Chapter 682 This is my whole family, Yuze

682 This is my whole family, Yuze

Ten Years Later:

In the pavilion, the royal family members were looking at the young princes, who were competing in the two teams with each other for the football game called cuju. Around the football ground, the palace servants, high-class nobles, and some military soldiers were present too to see the young royal princes playing against the young noble boys.

"The Crown Prince is playing great, Your Majesty, and so are the other princes," Jin Yu said with a smile on her lips. Xiaoming nodded his head and smiled while looking at all the young kids.

Xiaoming and Jin Yu's son Xiaojin looked at his father as he made his team win in the first quarter of the match.

"What is Sister Li Jiawei doing in that attire?" Tianjie's and Song Jia's son, Tian Xin, asked. The four princes looked at their one and only sister, Li Jiawei.

"I will play against the princes. And if I defeat the princes, they have to be my servant for a day," Li Jiawei said with a confident smile.

"Sister Jiawei, it is a boys and men game. You may get hurt. Please leave the ground," Mingquan's and Lin Jiao's son, Shu Ming pronounced.

"Are all the princes scared of a girl? It is so bad," Li Jiawei said and approached her team. She asked them to come closer and made a game plan to defeat the princes.

Li Hua shook her head, gazing at her daughter. "It seems I gave birth to a boy," she mumbled.

"Father, is sister going to play? What if my sister gets hurt?" Lóng Wei's six years old son asked him, who was standing next to him.

"Your sister does not know the word defeat, Liwei," Lóng Wei told him.

"That is because your father taught her all this. He has spoiled your sister," Li Hua stated.

"What can I do when she inherited every trait of her father?" Lóng Wei remarked and asked Li Hua not to complain and watch the match keenly.

One of the soldiers beat the drum loudly for the second round, and the game began. Li Jiawei was faster than all her brothers and succeeded in kicking the ball into the net of the rival team.

"Brother Lóng Wei's daughter has already started ruling the game," Qiu Mu said and smiled a little. He knew none of the boys would stand against Li Jiawei.

Soon, Li Jiawei's team succeeded in surpassing the goals that the Crown Prince's team had done earlier and easily made her team win against them.

Li Jiawei went to her brothers and asked them not to pull up their faces.

"Jiawei, you were not supposed to play from those boys' side," Xiaojin complained.

"I cannot help but go to the losing team," Li Jiawei asserted when Xiaojin took out the handkerchief from inside his trousers pocket and wiped the sweat from Jiawei's face.

"You are stronger than us, Jiawei, but you are a girl. So, you should take care of your body well. I heard from my elders about it," Xiaojin affirmed and lowered his hand. "Let's go to our parents," he told them.

"My father says I am no lesser than a boy. So, I should not refrain from doing all these things. I will see all of my brothers later. I need to see my close friend Feng Minshi," Li Jiawei stated when the senior Eunuch stopped her.

"The Princess's mother is waiting for her in the pavilion. She must follow me," the senior eunuch said. Li Jiawei looked at the pavilion and saw her mother there along with her father and younger brother.

"Are you going to scold our daughter?" Lóng Wei asked Li Hua.

"Of course," Li Hua said.

"I will be upset with you then," Lóng Wei stated.

"She should not play such games. Did Prince Lóng Wei not see how she got hurt last time she played with the young boys?" Li Hua asked him.

"That is normal among children, Wife. Do not be angry," Lóng Wei said when he heard their daughter's voice.

"Forgive me, Mother," Li Jiawei said even before Li Hua could say something.

"See how good is our daughter," Lóng Wei stated.

"The ball hit you with such a huge force. I hope you did not get hurt," Li Hua and Lóng Wei said at the same time.

"It was not a huge force. It was a light attack. My parents worry too much for me," Li Jiawei said.

Lóng Wei got on his knees and checked her arms by pressing them gently. "It does not ache, right?" He asked.

"No," Jiawei refused.

"Li Hua, our daughter is not hurt. Now, you should throw your anger away and return to the manor because I am going somewhere with Jiawei and Liwei," Lóng Wei stated and he stood up.

"Where?" Li Hua inquired him.

"To Yuze's place. It is the time when I should tell them," Lóng Wei asserted.

"I must accompany as well," Li Hua opined.

"Yes. I want to go with Mother," Liwei stated and grasped his mother's hand.

"Alright. We all should go," Lóng Wei asserted and looked at the other princes. His gaze met with Xiaoming whom he gave a light bow.

"Li Jiawei, Aunt Jin Yu is proud of you. You defeated the boys," Jin Yu said, giving a thumbs up to Li Jiawei.

"Thank you," Jiawei smiled at her aunt and gazed at Li Hua. "Mother, do not worry too much for me," she stated. Li Hua placed her hand on her daughter's hand and caressed her hair.

Soon, they left for the hill where Yuze's tombstone was present too. Lóng Wei had Liwei on his shoulders since he was quite young and after an hour of walk, they finally reached there.

A large tombstone was made for Yuze on which Li Hua placed the fresh flowers, that she had plucked from the flower valley. n--0veLb1n

"Yes. Monk Yuze's place is above everyone in my life. He made me the person that I am today, so you 10:19

two should seek blessings from him," Lóng Wei stated.

"Who is Yuze?" Li Jiawei asked them.

"Call him Monk Yuze," Li Hua said and glared at Lóng Wei, who would usually call Yuze by his name.

Lóng Wei put Liwei on the ground and kept hold of his hand.

"Monk Yuze is someone who was with your father in his lowest time. When he needed love and care, Monk Yuze provided him with that. Monk Yuze was selfless until his last breath. He gave me the meaning of life, which I had forgotten. That is why he is the greatest person in my life," Lóng Wei briefed them.

"Even greater than our later grandfather and grandmother, Father?" Li Jiawei asked.

"Yes. Monk Yuze's place is above everyone in my life. He made me the person that I am today, so you two should seek blessings from him," Lóng Wei stated.

Liwei joined his hands first and chanted a prayer for Monk Yuze, which he had learned in the shrine while going with his mother a lot of times. Li Jiawei also joined her hands and closed her eyes, followed by Li Hua.

Lóng Wei, on the other hand, stared at the name of Yuze, which was carved on the tombstone. 'This is my whole family, Yuze. Thank you for taking care of me and making me believe in goodness.'



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