Chapter 555: How to break the situation

 Hearing Chen Fan's question, Chang Fei and others' hearts were raised in their throats.

In fact, they had watched Ling Yu grow up. Although his arrogant personality made them have some opinions, but when they saw him being destroyed by Chen Fan and becoming an ordinary person, they also I can't bear it.

 It's just that what Chen Fan decided will not change again. No matter what they say, it will not help.

 However, if Ling Yu cheats and betrays the association.

 That’s no small matter.

 In his heart, Shi Tao actually hoped that this was his illusion.

However, the facts still disappointed him.

 “It was me who hit him.”

 Ling Yu admitted it directly.

 Shi Tao's face was immediately filled with pain.

 The faces of Chang Fei, Shen Shen and others turned from disbelief at the beginning to anger.

Chen Fan glanced at everyone.

 He can probably feel the mood of everyone at this moment.

His palm passed across Ling Yu's eyes, and Ling Yu's eyes regained clarity.

 He looked around blankly.

 Saw the master with a pained look in his eyes.

I saw Chang Fei and the others who wanted to tear themselves apart.

 Seeing the Song family and others gloating about their misfortune, I felt an uneasy feeling in my heart.

Could it be said that he just fell into the soul-searching technique and told the story?

 “Say, why are you doing this!”

An angry and thoughtful voice sounded: "Don't you know what consequences this will bring to everyone!"

“Uncle Shen, what are you talking about?”

Ling Yu hesitated.

“It’s come to this point, and you’re still not honest?” Shen Shen was so angry that she stretched out her finger, pointed at him and said, “You just admitted that you were the one who called them!”

 “What! Me!”

Ling Yu was shocked.

"That's right, kid. The man named Chen just used the soul-searching technique on you. You have already admitted it yourself, and we all heard it clearly." Song Wu sneered.

"It's useless if you keep trying to quibble. Your master won't be protecting you anymore."

“Shi Tao, Shi Tao, I’m afraid you never dreamed that after teaching him for most of your life, you would end up handing over a traitor who cheated on him, right?”

Song Tian laughed heartily, feeling extremely happy.

 “No, Master, that’s not the case!”

Ling Yu quickly said: "All this was done deliberately by the guy named Chen. He deliberately induced me to say that. Master, please believe me!"


Chen Fan smiled, "Then just think that I'm trying to induce you, but it's just a matter of course. It's an indisputable fact that you instigated Xiao Hong. Now, you should pay the price."

The next moment, he slapped Ling Yu's dantian. The violent real energy poured in and directly tore the latter's dantian to pieces.


Ling Yu spurted a mouthful of blood and his eyes widened.

He could feel that after his Dantian was shattered, the real energy in his body was flowing crazily. In a few seconds, it disappeared completely, and there was no internal energy left at all.

As long as the Dantian is still there, even if all the internal energy is sucked away, there is still the possibility of making a comeback.

 Without the Dantian, this is no longer possible.

 “My anger! My anger!”

 After reacting, Ling Yu screamed in panic.

It sounds so pitiful that even Shen Shen, a few people, can't bear to listen any more.

 But when he thought that for his own selfish interests, he told the news to the Song family, leading to the current situation, he wanted to slap him to death.

“President, I’ll leave this guy to you.”

 Chen Fan looked at Shi Tao and said.

Logically speaking, even if he killed Ling Yu directly, everyone present would not be able to fault him.

 But there are really many people involved in this matter, and the one who is most saddened is the president.

 So, let Ling Yu, who has been abolished from martial arts, be handed over to him.

Whether he cleans the house himself as he said before, or lets him go secretly, it has nothing to do with him.

Of course, if Ling Yu is lucky enough to survive and still doesn't give up and is deliberately seeking revenge, then don't blame him for eradicating the roots.


Shi Tao took a deep breath and walked up to Ling Yu.

 “Teacher, master, don’t kill me, don’t kill me.”

Ling Yu remembered what Shi Tao had said before, and his face turned pale with fright.

“Let me ask you one last time, do you realize you were wrong?”

Shi Tao asked expressionlessly.

                                       '                     ‖ by

Ling Yu burst into tears, "Master, it's all my fault. Uncle Shen called you that day and mentioned Chen Fan's name. I felt guilty for a moment, so I hid outside and eavesdropped. If I hadn't eavesdropped, there wouldn't have been any What happens next, Master, please give me another chance, I don’t dare anymore, I don’t dare anymore, woo woo woo…”


Hearing his words, Shen Shen and the others sighed.

 What is the use of talking about this now?

 “Good boy.”

Shi Tao touched his head, and the next second, he slapped the other person on the chest with his palm.

 “Teacher, Master.”

Ling Yu opened his eyes wide and looked at Shi Tao in disbelief. Black blood flowed from the corner of his mouth and he fell to the ground.



Chang Fei and others were also stunned.

They didn't expect that Shi Tao would actually keep his word and kill Ling Yu in front of everyone.

 Chen Fan sighed lightly.

From the ordinary people's perspective, Ling Yu's heart was shattered and he was bound to die.

 But he could see that Shi Tao used his true energy to protect the last trace of the opponent's heart before taking action. As long as he was rescued in time, he could still survive.

Of course, after experiencing such an incident, even if Ling Yu survives, his physique is far inferior to that of ordinary people. Let alone practicing martial arts, he cannot even walk for a long time.

 President, you really can’t be ruthless.

However, he did not intend to expose it, but said: "I'm sorry, President."

“No, Chen Fan, it’s me who should be sorry.”

Shi Tao turned his back to Chen Fan and shook his head.

"If I had been more strict with him and not indulged him so much, he would not have reached this point step by step. Ling Yu's body should be left to me for burial?" "Of course, Ling Yu will be abolished. After Yu, I told him to leave him to the president for your disposal."


With a thought, Shi Tao took Ling Yu's body into the yellow sand tower.


Chang Fei wanted to speak but stopped.

Non-vegetation, ruthless Practice makes perfect.

 It means that if you have a dog for more than ten years, you still have feelings for it, let alone a human being.

 “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Shi Tao shook his head, "Ling Yu deserves it. There's nothing to say. Let's talk about what we have to face next."

Chang Fei nodded obediently.

 Yes, although Ling Yu is dead, the mess he left behind is still here.


Song Tian laughed at this time, as if he was afraid that everyone would forget the current situation, and said: "Shi Tao, I want to see how you face the next situation, and Chen, you are indeed very strong, but... How can you alone resist the two ancestors of my Song family? Not to mention, you killed Karl and offended the Renaissance Society. Hahaha, the power of the Renaissance Society is much stronger than that of my Song family. "

 “Don’t bother, I’ll show you how I face it when the time comes.”

Chen Fan said something that was neither salty nor cool.

If he had not learned the art of looking at the emperor's energy before, he would indeed be worried.

 But mastering the Emperor's Qi Reading Technique is equivalent to having the ability to predict the future. If you know clearly what will happen in the future, the difficulty will be reduced a lot.

Taking a step back, even if he is really outmatched and wants to run away, there is still no problem.

With a thought in his mind, a picture suddenly appeared in his mind.

Two days later, a large group of people came to the Jiangnan Martial Arts Association, including an old man with white beard and hair, and a blond and blue-eyed Feng countryman.

 The people they brought, three layers inside and three outside, surrounded the martial arts association.

Looking back at the association headquarters, the building was deserted, leaving only Shi Tao and a few people meditating.

However, facing so many figures outside, there was no trace of fear on their faces.

 Chen Fan understood clearly.

 Two days, there were only two days left for him.

 The best case scenario is, of course, to be able to break through to the realm of heaven and humanity within these two days, then there will be great certainty that Shi Tao and the others can be saved.

Under normal circumstances, although one has not broken through to the Heavenly Realm, the true energy in his body has increased greatly, and he can fight against ten Heavenly Realm warriors without losing. In that case, he may have some confidence that he can save everyone.

The worst-case scenario is that two days later, the true energy will not increase much compared to now, and it can kill two or three celestial realm warriors, even in the middle stage of the celestial realm, but then the true energy will be exhausted, and oneself Everyone is in danger of falling.

“So, the next question is how to fill about 90% of the space in the air sea in two days.”

Chen Fan set his goal and looked at Shi Tao in front of him, "President, I will leave these people of the Song family to you. I will take the first step and I will be back in a few days."

 He did not persuade a few people to leave.

 First of all, their identity is here, and it is difficult to escape from the pursuit of the Song family and the Fuxing Association.

Secondly, even if I try to persuade them, they won’t leave.


Shi Tao nodded, he knew what Chen Fan was going to do.

 “Be careful.”

"I will."

Chen Fan looked at several people in turn, then turned around and walked out.


The fifth son of the Song family said: "Are you leaving now? Didn't you say you wanted to stay and let us see how you deal with the two ancestors of our family?"

"Yeah, what I said didn't count? Or maybe I was already scared in my heart and deliberately found a reason to escape. I really escaped."

 Seeing Chen Fan disappear into the hall, the Song family were all very proud.

 In their opinion, Chen Fan was clearly scared.

Immediately afterwards, they turned their attention to Shi Tao and the others.

“Shi Tao, you just let him go like this? Don’t worry, he won’t come back again.” Song Tian smiled.

 “It would be better not to come back.”

Shi Tao glanced at him and looked out of the hall, "He is still in the True Yuan realm and can kill the Heavenly Realm warriors. When he reaches the Heavenly Realm, you two ancestors of the Song family will not be able to fight back in front of him. Power."


Song Tian was speechless.

 That’s right, they saw Karl’s death clearly.

It can be said that in front of Chen Fan, that guy Karl had no power to fight back at all. Even if he entered a violent state, he could only hold on for a second or two longer at most.

If this kid is allowed to grow up, it's hard to say whether the two ancestors of his family will end up in the same way when they come in front of him.

"You fart!" Song Wu scolded angrily: "He is a True Yuan Realm warrior? Who are you lying to? That kid is clearly a Heavenly Realm warrior! Otherwise, can he use the Hand of the Giant Spirit several times in a row?"

“Second brother is right. With the true energy in the body of a warrior in the True Yuan Realm, how can it be possible to use the hand of the giant spirit? Several times in a row? Shi Tao, are you guys from the Jiangnan Martial Arts Association so unreasonable in what you say?”

"Haha, you think that little brother Chen is a warrior in the Heavenly Realm, just a warrior in the Heavenly Realm. If this can make you feel better, that's totally fine." Shen Shen smiled and continued: "What the president said before That's right, if we die, we will die, it's no big deal, but little brother Chen is different, his potential exceeds all of us, and we still count on him to avenge us in the future."

“Isn’t that right? If you offend a warrior in the realm of Heaven and Human, then your Song family, and the entire Fuxing Association, may not be able to sleep well.”

 Others also laughed.

The faces of Song Tian and others became increasingly ugly.

 That’s right, the most terrifying thing is a warrior in the Heavenly and Human Realm who is alone and has no worries.

Even if the Song family's defense is as good as an iron barrel, it can't stop a Heavenly Realm warrior. The opponent can come and go freely. If this continues, the Song family will definitely feel panic.

 But it is different for warriors who are concerned about the heaven and human realm.

"He shouldn't have been allowed to leave like that." Song Tian thought of this and felt regretful, but then he thought, he himself was a hostage, and he still wanted to keep the other party?

After Chen Fan left the Warriors Association, he rushed directly towards the highest place in Jiangnan City.

 Relying on absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth, the maximum increase in one night is about 1,500 points. Even including the day, it is only 6,000 points in two days, which is only 5% of the threshold.

 So what can 5% more infuriating energy do? It will not be of much help for the battle in two days. If you want to be helpful, this value must be increased at least ten times.


This means that the total amount of Qi in his body has reached more than 600 million. Such a huge amount of Qi can be used more than 60 times in a row with the hand of a giant spirit!

 In fact, the number of times may be more, because as the Qi in his body increases, the percentage of passive recovery remains unchanged, and the number of Qi will increase.

 At that time, he will not be afraid of facing more than ten warriors in the heaven and human realm.

Therefore, he must look for treasures from heaven and earth everywhere and use them to replenish the true energy in his body.

Standing at the highest point, Chen Fan looked around and saw that many places in the huge Jiangnan City were emitting various lights.

Those are all kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures. The stronger the effect, the deeper the aura it emits.

However, these are all belongings with owners. He looked towards the distance, and there were glowing lights in all directions, especially in the south.

 “Just go there and have a look.”

 Chen Fan moved.

 (End of this chapter)