal anything unnecessary either.

After all, this matter concerned Martial Sages. Whether it was the “senior” Martial Sage Kong or the “newbie” Martial Sage Dongfang, it would be too easy for them to crush one person or one group of people.

Therefore, the handover between the new and old Martial Sages was unexpectedly calm.

The chaos that Luo Ao wanted to see had never happened.

Dongfang Pochu’s newly formed Essence Soul was too ambitious and recklessly challenged Kong Xuan and ended up being killed, becoming the fastest Transcendent-grade to die in history. Such a thing had never happened since the beginning.

The scene that Luo Ao hoped for was completely his imagination.

This made him furious and disappointed.

The situation was about the same for the others.

Although he knew that no matter what reaction Dongfang Pochu’s Essence Soul had, it would not affect Kong Xuan at all, it was still a pity when the outcome was out.

Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit paid no attention to this.

It was good that the Yu Nation was peaceful. Whether the other countries were in turmoil or not had nothing to do with him.

All it had to do now was wait patiently.

Wait for the best time to comprehend the Law of Destruction.

There was no need for him to guard the Void World. Su Jingxing’s Primordial Spirit left the Thunder Dragon Bone Armor and returned to the Qinghe City crematorium. It was rare for him to get together with a few old friends.

The ordinary cards extracted from the crematorium were now automatically accumulated and categorized. Su Jingxing couldn’t be bothered to look at them now.

It was the same for the Kuntian World. Su Jingxing’s main body continued to search for the Thunder Cloud Thread Insect in case he didn’t have enough Thunder Gathering Cards.

Once he began to comprehend the law, he could not stop.

With such matters, the outcome was either a success or failure.

With the help of the Thunder Gathering Card, it would be a huge waste if he still failed.

Time flew by.

Finally, the best time to comprehend had come for the Primordial Spirit on Earth Star.

On the last day of the second month, he arrived on the north side of Green Cloud Mountain and picked a mountain peak. He asked Sha Lou to keep guard.

He took out the Thunder Gathering Cards one by one and unlocked them to release the power of guiding lightning and thunder. He only comprehended the destructive Dao sentiment within.

A trace of Dao sentiment was a trace. Those with weak soul power could not even sense them

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