Chapter 242 - Chapter 236, Demon Space_1

Chapter 236, Demon Space_1

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The rope ladder was lowered into the well.

Just as Anjia was preparing to go down the well, Fang Hao grabbed her, “What are you doing?”

“I want to go down and see if there’s anything good. What if you miss something because you’re too careless?” Anjia replied, her expression filled with uncertainty.

“You better stay here. There might still be dangers down there. You and Demitrija should stay up here and direct the skeletons to search properly. I’ll go down and check,” Fang Hao told her.

Something about the cave below seemed quite eerie.

The walls were built with skulls. Despite living amongst skeletons, the sight still made Fang Hao unsettled.

There might be strange things down there, which could affect Anjia. Fang Hao decided he wouldn’t let her go down.

After all, there wasn’t much down there anyway.

“Are you sure you can handle it alone?”

“I’ve checked with the skeleton ash sparrow before. It’s just an empty cave with a stone table in the middle. I’m not blind. I won’t miss anything,” Fang Hao assured her.

“Alright, be thorough in your search,” Anjia finally agreed and moved away from the well’s opening.

“Don’t worry.”

Fang Hao descended the rope ladder, stopping at the crevice. He dislodged some of the stone bricks on either side of the crack, bent over, and crawled in.

Being his third time, the shock and fear had mostly worn off.

After making sure there were no clay monsters in any of the earthenware jars, he began to search in earnest.

The skulls on either side of the cave wall appeared fused with the wall itself. Even up close, nothing could be discerned from them.

He threw the decayed items from the stone table to the ground. However, an item from underneath the heap caught his eye.

[Demon’s Codex Fragment]

[Category: Codex Fragment]

[Ability: Demon’s Space]

[Demon’s Space: A small magic space created with the ‘Interdimensional Gate’ technique, allowing the storage of items at any time. (Living creatures and Undead units are not storable.)]

(Description: A fragment of the Demon’s Codex. Collect all fragments to complete the full Codex.)

A fragment appeared.

This was the second fragment Fang Hao had collected, the first was an [Elemental Codex Fragment] that increased his spell power.

And now he had gotten a Demon’s Codex Fragment.

Whoever left these items behind had the strange habit of tearing up books.

The ability that the Demon’s Codex Fragment would grant made Fang Hao’s heart race.

A Demon’s Space, a small magic space, allowing the storage and retrieval of items at any given time.

This was essentially a Space Ring or a miniature universe within a sleeve.

With this, he can utilize the Demon’s Space to carry items anywhere. If the space is large enough, he wouldn’t need to carry many wagons on future marches. He would be able to store everything.

It could even potentially increase his marching speed.

This item was a very pleasant surprise.

The gloomy cave in front of him didn’t seem so ominous anymore.

Bidding farewell to Anjia, Fang Hao moved deeper into the cave. He tucked the Codex Fragment safely away and continued his search.

In the corner, he found another gold treasure chest.

Ever since he saw a platinum chest, gold no longer stirred his emotions.

He opened it directly.

[Well Building Blueprint, Ring of No Regret (Purple), Demon’s Blood, Warfire Coin 82, Demon Stone 5.]

[Well: Wood too, Stone 1100, Iron 50, Metal Parts 12.]

(Description: The well can satisfy the need for water.)

There was nothing interesting about the well blueprint, so he decided to inspect the second item instead.

It was a purple-tier item.

[Ring of No Regret (Purple)]

[Category: Ring]

[Ability: When worn, it reduces the damage inflicted on troops by ‘Light Magic’ by 2%.]

(Description: Everyone has their own worth and a standpoint shouldn’t divide right from wrong.)

The attributes of the ring made Fang Hao’s heart race.

The Ring of No Regret’s effect was very much needed by him.

If he ever clashed with the forces of Light Magic, this ring would have a significant effect.

How come he always seems to be on the side of the villain? Wherever there are traces of undead or demons, he always seems to find something good.

[Demon’s Blood]

[Type: Blood]

(Description: A drop of demon blood sealed inside something like amber. You can try to ingest it, but the consequences are unpredictable.)

He had in his hand an amber-like stone, with a drop of blood sealed within.

As he gently swayed it in his hand, the blood swirled within.

His collection of strange and mysterious things had just expanded.

This was the second time that Fang Hao had discovered the blood of a supernatural creature, following the vampire heart.

Even the phrase ‘extremely useful’ in the description offered no clue on how to utilize it.

You could drink it, though nobody knew what effects it might have.

And so, who would dare to take a sip?

Anyway, it’s something gained, better put it away for now.

The last two items are Warfire Coins and Demon Stone.

Warfire Coins, needless to say, are now the general currency, and the Demon Stone must be the recruitment material for the Demon Clan.

[Demon Stone]

[Type: Ore]

(Description: Rare ore required for the construction of Demon clan buildings.)

As I thought.

He stuffed everything that could be taken away into the backpack.

Exiting the cave, he climbed out of the well using the rope ladder.

“Did you find anything good?” Anjia asked excitedly.

“Yes, very useful. Below was a stone cave of the Demon Clan.” Fang Hao patted his backpack.

Anjia, looking at the empty backpack, was about to go down and search for herself.

It took Fang Hao some persuasion to dissuade her from going down.

“Collect some rocks nearby and seal the cave entrance.” Fang Hao instructed the skeletons standing by.

By now the village had turned into ruins.

There were rubble everywhere, not difficult to find.

No idea if the villagers would return but it’s better to have the cave sealed.

What was seen inside was truly terrifying.

When everything was over, Fang Hao started to return home with the majority of the troops.

On the way back, Anjia left the team and headed to a village in the south.

As they neared the village on horseback, the image of the Orc attracted many villagers’ attention.

Anjia looked around and spotted an old man chatting with others under a big tree nearby.

As she approached, the old man also saw her.

“It’s you, the girl from this morning.” The old man said smilingly, his face full of wrinkles.

“The problem in your village has been solved, there is no need to worry anymore, but avoid living there, all the houses have collapsed.” Anjia blurted out.

The village had turned into ruins amid the warfare.

It would be more convenient to rebuild a village than to go back and live there.

“The monsters, have they been, eliminated?” The old man asked in shock.

“Eliminated.” Anjia uttered, then turned her horse around to leave.

“Wait!” The old man called Anjia halt.

“What else?”

The old man fumbled in his bosom.

He took out a wrapped cloth, unlayered it to reveal five gold coins.

“This is the reward, the reward from the bounty.” The old man handed it over.

Anjia spared a glance, looked at the village again, “Never mind, you just focus on living properly. If there’s any trouble, post a bounty in the tavern.”

“Thank, thank you, can you tell me your name?”


“And the black-haired young man?”

“Fang Hao.”

Leaving behind a sentence, Anjia rode away.

Only after Anjia had left did the villagers gather.

With several voices asking questions at once.

The old man, smiling broadly, told everyone that the monster that destroyed the village was dead, someone had avenged the dead villagers.

The grand army was returning to the fortress in a mighty tide.

Fang Hao took the backpack from the skeleton’s hand, and as he took out the fragment of the Demon Book, the system prompt echoed again.

[Fragment detected, [Fragment of the Demon Book], would you like to record it?]

Just like the Fragment of the Elemental Book, the Book of Systems could record it, so he didn’t have to carry a single page around everywhere, risking losing it.

Record it.

The fragment of the Demon Book turned into a flash of light and flew into the Book of Lords.

Fang Hao immediately opened the Book of Lords, which now had a new page, named [Demon’s Space].

The name of the ability derived from the Demon’s Book.

On the page, on the right was a model of an empty room, and on the left, several columns of tables.

How should he operate this?

He approached a wooden table, thinking about receiving it.

The wooden table still remained before his eyes and was not stored in the Demon’s Space.

Was it not working?

Fang Hao tried again, touching the wooden table, and again attempted to receive it.

The wooden table disappeared into thin air, and the next second, it appeared inside the room model on the page.