Chapter 27 -27-The Attributes of the Ice God Grimoire

Chapter 27: Chapter27-The Attributes of the Ice God Grimoire

At that moment, Lily, Emma, and Icethorn all leveled up.

Lily reached level 22, Emma hit level 21, while Icethorn advanced to level 23.

Witnessing Harrison's formidable strength, Leo, standing nearby, cast a slightly envious glance at Emma.

The flames of desire, which he had long suppressed, now burned even more fervently within him.

With the battle dust settling, Emma and Lily began scouring the battlefield for spoils.

However, fortune didn't seem to favor them as they found nothing of significant value.

Harrison simply chuckled, indicating he had long grown accustomed to the unpredictable nature of loot drops.

He recalled from a past life how most adventurers, even those who climbed to levels 40 or 50, still wielded beginner equipment of F or E-level grade.

The low drop rate was a shared vexation. n.-OvelbIn

Suddenly, a door radiating a shimmering golden light emerged at the base of the colossal tree.

Without hesitation, Harrison and the group entered, transitioning to the fourth level.

The environment was a stark contrast from before. It was as if they had traversed time and space, arriving outside the walls of an ancient city.

This metropolis was grand in scale, and on the hefty city gates, the glorious golden characters "CloudSea" were boldly inscribed.

Icethorn took a deep breath, his demeanor notably somber. "This is the fourth level. Previously, only Leo and I explored up to this point. This domain belongs to the snow elves, and CloudSea is their capital city."

He paused for emphasis, then continued, "Every single snow elf here possesses silver rank strength, and their numbers are vast—by my estimate, at least in the tens of thousands. I once attempted to challenge them, but after defeating merely a few dozen, I had to retreat."

Harrison paused for a moment, then said earnestly, "The strength of silver rank beings is indeed not to be underestimated, let alone in such vast numbers." He turned towards Icethorn, his expression sincere. "Icethorn, I'd like to borrow your Ice God Grimoire. I have an idea, but I need it."

Icethorn was momentarily taken aback.

Although the Ice God Grimoire was of utmost importance, if it could help them navigate through this level successfully, perhaps it was worth considering.

He cast an inquisitive gaze upon Harrison, evidently curious about his intentions.

"You can borrow it, but I need to know what you plan to do with it first," Icethorn voiced.

Hearing this, Harrison allowed a faint smile to grace his lips and opened his palm.

Elegantly twirling between his slender fingers was an icy blue snow flower.

It was light and transparent, resembling the teardrop of an ice spirit, exuding a profound aura of ORDER.

It was so mesmerizing that one couldn't help but be drawn to it.

The snow flower, the very epitome of the purest form of artistry, was the physical manifestation of the Ice Prison Judgement ORDER.

Icethorn's eyes were riveted to the snow flower, a torrent of awe apparent in his gaze.

He knew that only those who mastered advanced ice ORDER skills could conjure such a flower.

He then shifted his gaze to meet Harrison's, his eyes a whirlpool of emotions—recognition, uncertainty, and a tinge of astonishment.

Deep down, he realized that the higher-ups had conducted numerous studies regarding the legendary Diamond Chest.

And undoubtedly, the ice ORDER in Harrison's possession had been unlocked from that enigmatic chest.

Icethorn couldn't help but wonder, should the full power of this snow flower be unleashed, what kind of shockwaves would it send throughout their world?

Harrison caught the look in Icethorn's eyes and gently explained, "I'm currently unable to harness the full power of this skill. However, with your Ice God Grimoire, I might just be able to unlock its true potential."

Icethorn pondered for a moment, then nodded in agreement. From his spatial backpack, he retrieved the Ice God Grimoire, its cover shimmering with a frosty glow, and handed it to Harrison.

Taking the grimoire, Harrison gently caressed its cover and playfully remarked, "Aren't you worried I might take this tome and never return it to you?"

Icethorn offered a faint smile, shaking his head in calm assurance, "I believe you wouldn't do that."

Touched by the gesture, warmth filled Harrison's heart. He chuckled and began to examine the properties of the Ice God Grimoire.

[Ice God Grimoire]

[Rank]: Unique

[Effect 1]: Ice God Illusion.

Master seven skills within the Ice God Grimoire: Ice Trap Tempest, Cage of Frost, Arctic Stream, Frozen Earth, Snow Realm, Glacial Fracture, and Blade of the Polar Ice. (No talent bonus applied, ineffective when unequipped).

[Effect 2]: Blessing of the Ice God.

Cast your first three ice attribute skills daily without consuming wisdom and with no cooldown. (Remaining count: 1)

Reset time: 5 hours, 36 minutes, 22 seconds.

[Effect 3]: Pact of Ice.

Damage from ice attribute skills increased by 1000%! (Stackable with talents).

Only three effects were listed, yet after reading them, Harrison was profoundly astonished.

He hadn't expected the Ice God Grimoire to possess such formidable capabilities. Each effect was extraordinarily potent.

Truly befitting of a unique equipment.

With these thoughts, a heightened sense of urgency swelled within Harrison.

Even if he were to possess ten SSS-level talents, they would be mere words until unlocked.

He had to reach level 100 as swiftly as possible to activate all his talents.

After all, the blessed ones aren't just few, and he wasn't the only fortunate soul.

Holding the Ice God Grimoire, Harrison felt an incredibly pure icy power coursing through him, augmenting his strength.

He then turned to Icethorn and the rest, instructing, "Stay put right here. I'll create a safe zone around you to ensure no harm befalls any of you."

Upon hearing Harrison's words, everyone nodded in acknowledgment.

Positioning himself towards CloudSea, Harrison readied himself.

For what lay ahead was an onslaught, an endless barrage that CloudSea was about to bear.

The Ice God Grimoire began to levitate autonomously before Harrison.

As he started reciting the spell of the Ice Prison Judgement, the few existing clouds in the sky vanished, blanketing the world in an eerie silence.

Witnessing this, Icethorn understood the dreadful potency of the magic Harrison was about to unleash.

Ice elemental skills differed from other magical skills. The mightier they were, the quieter their onset.

The ambient temperature around them began to plummet.

-1°C, -10°C,-100°C...

Yet, perplexingly, the streams outside of CloudSea seemed unaffected, continuing their gentle babbling.

Inside CloudSea, the snow elves sensed the impending danger.

The city walls started to teem with snow elf soldiers, their leather armors now encrusted with thick frost.

Though snow elves naturally had resistance to icy conditions, it only rendered them immune to a certain extent.

Confronted by advanced ice elemental skills, this resistance became utterly futile.

Spotting Harrison and his group, the snow elves nocked their arrows, aiming to take them down.

However, in the biting cold of sub-hundred-degree temperatures, their bowstrings, stiffened like frozen crystal, shattered with a mere pull.

Unwilling to meet their end passively, the snow elves discarded their useless bows, drawing their elven blades.

The gates of CloudSea swung open, and hordes of snow elves charged, screaming,

"Slay these intruders!"


Their battle cries echoed, filled with rage and determination.