Chapter 46 46 - Inferiority


Caitlyn was confused, because of the family problems she had before coming to Sandstone Bay, she had decided that she should just rely on her strength to become stronger, and only when she was strong enough could she come home and solve it. the problems she had.

ƥαṇdαsηθνε| In her mind, as long as she dedicated herself enough to be able to become a stronger and stronger Player, nothing could stop her.

But when she saw the difference in strength and potential between her and Gabe, the Rank E Developer who participated in the mission with her, for the first time she doubted that goal.

From their talk, Gabe was just an ordinary E Rank Developer who only produced ordinary games and with that he had already achieved such a powerful skill at such a young age.

Thinking that if Gabe was just an ordinary Developer, what was the strength of truly talented Developers like? What was the strength of a developer monster like the EA?

Just that thought made Caitlyn shiver, as she knew what she would have to face in the future.

'With my Player Rank E strength, will I really be able to complete this goal of mine?' she wondered uncertainly.

Although her lethality in battle wasn't low, she could clearly see that while she could kill a Rank E monster with great care, Gabe who had just learned his skill was already able to deal much more serious damage to the monster than she could. .

And that was only because he was still learning.

At the beginning of the mission, she saw that he could only control a single dagger with mastery, but over the course of the mission, he learned to control the powers of with more and more proficiency to the point that in the last battle not only he could control two daggers at the same time, as he was also using the ammo from her and Marcus' guns to inflict internal damage on the monsters.

Especially in the battle they had against the Peak Rank E monster, if it wasn't for Gabe using his telekinesis to slightly control the trajectory of their ammunition to always hit the monster's vital points, she knew that it would be almost impossible for them to complete that battle so surely.

In a battle where hundreds of rounds were fired, Gabe was responsible for arranging the trajectory of at least dozens of rounds to maximize the damage done to the monster, something she never thought could be possible, but oddly enough, it really was possible. in front of her!

So, despite feeling very confident initially, when she compared herself to this boy, Caitlyn felt the inferiority in her rising.

An inferiority that had not appeared for over a year has suddenly returned.

Alone at home, the only thing she could think about was how she could get stronger in less time, how she could do to accelerate her development even more, so that she at least had a minimal chance of dealing with monsters like Gabe , without even having the courage to think about even more powerful Developers like the EA.

What she didn't know is that Gabe, was exactly the EA, probably one of the Developers, if not, the most powerful Developer at his age, and Caitlyn who thought she was comparing herself to the average of a standard Developer, was actually becoming compared to the peak of the profession.

Of course, none of this crossed Gabe's thought process, he hadn't recognized Caitlyn because of the mask and the different outfit she was wearing on the mission, only making him think she was slightly familiar.

After handing over the mission, Gabe was pleased with Sullivan's expression as Steele and Donovan described the details of Gabe's mission, and how they didn't even get a chance to help, with everything being taken care of and properly handled by Gabe.

Gabe noticed the difference with the way Sullivan looked at him, this time much more enthusiastic about this talented Developer, who apparently not only was a genius at game development, but also had a great and creative way of fighting, which definitely that would be great news for the government and military, should a battle break out in Sandstone Bay.ραпdαs `nᴏνɐ| сom

Gabe just acted natural and polite to Sullivan, not wanting to get too involved in the political aspect of his career for the time being, but keeping the feeling of the battle fresh in his memory, something that would definitely come in handy for his next game.

'With all that done, I believe I can start developing my next game tomorrow, when the Rank E Seed I ordered from Wilson arrives.' Gabe thought excitedly.

He was already decided which game he was going to develop.

Seeing firsthand how useful melee skills were in battle, Gabe knew he needed to make a game to help these Players develop that side.

Although Residual Devil is able to train skills when the Player uses the knife, from Max's comments during the mission, Gabe realized that the improvement was not very significant, especially for Rank E Players while training in a Rank F game.

Therefore, Gabe decided the game, the only thing Gabe thought about how he should be controlled for the game's narrative would be how he would make the game's story proceed when the Player did not know the protagonist's past and would not know the protagonist's past in certain actions.

'Would flashback be a good choice?' Gabe wondered as he thought about the game he was going to develop.

The game would be in an open world, that is, the Player would be free to do whatever he wanted, but to maintain that, Gabe knew he would need a way to connect the Player with the story of that protagonist of the game and the world, and that was a problem that greatly affected Gabe, not knowing how to proceed…


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