Chapter 821 - Chapter 821: Be Good, Wei Xiaobao

Chapter 821: Be Good, Wei Xiaobao

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The winter at the border was cold and long, and the goose feather-like snow fell for the entire day.

Wei Ting was woken up by a loud shout. It seemed that someone was calling for dinner.

His body was very weak. Even when he opened his eyes, he could feel the pain in his eyelids.


A soft snort came from the side.

Wei Ting endured the pain and opened his eyes. He turned his neck with difficulty and his eyes slanted. He finally saw who was making that annoying sound.

The legitimate son of Marquis Weiwu—Jing Yi.

Jing Yi was wrapped in bandages. He sat on the bamboo bed opposite him. Although he was sitting, he was actually lying down. However, there was a thick folded mattress behind him, making him look like he was sitting up.

“Where are we?”

Wei Ting asked weakly.

Jinz Yi, who had vet to completelv recover, said in a slizhtlv hoarse voice, “Jia

County, military camp.”

“Jia County?” Wei Ting frowned.

He began to recall what had happened. He and Helian Ye fell into the snow. After that, he seemed to have picked up his sword to kill the enemy again, but as he killed… he had no impression of what happened after that.

The fact that he was in the military camp meant that he was not dead, and that the army should not have lost.

He would not ask Jing Yi. This kid’s face was filled with smugness. He was determined not to let this kid have a chance to posture.

Wei Ting asked calmly, “Why are you in Jia County too? Aren’t you in the barbican?”

Jing Yi snorted

Wei Ting muttered, “Kid, are you itching for a beating as soon as you wake up?”

Jing Yi woke up in the morning and refused to stay in the barbican. The medical officials had no choice but to send him to Jia County.

As for why he was in the same tent as Wei Ting, it was because there were too many injured soldiers and the tent was limited.

Jing Yi had been whipped by Qi Sheng for 49 times and Su Xiaoxiao had wrapped him up like a dumpling with bandages and gauze, revealing only his handsome head.

Wei Ting’s situation was not inferior. Two of his ribs had even cracked, and his leg had almost broken. Not only was he wrapped like a big white dumpling, but one of his legs was also hanging. He was also wearing protective gear around his neck. He was really as miserable as could be.

“I knew you were noob. You can kill someone and end up like this!” Jing Yi was not stingy with his poisonous tongue.

Who asked this guy to show off when he fainted? Now, he wanted to get back at him.

Wei Ting chuckled. “Yes, you’re amazing. If you have the ability, don’t let me carry you back next time.”

Jing Yi said, “Didn’t someone carry you back too?”

Wei Ting didn’t have the strength to argue with him. He closed his eyes and muttered, “The pot calling the kettle black.”

The battle in the valley continued. As the news of Helian Ye’s death spread, Northern Yan’s aura weakened. They began to retreat, but Qin Canglan did not let them off so easily.

After all, with the lessons of the past few years, Qin Canglan knew very well the ambition of the Emperor of Northern Yan. It was useless even if the imperial edict came. If the general did not accept the imperial edict, he would beat Northern Yan until it could not fight back for 20 years!

The situation at the front line was basically stable. Su Xiaoxiao returned to the injured camp in Jia County and treated the soldiers’ injuries with the medical officers.

There was sufficient rations and herbs, enabling her to save the lives of the soldiers to a large extent.

At night, Qin Canglan called for the army to retreat and fight tomorrow.

He left Leng Hua and Tong Ke to guard Broken North Pass and brought Su MO back to the military camp in Jia County.

Jia County was not far, only more than ten miles away from Broken North Pass.

The two of them went to Su Xiaoxiao’s tent first.

Su Xiaoxiao had just come over from Wei Ting and Jing Yi’s side and carried Jing Yi’s blanket away. She ordered him to lie down and not sit up secretly again.

Baby Jing expressed his resentment.

Qin Canglan and Su MO were covered in blood, most of it from the enemy, but they were also slightly injured—Qin Canglan’s armor was broken, he was slashed a few times on his shoulder, and Su Mo’s left palm was cut by a sword.

Even the two of them were injured. It was obvious how fierce this battle was.

“Tend to Mo’er first,” Qin Canglan said.

“I’m fine. Tend to Granduncle first.” Su MO really did not think that this small injury was a big deal.

Su Xiaoxiao gave the two of them a serious look and the two of them obediently shut up.

Su MO bled more. Su Xiaoxiao debrided him first to stop the bleeding.

“How’s Wei Ting?” Qin Canglan asked.

Su Xiaoxiao said, “He’s awake. His life is saved.”

This time, he was actually more seriously injured than when he killed MO

Guiyuan, but he woke up faster, which meant that his physique was stronger.

Qin Canglan could not help but say, “That kid really doesn’t care about his life!” It was the same whether he was killing MO Guiyuan and Helian Ye.

Back then, he really thought that Wei Xu’s youngest grandson was a weak scholar. Who would have thought that he was a ferocious dire wolf?

He had misjudged!

After Su Xiaoxiao cleaned Su MO up, she applied golden sore medicine and blood-staunching elixir. “By the way, Helian Ye said something before he died.” “What did he say?” Su MO and Qin Canlan asked in unison.

Su Xiaoxiao took a fistful of gauze and bandaged Su Mo. “It’s possible hat Wei Ting’s father is still alive.”

Qin Canglan said, “You mean Wei Xu?”

Su Xiaoxiao nodded. “Yes.”

Qin Canglan asked strangely, ‘What do you mean by possible?”

Su Xiaoxiao shook her head slightly. “I’m not sure. That’s what Helian Ye told

Wei Ting.”

The few of them did not suspect that Helian Ye was lying to Wei Ting. With Helian Ye’s personality, he would only use deception on the battlefield. He would not lie about his last words before he died.

Su MO pondered and said, “Back then, Wei Xu was killed by Helian Ye and thrown into the ice volcano. If he might still be alive, did Helian Ye throw a living person down?”

Unfortunately, Helian Ye could not give them an answer.

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Wei Ting’s father left a relic at the border of Northern Ya a few years ago. If we find the relic, we might be able to find some clues.”

Qin Canglan felt that it made sense. “When you have obtained Wei Xu’s belongings, leave immediately and return to the capital. There’s no suspense in the battle here. Without Helian Ye, even if there are still some generals in Northern Yan, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Mo’er and I can deal with it.”

Su MO felt that it was feasible. He looked at Su Xiaoxiao and said, “You can’t work too hard.’

“I’m fine.”

She took the pregnancy preservation medicine from the pharmacy. This pregnancy was stable.

Of course, it could be that the baby was too obedient.

However, it was indeed time to return. Wei Qing was still waiting for the herbs to treat his illness.

She wondered how Fu Su and Leng Ziling were doing and if they had found any relics.

The moon was dark and windy.

Leng Ziling arrived at the mountain range on the incomplete map again.

This was the fourth time he had come here. The first three times, he had come with Leng Zhao and found nothing. However, this time, he discovered a cave entrance.

There was a secret passage under the hole.

“Hurry up!”

“Su Xiaoxiao” turned her face away coldly.

This place was isolated from the world. Leng Ziling did not know how the battle at Broken North Pass was going. However, no matter who won, as long as this girl was in hand, Helian Ye and Qin Canglan could be threatened.

After all, they had already found out that Helian Ye had openly recruited this girl.

He held the torch and led a certain hostage through the secret passage.

Finally, they reached the end. Ahead of them was a stone wall.

He patted it with his hand and found the wall to be empty.

There must be a mechanism here.

He began to feel around, but he couldn’t find anything.

On the other hand, Fu Su accidentally stepped on a protruding stone. With a heavy rumble, the stone door slowly opened, revealing a secret room where weapons were displayed.

As Leng Ziling raised the torch warily and shone it in, he was stunned.

There was actually a person sitting in the secret room!