Chapter 23 -23-Illusions and the Phantom Insect

Chapter 23: Chapter23-Illusions and the Phantom Insect

Although Harrison's knowledge of the Enchanted Realm wasn't extensive, he had heard scattered tidbits about it.

Rumors suggested that each activation of the Enchanted Realm saw the consumption of resources multiply.

These consumables ranged from rare materials, exceptional equipment, and mysterious skill books to ancient scrolls and precious elixirs.

When these resources amassed to a certain level, the sheer quantity was almost beyond comprehension.

At that moment, Icethorn gently pulled a pitch-black token from within his robe.

The token's luminescence flowed like liquid, reminiscent of a premium dark jade carved from ancient times.

Its intricate patterns seemed like nature's masterpiece, emanating a serene and harmonious aura.

"This is the Enchanted Realm entry token, specially requisitioned by the Chief," Icethorn solemnly announced. "I will now present to you the gateway to the Enchanted Realm."

No sooner had he finished speaking than he cast the token toward the center of the plaza.

As the token ascended, it emitted a radiant light, spinning continuously.

Gradually, it began to expand, and with a prolonged reverberation, the dark jade token seamlessly transformed into a portal.

Beyond this gateway, the revealed scenery was breathtaking: shimmering waters, singing birds, and a riot of blossoming flowers, presenting a paradise entirely distinct from reality.

With a subtle wave of his arm, Icethorn gestured and said, "Follow me. This is the introductory level of the Apocalypse Enchanted Realm. The monsters here are rather basic, allowing us to make swift progress."

The group trailed behind Icethorn, stepping into this wondrous domain.

The door, carved from dark jade, slowly sealed shut, leaving only a radiant golden insignia shimmering on its surface, flowing ceaselessly like the very thread of life itself.

The moment Harrison set foot in the Enchanted Realm, it felt as though his senses were enveloped by a mysterious force.

He immediately realized that this world was utterly different from any he had experienced before.

The sun hung high in the sky, its rays spreading in all directions, while stars adorned the horizon, like jewels of the night.

Beneath him, an array of flora thrived, vibrant and teeming with life.

Every leaf, every blossom emitted an aura of unique essence, as if they were untouched by the outside world.

No sooner had they entered the territory of the Enchanted Realm than a group of peculiar creatures approached them.

These beings resembled rabbits, but they possessed insect-like wings.

Their wings fluttered rapidly, emitting a faint buzzing sound, as if nature's own violinists were playing an overture for Harrison and his companions.

Swiftly accessing his system, Harrison's gaze settled on the small creatures.

Then, a clear attribute description appeared in his line of sight, detailing the basic features and abilities of these beings.

[Phantom Insect]

[Level]: 30

[Rank]: Common

[Base Strength]: 6

[Base Constitution]: 10

[Base Agility]: 80

[Base Wisdom]: 2

[Talent]: Phantom Pollen.

[Skill]: Sting.

Harrison's eyes widened as he studied the peculiar phantom insects. Compared to other creatures of their rank, their attributes seemed almost laughable.

The phantom insects moved with agile grace, their wings flitting rapidly.

They danced across the sky, at times skimming past clouds and occasionally darting low above the heads of the onlookers, sprinkling a pollen that resembled snowflakes.

As the minute grains melded with the air and entered Harrison's nostrils and mouth, his vision distorted instantaneously, as if he was pulled into a surreal dream.

Faces he had long forgotten emerged – adversaries he had defeated in his past life, now stood before him, their eyes filled with malevolence and the desire for revenge.

They circled him like specters, seemingly intent on dragging him into the abyss.

An unparalleled dread overtook Harrison, his face draining of color, and he felt as if he was on the verge of suffocation.

In this critical juncture, Lily's voice rang out with unwavering calm, "Purify the soul!"

A halo as pure as snow, akin to the first ray of dawn, illuminated everyone, banishing all illusions and chaos.

Awakened by this mystic force, Harrison shook his head in disbelief, astounded that he was beguiled by a swarm of low-level insects.

The Soul Cube he had always relied upon had failed him at the crucial moment. But now wasn't the time for doubts.

Taking a deep breath, Harrison quickly formed hand seals.

In an instant, a scorching beam of flame erupted from his fingertips, incinerating the fluttering phantom insects on the spot.

The scent of charred remains filled the air, and the scorched carcasses of the phantom insects rained down like droplets.

Despite their astonishing speed, they had no place to hide from Harrison's fierce blaze.

Everyone stared in astonishment at Harrison, who effortlessly annihilated the bothersome creatures, exceeding all their expectations.

The eyes of Lily and Emma shimmered with a unique radiance, reminiscent of two brilliant stars.

The scene before him left Icethorn in such shock that his heart seemed to skip a beat.

Such a powerful impact was something that even he wouldn't dare to withstand directly. n/-o//V(.E--l-/B/.1)/n

A thought crossed his mind, "Is Harrison's power related to the elements?"

Such prowess suggested that his innate talent might surpass Icethorn's, potentially reaching the awe-inspiring SSS-level!

A trace of barely concealed jealousy crossed Leo's face.

He pondered, "If I possessed talent like Harrison's, coupled with my current experience, who in this world could stand against me?"

With the demise of the phantom insects, five beams of golden light emerged from their bodies, slowly seeping into the group.

Harrison received the most concentrated stream, akin to a gentle brook, given his significant contribution in the battle.

Following closely was Lily.

By the time the light reached Leo, what initially appeared as a thin layer amplified a hundredfold due to some mysterious force within him, transforming from a trickle into a roaring river.

This spectacle stirred waves of envy in the hearts of the others.

"Isn't this essentially cheating?" Icethorn murmured softly.

However, since Leo had yet to complete his class change quest, his level cap was still at 30.

As such, the overwhelming experience points were temporarily stored, awaiting the right moment.

Icethorn shifted the topic, detailing the Apocalypse Enchanted Realm, "Harrison, the area we're in is called the 'Sea of Fantasy Flowers'. To progress to the next layer, we must eradicate all the phantom insects within this region."

After listening to Icethorn, Harrison gave a slight nod.

The phantom insects of the Sea of Fantasy Flowers didn't seem overwhelmingly strong; overcoming this area appeared within reach.

Yet, in that moment, Icethorn slowly drew a book from his bosom, presenting it to the group.

Harrison's gaze settled on the book, and his expression instantly changed.

Not only was the book exquisitely crafted, but its surface also emanated a potent aura, reminiscent of a unique star within the abyss.

For Harrison at that moment, this was evidently no ordinary gear; its strength far surpassed the mundane.

Though Emma seemed nonchalant, her keen senses detected Harrison's shift in demeanor.

Moving gracefully, like a delicate butterfly, she took a few light steps, drawing closer to Harrison.

Extending her slender neck, she whispered into his ear, in a volume only the two of them could hear, revealing the enigmatic origins of Icethorn's book.