Chapter 196 - Chapter 196: 196, 【Twin Sunflowers】_1

Chapter 196: 196, 【Twin Sunflowers】_1

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“‘Mermaid’, go and exchange for a 30% concentration of the ‘Solution of Green Ivy’ and drop 3 drops on each plant.”


“‘There’s no wife in the wife cake,’ you grind the scales of the [Red Puffer] into powder and sprinkle it on each plant, 3 grams for each.”


“‘Winter of Love’, you go fetch water, remember to soak the bones of [Blowfishmen] in the water ”

Under Dave’s command, players in the plantation got busy, starting the 44th experiment.

This time Dave planted more [Sunflowers].

In the previous 43 experiments, only 10 sunflowers were planted for easier care.

But this time, Dave planted 30 sunflowers at once and sprinkled more abundant solutions on each of them.

Hopefully, with the huge boost from the Spiritual Energy, he can mutate the species he wants!

Sunflower seeds were being planted into soil one by one by Dave. Players, following Dave’s instructions, were busily watering the seeds with various potions.

Now, the growth speed of plants in this territory was very fast. After merely 10 minutes, 12 sunflower seeds emerged from the soil, sprouting tender new shoots.

Seeing these shoots, Dave nodded approvingly, “A survival rate of 40%, not bad at all!”

“Yes, indeed.” A player agreed, “If it were under previous Spiritual Energy conditions and we used such a large dosage of potions, probably none of them would survive.”

A female player named “Winter of Love” also nodded, “Yeah! Forget the other things, the bones of Blowfishmen are extremely poisonous. It is rare to see plants survive when being watered with them.”

Dave scratched his head as he laughed, “Things are different now. The Spiritual Energy is several times more abundant now, and plants are much more resilient ”

Then Dave clapped his hands loudly, “Everybody listen up! Let’s take out all the [Sunstones] from the storeroom and place them beside each plant. Place  10 stones beside each plant.”

“Place 10 stones?!” The surrounding players were shocked.

A male player named “Mermaid” exclaimed, “Dave, previously we burnt all the sunflower plants with just 3 [Sunstones]. This time you are straight up using 10 stones? Isn’t this too risky?”

“It’s fine.” Dave stroked his beard, “You have to trust my judgment. And also, trust in the miracles of life.”

“Well  okay.”

Since Dave insisted, the players didn’t say anything further and went towards the storeroom.

5 minutes later, players placed [Sunstones] one by one next to the sunflower seedlings.

Once activated, [Sunstones] emit bright light and high heat, just like miniature suns.

The seedlings clearly couldn’t stand such intense light and heat.

Shortly after the [Sunstones] were placed, five plants started to brown and wilt. The growth of the other seven was also heavily restricted to varying degrees.

“As expected, it would already be a miracle, to believe in life under such harsh conditions, if any of these could survive.” Winter of Love looked at the burnt sunflower seedlings with some sympathy.

“Indeed, survival alone would be quite remarkable.” Players nodded in agreement.

In the following 10 minutes, four out of the remaining seven seedlings couldn’t bear the heat, got dried up, and turned into dead twigs. Only three seedlings continued to grow stubbornly.

However, these three seedlings seemed to also realize that they couldn’t continue growing under the previous condition and chose to “mutate” in order to handle this crisis.

One seedling chose to sprout a lot of leaves to counter the intense light and heat;

The second seedling chose to shed all its branches and leaves and only keep its trunk to retain water;

The third seedling chose to bifurcate at the stem, growing an entirely new branch, planning to use a “crown of two flowers” to absorb the extra light and heat.

The third was exactly what Dave needed!

Seeing that this plant began to cultivate a “crown of two flowers”, his hand clutching a shovel trembled slightly, “Finally, we see the mutation we want! Quick, reduce the [Sunstones] to 7 pieces!”

The players quickly took action and claimed the three [Sunstones].

With the light around them dimming, the growing conditions for the sunflower sapling eased significantly.

In anticipation, Dave and the players watched as the sapling sprouted a pale yellow bud at the end of each of its two stems. Once mature, the sunflower would have two crowns.

Having produced two crowns, the cultivation work this time could be considered a great success!

Dave, touching the tender buds of the sunflower with trembling hands, was overwhelmed with emotion, “We finally did it!”

Having been in the Domain for a month and a half, he finally had a work to present to the adults.

“Yes, we did it!” The players were also very delighted. Everyone pitched in significantly in the cultivation of this mutant plant.

“Quickly notify the Guild Leader, let him know about this good news!”

“The Guild Leader will surely be thrilled when he hears about this!”

The players in the garden began to chatter away in the guild chat channel, and some directly messaged Swift.

Three minutes later, Su Yu hurriedly dashed into the plantation, “Dave, did you succeed in the cultivation?”

“Of course!” Dave turned sideways, proudly showing Su Yu the sunflower with two crowns.

The two crowns of the sunflower just bloomed, both still very tender. However, the whole plant was thriving and growing extremely well.

Su Yu activated the [Insight] spell, clearly seeing the attributes of the sunflower.

[Twin Sunflowers]

Type: Plant

Attributes: Can produce 2 units of [Sunshine] every sunny day. [Sunshine] can be absorbed and transformed into Experience Points, and can also be used to exchange for plants at Aphi [Crazy Dave] (14,36).

Note: A mutated form of [Sunflower], possessing superior seeds.

Upon seeing the attributes of the sunflower, Su Yu was overjoyed.

In his previous life, [Sunflowers] were the main source of Experience Points for average players, accounting for about 60% of the total.

Now that it had mutated, the output of Sunshine had doubled!

This was a big deal for all of humanity, and the impact it would have in the later stage could be as significant as seizing a Spiritual Spring Eye, influencing the entire human battle situation!

“Thank you, Tyro!” Su Yu overwhelmed with emotion, rushed forward, and gave Dave a big hug.

“Speak, what reward do you want? Would 100,000 spiritual energy coins be enough?”

The more Su Yu looked at Dave’s old face, the more pleasurable it felt, and he was even tempted to steal a kiss.

“Err, Sir, it was my duty.” Dave, not expecting such an intense reaction from Su Yu, awkwardly rubbed the corner of his clothes.

The female players who saw this scene, their eyes lit up.

They quickly gathered in a group, excitedly discussing:

“Look, I told you! Dave’s the one, Tina’s nothing compared to him!

“Before I didn’t believe, but now it seems  The Guild Leader is really very warm towards Dave!”

“I’m definitely shipping this couple!”

“Dave’s stock is on fire, sell off Tina’s stock, princess’ stock in a downfall, investing all in Dave.”

“Sisters, do we want to get in a forum fight with the Tina party?”

Hearing the dialogue of these female players, Su Yu released Dave with a face of disbelief.

You ladies, could you not discuss these messy things, okay?