And after a while, an awkward air flowed between the two.

It was good until the warm conversation, but after a while, it turned awkward because he felt like there were filming some kind of family movie.

“Uh, um. So, besides reading, is there anything else you want to do?”

Jung Heesung tried hard to lighten up the mood. Dohyun understood that and joined in.

“What else?”

“The things you usually do to play…”

“Ah. I have one.”

At those words, Jung Heesung’s eyes twinkled.

“With the book with Kayla… ”

“No, not anything related to books!”

Jung Heesung was afraid that he would talk about reading a book again, so he stopped Dohyun from speaking. Dohyun closed his mouth again.

“Then, there’s nothing.”

“Why not? Aren’t there many games out there?”

At those words, Dohyun shook his head.

“Ugh. Then what games did you play before being hospitalized?”

Dohyun hesitated. He thought the other was recalling his memories, so Jung Heesung waited for Dohyun’s answer.

However, the words that came out of Dohyun’s mouth differed completely from what he expected.

“I have always lived here in the hospital.”

Jung Heesung, who did not understand the words, realized the meaning belatedly and looked at Dohyun with a hard face.


“I heard I was at home until I was about two years old, but I don’t remember that, so I don’t know. Other than that, I had always been in the hospital.”

Saying that, Dohyun looked calm.

The shaded eyes under the long eyelashes looked so casual that Jung Heesung was speechless.

“…I mean, I’ve lived in the hospital my whole life.”

Jung Heesung slowly reflected on Dohyun’s words.

The words that came out of the other’s mouth landed like a stone on his heart.

Jung Heesung looked at Dohyun, who seemed unbothered by this.

There was no way it would be okay.

At that age, how long did he have to endure to learn to speak with that expression?

Jung Heesung looked at Dohyun.

The other had a look that didn’t care if other people hated him.

A child who didn’t think that this situation was wrong, someone who had been deprived of the chance to even learn about it.

Every time he saw this child, he felt a strange sense of déjà vu.

Jung Heesung realized the cause.

A familiar shape overlapped on Dohyun’s face as he looked up at him.

It’s the feeling of rejection.

And at the same time, the child’s small shoulders caught my eye.

Jung Heesung’s eyes took on a complex light. He pursed his lips a few times, but then he shut his mouth.

He didn’t know what to say.

A light of regret passed across Dohyun’s face, who misunderstood it as Jung Heesung being uncomfortable with the conversation.

I made him uncomfortable by talking about such a thing.

Dohyun decided to divert the other’s attention. He could reveal that they had the same disease.

“Hey, Brother…”

Dohyun was about to speak when the door to the hospital room suddenly opened.

And a very familiar man came inside.


“Mr. Benjamin?”

When Benjamin saw Dohyun, whom he met in an unexpected place, he turned his gaze to see Jung Heesung in front of him. Soon, a smile appeared on Benjamin’s face.

“Did you finally meet Dohyun?”

At Benjamin’s words, Jung Heesung made a puzzled expression.

“This is good. Having someone around you who has gone through the same pain is more supportive than you think.”

Same pain?

Jung Heesung muttered softly at Benjamin’s words, then put on a shocked expression and turned his head to look at Dohyun.


Dohyun made a slightly awkward expression. He was just about to talk about it, but the timing was so bad.

He already knew. Jung Heesung opened his mouth wide, realizing that.

Benjamin watched the situation and tilted his head.

“Hmm? Did you not know?”

At those words, Jung Heesung nodded and stared at Dohyun.

“I think Dohyun knew… this. I didn’t notice. Dohyun, I’m sorry.

Jung Heesung also knew that there was a patient with the same disease as himself at this hospital. Come to think of it, when he was in Korea, the doctor in charge of him had said that the patient was a Korean like him and that he was a young boy.

But to think that boy was Dohyun!

Seeing Jung Heesung’s unusual expression, Dohyun said, as if making excuses.

“I didn’t deceive you on purpose.”

“I know that!”

“I just didn’t have the chance to speak about it. And when I was just about to say it…”

Dohyun’s resentful eyes turned to Benjamin. Benjamin laughed awkwardly.

Dohyun looked at Jung Heesung again.

After taking a quick look at him, Dohyun realized that the other had calmed down and carefully spoke his mind.

“Actually, it’s not a big deal. I thought it was a fact that you really didn’t need to know.”

Dohyun was sincere.

Why would he go around talking about having the same disease?


Jung Heesung was even more dumbfounded when he saw Dohyun’s eyes shining with sincerity. He was about to say something but since he was a much older, he could only wipe his face with his hands in frustration.

It’s hilarious to point out to a child what he did wrong when the other didn’t even think that it was wrong. His stomach was bubbling, but he still tried to calm down.

“Um, have you fixed your misunderstanding then?”



To Benjamin’s words, Dohyun reluctantly replied, like a good child. Benjamin grinned.

“As the doctor in charge, I came to see if there are any inconveniences in living here, Mr. Jung Heesung, but everything seemed to go accordingly.”

Other than that, Benjamin asked if he was stressed and kindly left a message to call him if he had any other problems. Then he left the hospital room.

As soon as Benjamin left, Jung Heesung turned to Dohyun.

“Do you have anything else to hide?”



“Yes. I’m only in the hospital, so what more secrets do I have?”

Jung Heesung nodded, unable to say anything at that.

“What about Brother? Do you have a secret?”

In response to that question, Jung Heesung nodded as if he were proud of himself. He was so confident that it was rather suspicious. Dohyun narrowed his eyes at him.

“You really don’t have any?”

“Doesn’t exist!”




“Really… No, why did the mood suddenly turn to my interrogation?”

Jung Heesung was dumbfounded. Dohyun had been asking him questions until just now, but before he knew it, the other was already interrogating him.

Perhaps realizing that his actions were a little strange, Dohyun stepped back with a shy expression on his face.

The commotion died down when a nurse with neatly tied brown hair entered.

The nurse who approached Jung Heesung checked his condition and asked various things, then replaced the connected intravenous fluid.

Dohyun watched the situation while swinging his feet. That did not touch the floor.

The nurse who was recording the chart lifted her head and looked at Jung Heesung as if she had just remembered.

“Ah, I heard Mr. Jung is a famous violinist?”

Dohyun’s feet stopped.

Jung Heesung laughed ‘haha’ ​​in an awkward voice at Dohyun’s black eyes that were staring at him.