Chapter 312 - Chapter 312 The Beast God is Shocked, How Freakish is This Kid Anyway!

Chapter 312 The Beast God is Shocked, How Freakish is This Kid Anyway!

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“Ye Feng, you!!”

The Beast God was on the verge of being infuriated to death by Ye Feng. While he himself was ready for Fairy Dance to join forces and fend off the enemy, this kid instead sent his three Imperial Beasts to take the lead.

He had never crossed hands with these guys before and didn’t know how terrifying they were.

These guys were already formidable in strength, otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to contend with Pan Clan’s Camp this long and even drag the Hun Clan Camp into the fray.

What’s more, these guys had quite a number of powerful formations at their disposal.

Under the enhancement of these formations, their strength was not just improved by a little bit, while on the other hand, those trapped by the formations would find their power suppressed.

The Third Transformation Mixed Sky Array right in front of them was such a formation.

At such a critical juncture, to go it alone was simply courting death, wasn’t it?

“Hehe how interesting!”

“Is this the one who wiped out a thread of Blood Emperor’s consciousness? Seems a bit weak”

An ethereal figure said indifferently, gazing at Ao Xue, who was charging toward him.

“Be careful with your words. Even if the Blood Emperor has reincarnated and re-cultivated, it’s not something we should discuss lightly. If the higher-ups heard you, you’ll be in for it.”

Another ethereal shadow spoke up.

“Stop the idle talk. Let’s deal with these three first.”

“Catching this Beast God usually gives us quite the headache. Not only is he slippery, but ordinary formations barely restrict him.”

“Fortunately, the three of us took on this task and were given the Third Transformation Mixed Sky Array. What a pity it’s only for single use; otherwise, we’d be having a grand time.”

The third shadow spoke, and instantly, the Third Transformation Mixed Sky Array erupted with a vast divine might.

At the same time, Ye Feng, along with his three Imperial Beasts, and both Fairy Dance and the Beast God felt that overpowering Suppression Power.

Moreover, this force could even repress artifacts of great power. In the blink of an eye, the auras of the Beast God and Fairy Dance weakened by thirty percent.

It should be noted that with their strength reduced by a third, fatal consequences could occur.

“Damn it Ye Feng, this time you’re going to get me killed!”

The Beast God was incredibly irritable, even feeling a bit wronged. Originally, he damn well came here to lead Ye Feng away.

After all, this guy was bound by an Epoch Oath with him. If Ye Feng died, he’d be affected by the oath’s backlash.

This wasn’t just any oath, like one sworn by the Great Dao, which he could bear the consequences of; but the Epoch Oath was too severe, directly targeting his lifespan. Faced with such a backlash, he had no confidence that he could survive this Epoch.

In that situation, facing the complex circumstances and environment under the starry sky, he would be like a fish on the chopping block, completely at the mercy of others.

Fairy Dance’s expression also turned solemn, clearly aware that they were now at a life-and-death juncture.


Sensing the weakening on him, Ye Feng didn’t panic. In the hands of his Divine Soul within his spiritual sea, the Tower of Eternity, reduced countless times in size, suddenly shone with light.

Immediately after, the formation suppression on him and the three beasts was lifted.


At that moment, the three beasts struck simultaneously. The magnificent force that shook the starry sky tore through space and arrived in front of the three figures.



“This… how can he be so powerful? Why hasn’t his strength been suppressed???”

The three figures were shocked when they saw that Ye Feng’s Imperial Beasts possessed strength in the Reincarnation Realm comparable to that of the peak of the Supreme Realm.

They even believed that such a thing was on the person right before their eyes, but what they never expected was that the ever-reliable power of the formation had failed against him.

Not only had it failed, but the strength of the three Imperial Beasts also far exceeded their imagination.

In that instant, an immensely vast force swept across the starry sky, landing on them before they could react.

“Crack” A sound!

It was as if the starry sky had shattered in that moment, as an overwhelmingly powerful force instantly swept across the entire expanse.

Stars within thousands of light-years trembled in unison, turning into dust, and countless beings perished under that strike.


Three agonizing howls echoed in their ears, and by this time, the Beast God was completely stunned.

“How in the hell is this kid so freakishly strong”

“Why are his Imperial Beasts so powerful? Why are their strengths unaffected by the formation?”


This moment delivered a huge shock to the Beast God, shattering his beliefs to their core.

This kid’s three Imperial Beasts, with the cultivation level of the Reincarnation Realm, had directly struck across the Peak Supreme Realm onto the Half-step Eternity Realm.

To think that these three beings, under the enhancement of the formation, were nearly as strong as the Beast God in his prime.

Ordinarily, within a formation, the enemy’s strength would rise while our strength would wane, the outcome of which would quickly become apparent in this zero-sum game.

But Ye Feng’s arrival shattered the Beast God’s perception, delivering a massive blow to his psyche.

Not just to him, nearby Fairy Dance also stood with her small mouth slightly open, her expression one of shock.

If someone from the Immortal Clan, even from the Pan Clan, saw Fairy Dance’s expression, they would be greatly surprised, for they knew she had never shown such an expression before.


As Brother Monkey’s Immobilization Technique was cast, three solid shadows, already severely injured by the previous strike, were frozen in place, turning into sitting ducks.

At that moment, Ao Xue, Brother Monkey, and Kun Ming appeared right in front of these three shadows.


Kun Ming unleashed the Big Void Chaos Hole Force, his formidable power stirring up the void and smashing his designated shadow to pieces.

Ao Xue executed a True Dragon Swing Tail, simultaneously destroying his own opponent.

Brother Monkey, having seen the others’ attacks, changed his move in an instant, where he had planned to finish his foe with a World-covering Strike, he now spared his opponent’s life.

Seeing this, Ye Feng stepped forward and arrived beside that shadow, and soon after, it disappeared from in front of him.


The Beast God and Fairy Dance were momentarily perplexed, the rapid turn of events brought them out of a dream.

“Is… Is it resolved???”

The Beast God couldn’t believe it, and although Fairy Dance still looked cool and indifferent, her heart was tremendously shaken.

One could only imagine, if they were in their shoes facing the same situation, would they have had any chance to escape?

The answer was no chance of escape.

At this thought, Fairy Dance experienced an emotion she had never felt before.

For someone who had grown up in the Immortal Clan and even later, lauded by Pan Man as potentially surpassing Immortal Yang Son and himself, Fairy Dance felt a different emotion for the first time.

It was as if a splash of color had suddenly invaded her monochrome world.