Su Yan was crouched down in the prison.

Her eyes were unfocused and lifeless.

Suddenly, a mighty figure walked in.

Su Yan immediately started objecting, "I can't take it anymore. I'd rather you just kill me rather than keeping me imprisoned like this."

The Demon King calmly replied, "Don't get excited now. Let's discuss the matter of cooperating."

Su Yan's eyes lit up, "You're agreeing then?"

The Demon King replied, "Heroes are as common as cockroaches, so it's not like I have to work with you. That said, I can give you a test and opportunity."

"What is it?"

"Help me kill a Demon King."

Su Yan immediately deflated like a punctured balloon, "I'm a Level 1 Elite at best, so I'm unlikely to stand a chance even against the weakest Demon King around."

Zhang Nu calmly replied, "What are you so afraid of? I'll loan you an army, so your part in all this is very simple. Just use your Hero ability, locate this Demon King, and then deal the killing blow."

Su Yan was dumbfounded.

Having a Hero help him kill another Demon KIng?

What kind of thing is that!

Truth be told, Zhang Nu's thoughts are very simple. When Demon Kings kill other Demon Kings or Heroes kill other Heroes, this kind of killing within the same camp won't yield any rewards.

In that case, why not use the Hero as a blade instead?

This way, Zhang Nu can continue to hide his true strength among the Demon Kings.

At the same time, the Hero will generate great rewards from destroying a Demon King's Nest and killing a Demon King. Thus why not do that and take a share from that reward?

At the same time, it's a way to give that Hero girl a chance to prove that she has the value to be of use.

Su Yan didn't have any other choice really. Rather than continue languishing away in jail, she'd rather make one last desperate attempt. Maybe she might even get lucky and manage to live through it?


Only a little bit ago.

Over a dozen vampire bat soldiers had returned from the Darkness Valley to their nest.

Deep within this cave is a Demon King Altar.

This particular Demon King Nest is populated by hundreds of various kinds of units. They've been developing quite well.


"We've completed our scouting!"

"There's a Demon King's territory nearby!"

"Right in the Darkness Valley a few dozen kilometers away!"

The Demon King player Wang He was sitting on the Altar.

He's a bat demon, with pitch black fur, being over two meters tall, a pair of blood red eyes, huge bat wings, and incomparably sharp fangs.

This is a Demon King of medium grade bloodline.

He has talents for blood sucking, detection, and flight.

Wang He was doing quite well for himself so far, and he currently has about 800 subordinates.

The Bat demon's units aren't as strong as the top classed units, but as a trade off, their cost is far cheaper. That's why he was able to summon so many of them.

Thanks to the detection and flight abilities, the vampire bat soldiers have an extremely large hunting radius, so Wang He basically had no need to worry over food supplies during the early game.

He used an overwhelming number of highly mobile minions with high detection capabilities to kill five previous Heroes who have attempted to challenge him and conquered several zones. He's been developing quite well so far.

"Demon King?"

"Darkness Valley?"

A cold gleam passed through Wang He's eyes.

Who ever said that only Heros count as real enemies of Demon Kings?

What's a Demon King's mission?

To conquer, destroy, and annihilate!

Every Demon King has great motivation to attack, conquer, and expand!

It's generally more advantageous for Heroes to cooperate, but for Demon Kings, it's generally more advantageous to compete instead.

Wang He doesn't consider a fellow Demon King nearby to be a good thing.

A single mountain cannot bear two tigers!

Wang He asked, "What race is that Demon King?"

The vampire bat soldier replied, "The Valley is covered with magical mist, so we are unable to fully scout out the area. However, we did discover a high quantity of goblins."

While saying that, it took out the loot it took from the raid.

"This is giga potato!" Wang He asked, "You're sure that they've planted massive quantities of these potatoes in their territory?"

"There's no mistake!"

"They had very large scaled farmlands!"

"When we arrived, several hundred goblins were in the middle of harvesting. They've piled these potatoes into mounds the size of small hills."

Wang He exclaimed, "Could it be the Potato Demon King?"

He knows of a certain guy who was crowned with a nickname of Potato Demon King because of him selling potatoes day and night.

Could the Darkness Valley be the territory of the Potato Demon King?

Could this rather famous Demon King actually be a mere goblin?

The vampire bat soldier continued its report, "We had wanted to keep scouting in more detail, but we were discovered by a few very strong guards, so we immediately retreated."

Wang He clenched his fist.

If the other party really is the Potato Demon King, then this is certain to be a great opportunity to get rich.

That guy had earned so much money, so it's not particularly strange for him to have been able to raise a strong army. Even so, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Wang He has great advantages in this match.

First of all, he's hidden away, while the Potato Demon King is out in the open.

Demon Kings can't automatically know where the other is without active searching. Right now, Wang He has scouted out the opposing side's nest, but his opponent doesn't know where Wang He is. Thus, Wang He had the initiative here.

Next is the advantage in mobility.

Wang He's army isn't very powerful in combat, but they are highly mobile air units.

Wang He was confident that if he were to launch sneak attacks when his opponent isn't expecting it, then it's very much possible to directly decapitate the enemy Demon King or to destroy their altar in a base raid.

By killing this Demon King, he'll be able to both steal great riches and resources while at the same time removing a strong potential opponent.

Wang He felt great just thinking about it.


"Truly, the heavens are with me!"

Wang He decided to properly prepare.

This time, he must make sure to succeed!

He thus sent out sonic waves with orders for his subordinates.

The next day, his hunting parties have all returned to base.

Wang He was getting ready to go to war.

He began patiently planning out his plans for a sneak attack.

However, before he could even fully plan out his strategy, a minion had flown before him.

"We're under attack!"

"A Hero is attacking us!"

Wang He let out a cold laugh in response, "A worthless bunch dares to challenge me? This will merely help increase my power!"

He had already killed several Heroes before, so he wasn't alarmed at all.

If he could kill a few Heroes and activate a new talent before attacking the Darkness Valley, then that would obviously be great for him.


"It's terrible!"

"The outer caves have been lost!"

"The Hero has gotten through!"

Wang He finally reacted in shock, "What did you just say? How is this possible!"