Chapter 25 -25-Fierce Battle with Wind Demon Monkey

Chapter 25: Chapter25-Fierce Battle with Wind Demon Monkey

[Iron-Armed Zombie]

[Level]: 30

[Rank]: Elite

[Base Strength]: 90

[Base Constitution]: 100

[Base Agility]: 50

[Base Wisdom]: 2

[Talent]: Ironclad Bones.

[Skill]: Zombie Leap, Corpse Poison Infusion.

Gazing over the hillside swarming with zombies, like a tidal wave in motion, Icethorn's eyes were fixed intently on Harrison.

"Be wary," he cautioned, "these zombies carry a chilling aura, making them particularly resistant to ice-based skills."

Harrison slightly turned his head, sensing Icethorn's concern.

"Don't worry," he replied, "stay close to me. Gresel, protect everyone."

The skeleton king responded with solemn respect, "As you command, Master."

This towering skeletal creature immediately positioned himself at the forefront, establishing a sturdy line of defense for them.

However, at this moment, Harrison had no intention of letting the skeleton king take action. His trump card was yet to be unveiled.

A golden-red glow emanated from his hands.

One by one, fireballs, reminiscent of an ancient alchemist crafting magical elixirs, rapidly took shape.

These fireballs were more than twice as large as those he'd conjured before, each resembling a massive boulder.

Then, with the grace of a maestro playing a tune, he directed the fireballs towards the zombie horde.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Each impact of the fireballs resonated like the thunderous roar of the heavens, shaking the entire chaotic burial mound.

Iron-Armed Zombies, when hit by this scorching force, either disintegrated into ash or let out piercing shrieks.

On the darkened hill, purplish-red flames burned, evoking images of hellfire.

The air was filled with the scent of charring, reminiscent of grilled meat.

Leo, feeling the power's immense force, took a deep breath, his legs even trembling slightly.

He thought, "I've fought alongside Icethorn before, but never have I felt such an overwhelming force."

After unleashing dozens of fireballs, the landscape of the burial mound underwent a drastic transformation.

The once cold ground now flowed with molten lava, the temperature spiking dramatically.

Those once-threatening Iron-Armed Zombies had now become mere dust in the annals of history.

Harrison's experience level reached 98% of level 25.

He was just 2% away from leveling up.

The portal to the next level then appeared.

However, it was a bit distant from the group.

Icethorn immediately conjured a frost mist, using it to cool the lava and carve out a path forward.

As they proceeded, the group soon found themselves on the third level.

The third level.

It was a tropical rainforest.

Distantly, the sounds of countless monkeys echoed.

Icethorn furrowed his brows. "Now, we've truly entered a perilous zone. The Wind Demon Monkeys here are all Bronze monsters. Hundreds, even thousands of them attacking at once would easily breach our defenses."

At that moment, Harrison pulled out the Flame Resistance Ring from his bag's space.

He had forgotten to learn this spell earlier. Now was the perfect time to master it.

Clapping his hands, a voice intoned, "Congratulations, you've learned the Flame Resistance Ring." "Your current Flame Resistance Ring level is 1."

Compared to the previous two levels, the third level's territory seemed vast and boundless.

A lush tropical rainforest stretched for thousands of square kilometers, hiding countless mysteries and dangers within.

Eliminating all the monsters here seemed like a herculean task.

However, Icethorn's intelligence pinpointed their objective.

He mentioned a matriarch monkey at the region's center, the Monkey King of all Wind Demon Monkeys.

If they could defeat the Monkey King, the entire Wind Demon Monkey horde would be enraged and pursue the invaders.

Every time the Enchanted Realm restarted, the number of Wind Demon Monkeys might vary, but there were generally eight to nine hundred of them.

After hearing Icethorn's words, Harrison pondered for a moment before nodding.

Stretching out his hand, Icethorn said, "Let's move now."

And with that, he led Harrison and the others deeper into the heart of the rainforest.

The humidity and temperature of this place were stifling, and the slick mud underfoot combined with the pervasive venomous insects only heightened the treacherousness of the terrain.

Even with their extraordinary stamina and speed, the ancient rainforest seemed oppressively daunting to them.

Suddenly, a rustle sounded through the gusts.

From the dense foliage, a troop of Wind Demon Monkeys skillfully swung through the vines, their piercing gaze locking onto Harrison's party.

These agile Wind Demon Monkeys, with their innate attunement to the wind, seemed to pinpoint their prey with uncanny precision.

Facing potential adversaries, they excitedly bared their sharp fangs, vigorously pounding their chests.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Each resounding thud seemed to challenge Harrison and his companions.

With an eagle-eyed glance, Harrison quickly assessed the situation, estimating around a dozen or so in this group of Wind Demon Monkeys.

However, for him, this didn't pose much of a threat.

He took a moment to inspect the attributes of the Wind Demon Monkey:

[Wind Demon Monkey]

[Level]: 30

[Rank]: Bronze

[Base Strength]: 130

[Base Constitution]: 140

[Base Agility]: 100

[Base Wisdom]: 2

[Talent]: Demonic Ape Physique.

[Skill]: Wind Demon Blade Fist, Charged Strike.

Harrison summoned his Stone Shield and walked resolutely towards the Wind Demon Monkeys.

He then waved to Icethorn and the rest, signaling them to hold their ground.

Upon seeing this, Icethorn and his companions stood by, quietly observing, uncertain of Harrison's plan.

The Wind Demon Monkeys, noticing Harrison's approach, leapt down from the ancient trees, encircling him.

Witnessing this scene, Emma cast a worried glance at Harrison.

Yet, meeting his steadfast gaze, she felt an inexplicable comfort, and her anxiety gradually subsided.

At this juncture, the Wind Demon Monkeys clenched their fists tightly.

Their muscles tensed, every ounce of their strength converging into their fists.


In unison, they bellowed, and a dozen fists rained down on Harrison's Stone Shield.


A sound, reminiscent of a bell tolling, echoed from the heart of the battleground.

The force sent the Wind Demon Monkeys flying in all directions, crashing against the ancient trees around.

From their arms, broken bones pierced through their flesh, creating gaping wounds from which blood poured relentlessly.

Everyone stood still, utterly spellbound by the scene before them. The strength of that shield was beyond belief.

Harrison cast a fleeting glance at the Wind Demon Monkeys, and with a swift gesture, activated his Flame Resistance Ring.

A massive surge of flames paired with shockwaves emerged, and amidst the heart-wrenching cries of the Wind Demon Monkeys, they were swiftly reduced to ashes.

Suddenly, from the remains of one of the monkeys, a radiant burst of white light exploded.

Had something dropped?

A flicker of intrigue crossed Harrison's face. Approaching the light, he retrieved the shining item from within.

It was a pair of fistwraps. n)-o))v-.e-/l/)B-.1--n

[Wind Demon Fistwraps (D-level)]

[Effect 1]: Enhances attack speed by 15%.

[Effect 2]: Each attack delivers a wind blade, causing damage equivalent to 50% of the primary attack (1-second cooldown).

A truly exquisite piece.

Once in the possession of a Warrior class, it offers the capability for magical attacks.

At this stage, it was undeniably a pinnacle piece of equipment.