Lin Mo valued these two disciples very much, so basically all the skills that he could remember were taught to them.

And the two twin disciples also respected him very much, and they almost followed him when they came in and out, as if they were two bodyguards.

When Lin Mozhengchou himself was walking in the mountains, he might accidentally not know the way or lose his way. This would be much more convenient. After all, his two disciples were very powerful and had good brains.

"Master! Let's improve the food today!"

Lin Mo was sitting in the room dozing off when he heard Long Liang's voice outside.

When he got up and looked out, he saw his disciple, with two fish in his hands, which seemed to have just been hit.

To be honest, the food at Qinglongmen is actually quite vegetarian, and there is hardly any meat.

But sometimes this disciple can't help but quietly improve it with a few people, and Lin Mo also finds it boring to stay here.

However, it didn't have too many ideas for food selection. He was in the deep mountains and forests before, and he could hardly eat anything.

He completely relied on dew to continue his life. After telling his disciples about this before, they also joked that he was a fairy.

But fortunately, he has these two disciples who will bring back some meat from time to time, and I don't know where to find it.

"You two are probably not too young, but I didn't ask if you can still get married after being disciples in the sect?"

Lin Mo asked casually while eating the fragrant small stove made by these two disciples.

He actually just remembered it suddenly, and didn't mean much, but after the two disciples heard it, their eyes met for a while, and at the same time they put down the bowls and chopsticks in their hands.

Ye Chen was distracted by their actions, and he put down his chopsticks and asked a little overwhelmed.

"What's the matter? How did you two put it down after eating, are you full? So fast?"

He was really rough sometimes, after all, it was really a long time ago for him to interact with people.

And after leaving from there, it was okay to get along with Ye Chen, and the others were limited to talking.

Long Liang and Long Jiang stood up, knelt directly on the ground together, and then looked at Lin Mo.

"Master, are you a little unhappy with our care these days, or are you unwilling to continue teaching us?"

When they said this, the two of them showed some grievances and sadness at the same time, which made the confused Lin Mo confused.

"What are you talking about? I just mentioned what happened? Could it be that the two of you are still going to be disciples on this mountain?"

"I don't mean anything else, you two get up quickly, what are you doing? You're having a meal, so make it like this."

He stepped forward quickly, helped the two disciples up first, and then showed an unhappy expression.

"Why do you make such a fuss, you all know that I have no other intentions." He frowned slightly, he should have been serious, but because he looked too immature, he looked a little more cute.

"We just want to follow the master to learn kung fu, and we will never have other ideas."

It's not easy for Lin Mo to say anything on the surface now, otherwise, these two disciples will put the burden on him and not eat again.

I can only complain in my heart, how could it be possible to accompany this old monster on the mountain all the time?

I will definitely go down the mountain to form a new family one day, what is there to be embarrassed to say.

In short, this topic has already fooled these two disciples.

And Lin Mo won't continue to ask more questions, anyway, his main thing is to teach him what he knows.

What's more, Ye Chen also told him that he didn't need to take care of other things in the sect, and there were people he managed in every link.

The things he is good at are considered stable, but Ye Chen himself wants to live more quiet days.

It's a pity that it seems that God does not intend to let him let go of his strength so easily and live the life of ordinary people.

So it was another time-consuming, labor-intensive and troublesome thing for him.

He was walking down the street with Xiao Ruan when he bumped into the pale-looking Zhanxian Flying Knife.

"What happened to you? How did you become such a ghost?"

Ye Chen asked a little puzzled, after all, the old man told himself before that he wanted to live happily in this world, and now he seemed to have encountered such a big setback, and he seemed to be sluggish.

Zhanxian Feidao raised his eyes and looked around and said to Ye Chen.

"I have something to tell you, so I came here to find you. Let's find a quiet place to talk about it. This matter is very serious."

His expression was a little dignified, and it was impossible to ignore, so Ye Chen also restrained his grinning expression and entered a nearby restaurant with Zhanxian Feidao and Xiao Ruan.

After ordering a little something, they let Xiao Er go out and discuss things together in the box.

"What happened? How did it become like this? Is it possible that someone threatened you or that the money is not enough?"

After listening to what Ye Chen said, Zhanxian Feidao shook his head. The matter was far more serious than what he said, and then Ye Chen knew what the problem was.

Qinglongmen has also been in charge of showing Feidao's subordinates for many years. In fact, it has always guarded a secret, that is, there is a secret book in the mountain behind Qinglongmen.

Almost a lot of people in Jianghu knew about this thing, but no one dared to attack him. After all, what kind of martial art is Qinglongmen.

What's more, even if ordinary people get this kind of thing, they can't use it at all.

This thing requires Tongzi Gong to practice, and most people do not have such qualifications. Anyway, because of these conditions, they have avoided a lot of trouble.

But I didn't think about trouble, it just came a little slower, and it didn't disappear completely.

"When I was resting at home a few days ago, I suddenly heard the sound of darts coming from outside. I went out and saw that there were two darts stuck on the pillars of my house."

Ye Chen frowned when he heard this, what happened?

This Immortal Slaying Flying Knife has already been hidden in the crowd of people, how can it still be missed by people?

"Then what was written on it?"

"Isn't it just for the secret book, that's why I did this? I didn't expect that after so many years, there are still people thinking about these things, and I'm about to forget them.

"Where are your secrets? I didn't hear you tell me specifically."

Ye Chen said helplessly, he still didn't know what the other party meant.

"In the cave where the lion was imprisoned just before the back mountain, you only need to let the lion take you there, and he will know. Anyway, it is not a powerful thing, and everything depends on people."

Zhanxian Feidao is really not humble when he says this, because to him that secret book is nothing at all, and even Qinglongmen's own disciples can't learn much of this kind of thing.

Most of the content is what they usually teach, but now it is not like this in the eyes of outsiders.

This secret book is very popular in the eyes of outsiders, but it has always been hidden and there is no way to get it, so I dare not say it.

And now people who don't know where they came from have the courage to provoke them.

The two were talking here, and suddenly there were some exclamations and noises from outside, and Ye Chen was definitely not quite right.

"Why don't we go out and see what's going on? Why is it so noisy all of a sudden?"

He was talking to these flying knives when the window next to him was suddenly opened, and a very thick white mist appeared in their room.

Ye Chen consciously covered his mouth and nose, and wanted to bring his daughter together.

Of course, Xiao Ruan was also taken aback, but after all, both parents were powerful people, and what they saw and heard on weekdays was different from others, so they immediately covered their mouths and noses.

But I never thought that this layer of white fog was not to make them unconscious, but to confuse them.

Suddenly a shadow appeared at the window, and Xiao Ruan was picked up immediately, and then when Ye Chen didn't react, a smoke bomb exploded here again.

"Little soft!"

At this time, Ye Chen didn't care about the white fog in front of him and ran out, but there was no trace of anyone else outside.

"Don't pay attention yet, they should come here on purpose. Come and see this."

Zhanxian Flying Knife turned his hand back and let him enter the room, it seemed that the man had left something behind.

And Ye Chen is angry and anxious now, his daughter has been taken away by the man, he has nothing to spare to look at, but he has to suppress the anxiety and anger in his heart and run back to the room.

Immortal Zhanfei Dao was holding a piece of cloth at this time, and what was written on it was the purpose of these people.

"It should be the people from the foreign land. They want to get our secret book, so they think of such a method. It's too disgusting."

The words above told them that they needed to come to their side with the secret code within three days, and then exchange things for the little girl, so as to ensure the safety of his daughter.

"You go up and take things down now. No matter what, at least you have to bring Xiao Ruan back first. The secrets are actually not that important."

Of course, Zhanxian Feidao knew which was more important, so he immediately arranged for Ye Chen, received Ye Chen's nod, and ran out quickly without talking to him any further.

At this time, he didn't know how to go back to see his wife, so he handed over this matter to the display of the flying knife.

And he himself had to go up the mountain quickly to take out the secret book hidden in the back mountain. At this time, he would need the help of Golden Retriever.

After walking all the way out of the city, he quickly whistled, and Jin Mao and Pengfei appeared in front of him together.

"I need to borrow your power now, and then go up and slap. You can also find out the secrets hidden in the back mountain. Do you know where it is? Take me there quickly."

There are only three days, so now Ye Chen is very anxious, he must get the things in two or three hours, and then use the alternate power of Pengfei and Jin Mao to quickly rush to the foreign land.

After the Golden Retriever and the others heard what Ye Chen said, they also knew how serious it was. After all, that was Ye Chen's child.

So they speeded up to the back mountain, Ye Chen sat on the golden hair and grabbed the thick hair on his body. At this time, he didn't care about bumps.

This entered our back mountain, and he didn't come here very often, so he was not familiar with it at all. After coming here again, he realized that there was something special here.

The place where the golden retriever is kept is a very hidden cave, which basically will not be found here.

Otherwise, no one would take the initiative to cause the agitation here, in short, all this is self-defeating.

After reaching the entrance of the cave, Golden Retriever was obviously a little repulsive, but Ye Chen was by his side made him feel a lot more at ease, not to mention Pengfei was behind him, so he could only take Ye Chen in regardless of other emotions. Walk.

The previous managers were very smart, they knew that Golden Retriever was very unruly, and even they would not come to such a place easily.

Not to mention that others have the guts to come over, this golden lion king will not let go of any passing food casually.

So this secret book is staying here, and in the eyes of the people at that time, it is the safest place, in short, no one dares to come.

Ye Chen followed Jin Mao into the cave, and found that there was no space in the cave at all. Outside the huge barrier cage of the prisoner Jin Mao, there was even a path inside.

If you don't observe this path carefully, you won't find it at all. Inside the dark cave, it is dark at a glance, and no one can see what's wrong here.

Golden Retriever led the way in front, and had already reduced his body to one-third of his usual size, so he finally seemed to be able to match this path a little bit.

They walked about a hundred paces all the way, and then the road ahead opened up.

At this time, Ye Chen saw the cheat book that was there, but there was a large and small barrier around it, and it looked like there was a formation here.

"After you go in, go around to the right, then take three steps forward, then go around to the left and take six steps forward, so that you can be the closest to the secret book, and then open the barrier cover outside it."

Zhanxian Feidao was obviously very familiar with this place, so he bluntly told Ye Chen how to get in.

Ye Chen calmed down, walked all the way according to his instructions, then stood at the barrier, quickly concentrated his spiritual power on one of his palms, and put it on gently.

The huge vibration started from his palm, and then quickly turned to other parts of the barrier.

It seemed to be extremely hard just now, but now it seems to be crumbling, not only because Ye Chen is strong enough, but also because it is too old.