"What's going on?"

After Lin Yi's silver needle pierced in, he found that the root of the silver needle actually began to turn black slowly, and soon reached the top.

"Is it poisonous? How can it be that it didn't last time? How can it suddenly become poisonous this time?"

Lin Yi was shocked. In order to verify his conjecture, Lin Yi looked at Shi Changqing again and pricked a silver needle. As expected, the silver needle immediately turned black like the first silver needle.

"Lin boy, what's going on? Is it poisonous?"

Shi Changfeng asked with a gloomy face.

"Yes, it seems that there is a toxin in master Shi's body, and it should be more than one or two days. It should be many days. I don't know who the person is. It's extremely secret. If I don't encounter the toxin, I can't find it at all."

Shi Changfeng suddenly felt a trace of killing.

"Who is it? Brother, who hurt you?"

However, Shi Changqing couldn't hear Shi Changfeng at this time.

After a while, Lin Yi suddenly found a biochemical agent in Shi Changqing's body.


Lin Yi was shocked and immediately attracted Shi Changfeng's eyes.

"Why, Lin boy? Is there any other change?"

"Yes, I found biochemical medicine in master Shi's body, but if it's really biochemical medicine, master Shi shouldn't still look like this."

Lin Yi's heart was full of confusion, but he didn't know what was going on.

What shocked Lin Yi even more was the amount of biochemical agents in Shi Changqing's body. It didn't need to be less on No. 1 at all, but why it didn't work was quite puzzling to Lin Yi.

After forcing out all the biochemical agents, Lin Yi suddenly found that Shi Changqing slowly opened his eyes.

"Thank you, Lin Xiaoyou. I won't bother next. I can do it myself."

Shi Changqing's voice is very hoarse, but Lin Yi can hear it clearly.

"Brother, what's the matter with you? How can you have biochemical agents on your body?"

Shi Changqing didn't answer Shi Changfeng's words, but fell into silence.

After an hour or two, Shi Changqing opened her eyes again. At this time, Shi Changqing's face was much better. She was no longer sick like before, but had a lot of spirit.

"I met Feng Tiande, the owner of the biochemical base in the early years. At that time, Feng Tiande invited me to join, but I didn't agree, so he poisoned me. At that time, the biochemical agent was not very mature, nor was it the biochemical agent in your mouth, but was called Tianshui, because it was said to come from heaven at that time.

Lin Yi has always been curious about the origin of Tianshui, but he didn't expect Shi Changqing to know anything.

"Elder, do you say the Tianshui comes from heaven?"

Shi Changqing was silent for a while before he said.

"Yes, it does come from the sky. It is said that it is a meteorite falling from the sky. Later, it was found. It was made into Tianshui with this meteorite. It is said that it was found in r country. Finally, they brought this Tianshui to China."

"Does it have anything to do with the gravel I found?"

Lin Yi pondered for a moment and then asked.

"Elder, do you know the origin of this stone?"

Lin Yi takes out a dark stone from his body and hands it to Shi Changqing. Shi Changqing has been confused before, so he doesn't know the stone Lin Yi brought back.

Holding the stone in his hand, Shi Changqing frowned. Neither Lin Yi nor Shi Changfeng bothered. After a long time, Shi Changqing said with a gloomy face.

"Where did you get this stone?"

Lin Yi had to tell Shi Changqing how he got the stone.

"Sure enough, it must be. When bringing Tianshui into China, Feng Tiande said that he wanted to find a stone. Only by finding this stone, he could complete an unprecedented move, but I don't know what this move is. It seems that he has already got this stone, so the plan in his mouth must have been successful."

Then Lin Yi asked.

"Master Shi, where does the Tianshui in your body come from?"

"The Tianshui in my body was framed by Feng Tiande at that time. Later, in order to close these Tianshui and not become the kind of person I hate, I sealed my meridians."

"You all know that once the meridians are sealed, they must be untied within an hour, because it will cause blockage after a long time."

"But this one has been sealed for nearly ten years, and my meridians have long been necrotic."

Hearing the speech, Lin Yi was shocked. He didn't expect that Shi Changqing turned into such a shape because of this. Lin Yi couldn't help admiring Shi Changqing. After all, who can have the courage to close his meridians for so long.

"Later, with the accumulation of time, I forced all Tianshui into one of my meridians, but it was impossible to recover at this time."

"How are you feeling now, big brother?"

Shi Changfeng asked anxiously.

"Much better, not much, thanks to Lin Xiaoyou. If he hadn't opened up my channels, I might still be a loser."

"Master Shi, don't I really need to see it again?"

Shi Changqing smiled at the speech.

"Lin Xiaoyou, I haven't been exercising well for so many years. If I need your help in the final recovery, I may not know much about my body even if I recover."

Lin Yi just gave up.

"That being the case, today's treatment is over. I have something else to go first."

Lin Yi gets up and leaves, but when Lin Yi is about to leave the door, there is Shi Changqing's voice behind him.

"Lin Xiaoyou, that number one is a little strange, but I can't tell what's wrong. You should be vigilant against him."

Hearing this, Lin Yi was stunned. He nodded and said.

"Thank you for reminding me. I'll pay attention to it."

Lin Yi agrees with Shi Changqing's words. He also feels that No. 1 is a little strange, but he doesn't know where it appears.

After Lin Yi left the other hospital, he ran into a man head-on.


Both fell to the ground, but when Lin Yi heard the cry, he knew that he was hurt by someone else. When he was ready to get up and apologize, he found that the person had long disappeared.

At this time, Lin Yi saw No. 1 running with his back to himself. Lin Yi was full of questions. The person he hit just now should be a woman. He could feel it from the softness of that person's chest, and the last cry was also a woman, so Lin Yi directly ignored No. 1.

At this time, there was no girl. Lin Yi had to shout at the back of No. 1.

"Number one!"