v2 Chapter 2401: Artifact collision! Let you die with dignity! bright…

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The eyes of the Blood God clone showed wonder. Even the cracks in space can be frozen, preventing the power of space from flowing. The offensive of the true god-level existence is really terrifying.

Although I have seen the methods of Demon God Sayanluo before.

But now seeing the True Ice God of the Bright Universe launching an offensive, there are two completely different feelings.

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boom! boom! boom!

In the void, two completely different attacks suddenly collided.

As soon as the ice blade light came into contact with the dark red streamer, an extreme roaring sound erupted.

The ice wanted to freeze the dark red light, but the power of fire burst out from the dark red light, also trying to melt the ice.

The two sides immediately fell into a stalemate.

What’s interesting is that this time, the power controlled by the two god-level beings restrained each other.

Before, Mr. Ji and Demon God Sayanluo also restrained each other, and now they are restraining each other again.

Is this a coincidence?

Or is it intentional by the Bright Universe?

Demon God Sayanluo felt a little depressed and even a little confused.

Could it be that the information about Him was also grasped by the Bright Universe in advance?

That's why they were able to respond in this way.


The next moment, the offensives from both sides exploded in the void, with fire and ice shooting out in all directions.

Wherever it passes, fire burns the void and ice freezes everything.

The aftermath of such a collision is horrifying.

Venerable Zhu Mo, Venerable Tianlan Yuanhai and others retreated towards the distance, fearing that they would be contaminated in the slightest.

Even Mr. Ji has to admit that there is still a big gap between his strength and the true god-level existence.

When a true god-level being faces that demon god, he can still do it with ease even if the other party uses divine weapons and different fires from heaven and earth.

And he must use all his strength, and if he is not careful, he may lose everything and suffer heavy losses.

Not of the same magnitude at all.

"You can't get through it alone. Do you still want to fight two people at the same time?" The Ice God stood in the void with a knife and said calmly.

Demon God Sayanluo became angry with shame, drove the Tribulation Yan Compass, came closer, and blasted towards the True God of Ice.

The speed of the compass was very fast, like a stream of light, straight across a large void, crushing the space.


The True God of Ice narrowed his eyes slightly, did not retreat or avoid, and faced him with a sword in hand.


In an instant, the two artifacts collided together, and a deafening sound of metal clashing erupted in the void.

This situation will only occur when objects of the same level collide.

Terrible fluctuations swept across the void, destroying everything.

That was the power fluctuation emitted by the artifact. If any realm master-level warrior approached that area at this moment, he would probably be shocked to death in an instant.

Even immortal-level beings may not be able to withstand it, and their bodies will be severely damaged.

"Sacred weapon!" Demon God Sayanluo's eyes focused on the sword.

He had felt something just now, and now that he had actually collided with it, he was sure that this object was also a divine weapon.

At the same time, the Bone Demon God on the other side seemed to feel something, and his expression changed.

The true **** of the mechanical tribe came for him!

In the void, streaks of golden light suddenly swept out. It was sword light, extremely sharp, cutting deep cracks in the void.

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